I Categorize You

People don’t like to be categorized. They just don’t. You know the second someone puts you in a category you’re going to be all, “ohemmgee I’m sooo much more than that.” We get it. You’re a multidimentional person. You like sports AND glitter (Sarah). You’re a Mom AND you’re into fitness. You’ve got a passion for fashion AND you live abroad. 

Some of you are playing for two teams. Or three! You’re a mama, a mormon AND a fitness freak? You overachiever, you. 

No one likes to be categorized. But admit (at least to yourself) that you do this in your head too. Hell you’ve probably got blogs placed in categories on your Bloglovin (if you are organized, unlike me). Here’s how the cookies (blogs) crumble in my head.
The Mommas
If 87% or more of your blog posts are about your kid, congratulations, you’re a mommy blogger. 
Want to see 8,000 pictures of cute babies while learning way more than you ever wanted to know about breastfeeding, boppies, formula ingredients, pregnancy pillows,  sleep schedules, and [oh gawd] birth? You’re in luck cause there are thousands of mama’s out there to tell you straight up. 
p.s. I maybe made up the word boppie? Or is that a thing?
And people, it can be horrifying. I love/hate reading birth stories because every time there is something else I learn and I’m like THAT HAPPENS?! How did I get this far in life without knowing that? Blame my poor school district and their pathetic excuse for a “human living” class (i.e. sex ed).  

The Fashionistas
Psssstttt. I’m a little intimidated by you [shifty eyes]. With the exception of a few budget conscious ladies, I’m always dumbfounded as to how people afford all these clothes (so many name brands!)! Are you saving for retirement? Is your husband making a gagillion dollars? I’m confused, envious, and also, a copycat. I basically never have an original fashion idea. I’m totally dependent on these ladies to guide me. Shameless plug: Enter to win a $15 gift card from moi on one of my very favorite fashion blogs!
The Mormons
The queen bees of the blog world? I’ve talked about them before. Somehow they seem like their having a good time and they’re always nice to me, despite the fact that before 9am I’ve broken their rules at least twice (hello, Keurig). You’ll never see them hosting a Vino2Go giveaway or accidentally drunk tweeting but hey, they seem to give pretty solid marriage advice. I can get on board with that. 

The Christians
You know the blogger. They’ve got Jesus in their about me blurb. They want you to know it and there’s a good chance they’ll drop a proverb or two occasionally. They capitalize He, Him, God, Jesus, and other words you certainly didn’t realize needed to be capitalized. I can say I’ve learned 200X more about actual Christianity since becoming a blogger than I knew the entire time I grew up in my cafeteria Catholic family. 
The Funnies
My favorite category. The category I aspire to be in. The bloggers who make me laugh out loud inappropriately at my desk at work. Who have caused me to snarf my coffee on more than one occasion. And the group I desperately wish I could get drinks with in real life. I could go on and on about my love for The Daily Tay, Stay Blonde Ski Local, Hang on HoneyHelene in Between, High Cotton Blog, Venus Trapped in Mars, and I Wore Yoga Pants. But I won’t, because you probably have a girl crush on them too.

The Foodies
I like to call this category “blogs that make me hungry.” I always consider making their recipes but then change my mind when I see that there are more than 3 ingredients. Still, thanks to you all for putting food porn out there in the interwebs so we can all drool at our desks at work. Actually no, screw you. Come to my house and cook it for me and quit with this torture nonsense. 
The Fitness Freaks
The guilt, oh the guilt. And the SHAME! Reading fitness blogs is my favorite way of pretending I’m going to be healthy while also feeling guilty for not being healthy. Things you will hear fitness bloggers say: Paleo. Running is fun. Green Smoothie. Cleanse. Juicing. Things you will not hear me say: Paleo. Running is fun. Green Smoothie. Cleanse. Juicing. 


That’s a lie. I did a cleanse once. But I quit half way through.
The Adventurers
We’ve got a ton of world travelers in our midst, don’t we? Sometimes I feel boring for just wanting to stay here and live in the US of A. Except tomorrow when we get to get pumped on America and feel shamelessly star spangled awesome about it. I’m envious of the travelers that they always have something exciting to write about, tons of interesting stuff to take pictures of, and oh yeah, they get to see the world. 

Proof I was once an adventurer myself. Hello, Paris!

The Twenty-Somethings
We’re the winos, the live-in boyfriender havers, and the shenanigan creators of the blog world (if you don’t count the two-year olds of all the mommy bloggers). I say “we” because I’m certain that I fall into this category. Sure, we’ve got some marrieds among us (I’m looking at you Lisette and Helene). But lifestyle wise, it seems we’re pretty similar. There are a lot of twenty-somethings among us so I’m calling this the biggest crossover category. Some might say we’re living in the past but I prefer to say that we’re still working on the whole grown up thing. It’s overrated anyway.
The Pet Obsessors
We are obsessed with our animals. That’s why I know all about Kaylin’s Zoey girl, Lindley’s Morgan, Callie’s McCoy, and Jackie’s Bowie and Rosie, just to name a few. And of course if you’re here you already know about my sweet angel muffin Archie. True life: I actually call him that. It embarrasses him in front of his friends but I just can’t stop myself. 

That’s cool, kid. I didn’t need my pillow.

