I’d Love to Tell You…

I’d love to tell you a lot of things. But there are things I just can’t say.
I sound so secretive, right?
But I basically have no secrets.
Except that one about…wait, we’re getting off track here.
The truth is, there are a lot of things I can’t tell you.
Because they’d be bold faced lies.
And I’m a terrible liar.
[Cue beet red face, shifty eyes, and even some serious sweating.]
I just had to google whether it was beet red or beat red. It’s beet. Like the veggie.
See, I can’t lie. And I’m not even smooth enough to use a common expression properly.
For instance, I’d love to tell you that I lived in some super awesome place like DC or New York. That Nav and I spend our weekends doing fabulous city things like perusing the local flea market and riding bikes in a park. 
But I don’t. 
Because Nav can’t ride a bike.
Wait, that wasn’t the point.
[Sorry I let that slip, Nav. It was bound to happen.]
It’s actually because we don’t live any place too spectacular and the highlight of my weekend is usually a trip to Target. Or sitting my tush on the couch next to that handsome guy I live with.
[I hope throwing in the handsome comment there makes up for spilling that, mister]
Although maybe someday I’ll be writing you a post from a fabulous city. 
Just not quite yet.

I’d love to tell you that Archie is well behaved all the time. That he sits on command and never ever jumps up. But the truth is, if any human being walks within 200 yards of him, he loses it with excitement. We’re talking jumping up, intense tail wagging, and way way way too much wiggling. 
Not everyone is into it. But if I told you I didn’t judge people who don’t like him or acknowledge him, I’d be lying. 
I do. Oh I do. 
Look at his face! He just wants a little love! 
Can’t you just give him a pat on the head?
I’d love to tell you that I’m the cool girlfriend who never ever brings up wanting a ring on her finger. That would be the biggest lie. Cause I drop hints like it’s my job. He knows. He humors me. And every once and a while he gives me a little hint. Then my heart melts.
I’d love to tell you that I do DIY projects and crafts. But I don’t. I’m not even tempted to try. Pinterest did not transform me into a crafty girl. Neither did becoming a blogger. I’ve made peace with that.
I’d love to tell you that my family is normal. But we’re not. 
Actually, I’m really glad we’re not. I take it all back. 

I’d love to tell you that I’m a wine drinker. Aren’t all the cool kids wino’s these days? Truth is, I can really only throw back a Moscato and the occasional Chardonnay. Send me the sweet stuff!
I’d love to tell you that my iPhoto isn’t 97% Archie. But it is. 
I’d love to tell you that I didn’t freak a little that Google Reader is going buh-bye and maybe (maybe?) taking his little sister GFC with him. What’s a blogger to do?
Bloglovin. That’s what. See that heart at the top? 
Can we agree that a heart or a + is the social media sign for Bloglovin?
Either way, head here to my Bloglovin page and follow along, if you’re freakin out a little too.
So what would you love to be able to tell people?
I’d love to know.
Copy this post idea, if you think it’s a good one. 
Then leave me a link or drop me a line on twitter.

  • I only drink sweet wine, as well. We once were wine tasting with my parents (who are wine experts), and the lady described a full-bodied merlot as tasting like shoe leather. Why would I want to drink that?

  • I can understand why 97% of the pics are of the dog – he is so so cute!!

  • I’m glad you gave us the permission to use this idea so that I didn’t have to wait for your approval to start getting it together 🙂 Love this idea pretty lady!

  • i judge ppl who won’t pet my pup too. our neighbors (who are respectable human beings otherwise) NEVER acknowledge him! i mean, come on…we are walking a 110lb dog here. even a “he got big!” would be welcome. also, i judge ppl who don’t like any animals. if you don’t like cats or don’t like dogs that’s okkkk. but disliking both? i question your character.

    i dropped hints like crazy before my hubs and i got engaged (we dated almost 3 years before it happened, sooo i think it was a-ok to nudge 🙂

  • I also judge those that don’t pet my dogs when I’m at the park. They are so cute, how could you possibly say no?

  • I am obsessed with Moscato – that was actually how I started drinking wine. Now I love a Pinot Noir at least once a week

  • My boyfriend and I are long distance right now, and I mention a ring pretty much every night when we talk. The poor guy just plays along or acts like he didn’t hear me. Sorry I just can’t help it?

  • 1. I can’t ride a bike either. I really did try though!
    2. Your dog is adorable. Just look at face! My bigger dog, Royce jumps on company every time, plus tries to sit on their head (he is at least 70 lbs). He doesn’t jump on us. People won’t believe me. They think he is not behaved, but he really doesn’t do it to me.
    3. Moscato is my FAVE wine. I hate when people try to get me to try different wines. I ask, “Is this sweet?” They are like, yeah. It usually ends with me making a face, because it is so bitter,

    I used to be a fan of Reader, but just switched to BlogLovin. It is soooo much better. I love it!

  • I’d love to tell you I used ur idea on my blog.
    I’d also love to tell you that I don’t care that you don’t live in a big city (neither do I)



  • Good afternoon! precious dog you have. What kind is he? I believe I use to have one like him when i was a little girl but he passed away.

  • I dropped hints a lot about a ring. I’m kind of embarrassed too say one week when Steve stayed over, I MAY have checked his pockets to see if there was a ring box in it. . . there wasn’t but he did propose that weekend. I wasn’t expecting it and tried my hardest not to figure it out! Do your best to stay in the dark! It will make it 100% worth it!

  • I wish I lived in a city sometimes too, but us small towns have a lot going for us – like peace and quiet for a start!
    Love this idea, and definitely copied it on my blog!
    <3 Kiersten

  • Hahaha! That was SO fun! I HAD to link up on this one!
    Find it here: http://allisonmaeb.blogspot.com/2013/03/id-love-to-tell-you.html

  • I could relate to you on almost ALL of these.

    And I hate Google right now. I’m on Bloglovin.

  • I’m pretty sure we have the same life. Although I have no adorable golden pup but I wish I did!! I looove moscato. Yum.

  • I just started to drink red wine this year and even then it’s only to feel grown up (uh, I am twenty-nine, lol). Cute post, I can relate to like all of them!

  • I don’t blame you for having 97% of your iPhotos of Archie, he is just too cute! I told Garrett about him the other day and told him his real name was Archibald, that’s true right?? I feel like I read that before but I could’ve made it up. I would definitely love on him if he came running up to me! : ) I’m not a wine drinker either, except the occasional Moscato. Actually, I don’t drink much at all, I don’t know why. I’m totally freaking out over the whole GFC thing! Hopefully Bloglovin’ is just as good. I really think we could be good friends! : )

  • if it makes you feel better – thought I don’t think you should have to at all! – I live in DC and I spent four hours today at Costo, having my car break down at Costo, waiting for the tow truck in the Costo parking lot, getting towed home to drop off all the food before it totally went bad, and then taking the tow truck and the car to the shop. So… it’s not all glamour! haha 🙂

    ALSO Charlie and Archie would be best friends. I know it!

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