If you really knew me…

Tons of bloggers have been doing variations of this post and I’ve been thoroughly amused by every single one. So here goes.

If you really knew me…

You’d know that I will never ever let you drive drunk. There is nothing I find to be a bigger character flaw than someone who is willing to risk other people’s lives because they are too proud. It’s unacceptable. Completely. Un. Acceptable.

You’d know that I have “mom skills”. I used to be embarrassed by this in college but now I just get that I like to take care of people.

You’d know that I wished I got better grades in college. Why wasn’t I considering that I may want to go to grad school when I was getting all B’s and C’s?

You’d know that if you lined up every guy I’ve ever dated, you’d be like holy crap, this girl really doesn’t have a type. 

You’d know that I’m really one of those people who is almost always content and happy. I rarely have a bad day. A bad hour or two? Yes. But never a bad day.

You’d know that I love my Honda Accord. And when this one dies (hopefully in like 10 years), I’ll buy another Honda Accord. They’re just that good.

You’d know that I had crazy long blonde hair in high school. I want it back!

You’d know that I’m messy. Like can’t walk from the door to my bed messy. I’m an expert pile-maker.

You’d know that as I get older I become more and more of a dessert person. Love. Sweets.

You’d know that I’m a weirdo about my skin. Clean pillowcases, no touching my face, never ever go to sleep with makeup on.

You’d know that my parents had a pretty messy divorce. 

You’d know that my favorite TV couples are Marshall and Lily (How I Met Your Mother) and Harry and Charlotte (Sex and the City). 

You’d know that I’m a raging liberal in my social views. I won’t hide it and I’m not sorry about it. More than anything I want my kids to be able to marry whoever they want.

You’d know that I love love love sushi. Pass me that spicy tuna.

You’d know that all my furniture and half my clothes are from Goodwill. And I made my own headboard.

You’d know that I hate big houses. Too much space. Scary.

You’d know that I love old east coast homes. Give me more brick, stone, and shutters, oh my! 

You’d know that I’m the oldest of 4 and my favorite role in life thus far is Big Sister.

You’d know that I was a sorority girl in college. I’ll always be a Delta Gamma. And thus, I’ll always be anchor obsessed.

You’d know that I complain that my boyfriends biggest flaws are that he doesn’t like country music or Harry Potter. Since those are my biggest complaints, you know I’ve got it good.

You’d know that I get super excited for thunderstorms.

You’d know that if a blog has more than about 300 followers, I get a little intimidated to leave a comment. I usually don’t.

You’d know that almost none of the people I know in real life know that I have a blog. I’m more scared of my real life friends judging than my blog friends.

You’d know that I want a dog more than anything. A golden retriever pup. I can’t even think about it too much or I get too excited or too sad that I can’t have one NOW.

What should I know about you?
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