If you really knew me…

Tons of bloggers have been doing variations of this post and I’ve been thoroughly amused by every single one. So here goes.

If you really knew me…

You’d know that I will never ever let you drive drunk. There is nothing I find to be a bigger character flaw than someone who is willing to risk other people’s lives because they are too proud. It’s unacceptable. Completely. Un. Acceptable.

You’d know that I have “mom skills”. I used to be embarrassed by this in college but now I just get that I like to take care of people.

You’d know that I wished I got better grades in college. Why wasn’t I considering that I may want to go to grad school when I was getting all B’s and C’s?

You’d know that if you lined up every guy I’ve ever dated, you’d be like holy crap, this girl really doesn’t have a type. 

You’d know that I’m really one of those people who is almost always content and happy. I rarely have a bad day. A bad hour or two? Yes. But never a bad day.

You’d know that I love my Honda Accord. And when this one dies (hopefully in like 10 years), I’ll buy another Honda Accord. They’re just that good.

You’d know that I had crazy long blonde hair in high school. I want it back!

You’d know that I’m messy. Like can’t walk from the door to my bed messy. I’m an expert pile-maker.

You’d know that as I get older I become more and more of a dessert person. Love. Sweets.

You’d know that I’m a weirdo about my skin. Clean pillowcases, no touching my face, never ever go to sleep with makeup on.

You’d know that my parents had a pretty messy divorce. 

You’d know that my favorite TV couples are Marshall and Lily (How I Met Your Mother) and Harry and Charlotte (Sex and the City). 

You’d know that I’m a raging liberal in my social views. I won’t hide it and I’m not sorry about it. More than anything I want my kids to be able to marry whoever they want.

You’d know that I love love love sushi. Pass me that spicy tuna.

You’d know that all my furniture and half my clothes are from Goodwill. And I made my own headboard.

You’d know that I hate big houses. Too much space. Scary.

You’d know that I love old east coast homes. Give me more brick, stone, and shutters, oh my! 

You’d know that I’m the oldest of 4 and my favorite role in life thus far is Big Sister.

You’d know that I was a sorority girl in college. I’ll always be a Delta Gamma. And thus, I’ll always be anchor obsessed.

You’d know that I complain that my boyfriends biggest flaws are that he doesn’t like country music or Harry Potter. Since those are my biggest complaints, you know I’ve got it good.

You’d know that I get super excited for thunderstorms.

You’d know that if a blog has more than about 300 followers, I get a little intimidated to leave a comment. I usually don’t.

You’d know that almost none of the people I know in real life know that I have a blog. I’m more scared of my real life friends judging than my blog friends.

You’d know that I want a dog more than anything. A golden retriever pup. I can’t even think about it too much or I get too excited or too sad that I can’t have one NOW.

What should I know about you?
Leave a link to your version of this post. I’d love to read it!


  • I love that in this blogging world full of conservatives (who are also not afraid to shout it from the mountain tops), you explicitly share that you’re a raging liberal. 🙂 More power to you, girl!

    Also, I recently went over 300 GFC followers, but I hope you would still leave a comment… ?

    Happy Monday, Nadine! It was great to learn more about you!

    • Since you won my very first giveaway, I feel like I know you better. You’re the exception to the rule. Something about once blogs get really big makes me kind of intimidated though. And yes, I am a raging liberal. I value everyones opinion and I still enjoy reading blogs by super conservative people or women with wildly different views and opinions from my own. The blog world is great for sharing!

  • I’m the same way about leaving comments on blogs over a certain number. I get really intimidated! And I haven’t told any of my family about my blog and my “IRL friends” know about it but don’t read it.

    • It’s so intimidating! Mostly because so many of my friends are in California, it’s like I don’t know what their actual reaction would be. My family reads my blog and the few RL friends I have told do but so many people don’t. Someday I’d like to share it with more people and use it as a way to keep in touch with far away friends.

  • Hmm… I need to do one of these posts! Love everything about yours! I love that you made your own headboard, I’ve been wanting to do that for years! I just read another post today that someone didn’t tell anyone in her real life she was blogging – makes sense to me, I just never thought about NOT sharing! I made family members and friends be my first followers so I didn’t have zero!

    • Haha see I just had zero for a while. Or basically just my mom, bf, and bestie. I wish I could go back in time and take pictures while I was making my own headboard to do a DIY tutorial. It looks so good and it was so easy! Thanks for stopping by!

  • I’m an expert pile maker, too, though my neat freak husband is trying desperately to change my ways! 🙂
    And I think most of us get intimidated by “big” blogs. I feel okay commenting, but if I ever contact someone about sponsoring their blog, etc, I get all nervous and can’t write anything that doesn’t sound stupid. You’re not alone, lady!

    • Thanks, I feel like a lot of people feel that way but don’t say it. I really just feel like when blogs get too huge they lose a sense of personal connection, which is what I like most about blogging. Thanks for stopping by! Pile-makers, unite!

  • I really enjoyed reading your get-to-know-you facts. Sometimes leaving comments can be scary… especially if they have a high following. That’s why it means a lot when someone with a big following takes the time to respond back. Marshmallow and Lily Pad are the greatest! I even got my husband hooked and that show and Barney is his favorite! :o)

    • I think HIMYM appeals to everyone. My bf and I both love it and so do my parents. Thanks for stopping by!

  • I wish I had gotten better grades in college too. But I was working or with you 95% of the time, so it didn’t really work out. Also I am good pile maker too, but Brian helps keep me in line- so they are getting better. And don’t be shy about comments on blogs, there is no reason to be 🙂

    • I don’t regret anything about college (as you already know) but I do wish I had realized how important grades might be later. I always thought they really wouldn’t matter.

  • I love both of those TV couples! There’s so much relationship crap on TV now-a-days, so it’s really nice to watch the good one’s! And I agree about big houses. Not necessary.

    I really liked this post!!!

    • They are definitely the best TV married couples. There are so many reality shows that show these awful, dysfunctional relationships. It’s great to watch some good ones too.

  • I love reading these! Definitely makes me feel like I know someone better 🙂

    I love sushi too. And the Goodwill thing–we could be best friends! Can you make a headboard for me too? 🙂

    Here’s my version–http://thesweetashleylife.blogspot.com/2012/07/if-you-really-knew-me.html

    • Loved your version! Thanks for leaving the link!

  • I loved reading this! I feel the same way about not telling many people about my blog…it makes me feel so vulnerable! And I’m the oldest sibling as well, so I definitely have the same “mom skills” you are talking about…my friends make so much fun of me for it! & I always say the first thing I’m going to do when I get my own place is adopt a puppy 🙂


    • Vulnerable is definitely the right word. I think it’s a good think that we have the mom skills, even if we’re too young to use them. My friends made fun of me too but now I think it’s an attractive quality. Thanks for stopping by!

  • I love everything about this post, especially your skin preferences, views on social issues, tv couples and undying love for sushi. And clearly our boyfriends share two character flaws. xoxo Nicole

  • This is such a great post! I don’t even know where to start — I agree with like, 90% of these!! But most important, I’m a Delta Gamma too! I love finding fellow DG bloggers, and I still can’t walk by something anchor and not pick it up (and probably buy it)!

    I found your blog from Story of My Life, so I’ve now obviously read a ton of your past posts and love it!


  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • For two days straight I’ve been reading your blog! And I just love it! I always roll my eyes on the comments that say “OMG we’re so alike” and just think they’re tacky. But I have to say most of the things you mentioned here, we do have in common!

    I would say about 20 things from the 24 you mentioned we have in common. Starting with my parents’ messy divorce, Charlotte and Harry and Marshall and Lily being my favourite couple ever to not letting anyone EVER drink and drive! Also I haven’t told anyone that I have a blog. I’m just too embarrased for them to read it. That is why I made a blog in English not in my native language. I feel that this way it is harder for them to find out that I have a blog.

    I will defenitely keep on reading your blog. You just keep on going!

  • Um. Yes. So many things that this requires a list format:
    1. My hair was crazy long my last couple years of college. Then I cut it all off. Still working on getting it back, almost there!
    2. I am SO GOOD at piles. As long as I know exactly what’s in each one, it’s totally legit, yes?
    3. I too am liberal and will definitely encourage my kids to be whatever the hell they want to be when they grow up, and try on as many hats as it takes along the way.
    4. Sushi all day every day forever.
    5. My entire house is decorated with Goodwill and our parents’ attic crap. I almost never buy brand new decorations or furniture.
    6. Old east coast homes. Yes. Whenever I’m in New England, I will find excuses to just drive around old areas of cities just to look at the fabulous old houses. But then let’s not forget the southern ones in places like Charleston and Savannah. Love.
    7. I’m the eldest of 3 and definitely a stereotypical big sister.
    8. County music, no. Harry Potter, fuck yes!
    9. Big thunderstorm + screened porch = a happy Eloise
    10. My friends and family knew about my old blog and it sucked. I’m so much happier now that no one knows about my new one!
    11. Good thing you have Mr. Archie Pants now!!!

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