So there you have it. My mental blog categories. Pretend like you are undefinable. Go ahead. Aren’t we all, a little? But I’m a pet obsessed twenty-something and I’m not ashamed to admit it. 
Now excuse me, I have to go have a melt down because my iPhone just informed me that I’m out of storage space and I have to decide which of the 3,000 pictures of Archie and my wine glass that I have to delete to make more room for more pictures of Archie and my wine glass. 

  • Now I don’t know what group I fall in to!

  • I love all your categories. How very true. I’m at a point right now where I’m even wondering why I’m doing this. I think I’d be in a different category…the random one. I don’t seem to fit in any of the ones you came up with. but maybe one day I’ll be a pet obsessor blogger and farrrr down the line a mommy blogger. Although I think at that point I’ll annoy myself too much with kid obsession that I’ll want to save the world from it too. haha

  • P.S- my friend Katie and I said that “prettier than cinderella” line yesterday. hilarious

  • I’m not really sure I fall into any of those categories … but I love this post!

  • HAHA! I love this! I put people in categories too!

  • haha oh nadine i love this. and you are absolutely in the funny category. FOR SURE.

  • i have my mormon blogs labeled as the mormafia. it’s the sopranos perfect cousins that don’t like to associate with the sopranos. sorry, not sorry. but not really, why do all of them have these perfect little lives!?

  • This is PERFECT! I have no idea where I am yet. But I definitely agree with all the categories – and I was just thinking about it the other day, so it’s cool to see a post written about it!

    PS, you totally belong in “the funnies”. no doubt about it.

  • I’d say you are in the funny category for sure. I guess you would group me into the Christian category…but I’m ok with that. I am hopefully sub-categorized into a few more too. 🙂

  • I love this! I am always putting blogs into categories in my head. I also have the finance blogs too although a lot of these are also mommy blogs or fashion blogs.

  • hahaha…love this…the funnies are my fave too. I wish I were a little more hilarious…

  • I’m pretty sure we are the exact same.. pet obsessed 20-somethings who want to be in the funny category. I’M JUST NOT FUNNY ENOUGH 🙁

  • well color me flattered! and archie’s such a blog celebrity. i’ve literally shown H a dozen pictures of him in my campaign to get a golden retriever, so I think that should go ahead and shove me into the creeper category (which I’m officially adding).

  • I try to be a funny blogger but not sure I am, I try NOT to be a mommy blogger even though I’m a mommy. Niche or Category is always such a hard thing for me to describe.

  • I love this post!!!!! I’m hoping that I fall in some of these categories myself!

  • I just found your blog and I’m already in love with it after reading this one post, haha! You’re so right about every single one!

    – Mia Malene

  • oh man, the categories!! I would like to say I am pet obsessed. when all else fails, blog about your dog.

  • i was reading this and thinking “i don’t fall in any of these categories” and then i saw myself and my dogs mentioned! woohoo! i will totally be the crazy dog lady – thanks 🙂 oh and bowie’s nickname is “angel butt” so tell archie that his nickname could be much worse!
    — jackie @ jade and oak

  • Such a funny post! And you can post pictures of Archie every single day, because well, he’s just so damn cute.

  • Yikes! I don’t know exactly which one I fall in but probably a couple. 🙂 Maybe I am multi dimensional, no probably not. This was hilarious, Thanks for the laugh
    Hailey | Love, Laughter and Lipstick

  • Love this because of how 100% accurate it is! I wish I could be in the funny category but sadly just can’t hang with those ladies…so I resort to posting puppy & booze pics all the time 🙂

    And btw…I had the same iphone catastrophe the other day BUT you can upload all your pics onto your laptop to clear your phone off…you prob already know that, but it will save you from having to delete some! Happy 4th!

  • AMAZING! You are spot on about my blog-crush on the ladies listed under “funnies.” How did you know!?

  • I love that I fall into the twenty-somethings and pet obsessors. Hell yes.

    And just like that, a little ego boost!

  • You are so funny. Love all the categories.

  • This post is so funny! I’m in The Pet Obsessors category for sure! 🙂

  • I don’t even know where I go… copy cat fashionista – check… obsessed with my fur child – check… I bake crap and try to get all crafty – check…Jenna Marbles is one of my favs – Check! plus I drink a lot and sometimes make my husband pretend to be my boyfriend…for fun 😉 hahaha!

  • You forgot the married people bloggers! They’re proud of their spouse… And they flaunt it in every post!

  • This is fantastic. I fall into the twenty-somethings/foodies/sometimes pet obsessed categories, and I’m proud of it! And for the record, I definitely think you fall into the funny group! 🙂


  • Funny post! And so true too! You hit the nail right on the head!

  • I don’t fit into either category!! Serious. I don’t. But you really did hit the nail on the head with the categories. Maybe I’m the married people blogger type like Bailey suggested. : )

  • Pet obsessors for the win! 🙂

  • I think I’ll reorganize my bloglovin’ categories while I have a serious self discovery moment… Come Friday, I’ll try to post 7000 pictures of my dogs, my travel bucket list, a picture of the gourmet pizza rolls that come in a yellow box and all the drunk things I did on the 4th and see which one feels right. This sounds like an adventure.

    P.S. You’re hilarious and your blog currently lives in the “daily reads” category (aka my favorites.) Cheers.

  • Hahaha, so accurate and valid across the board! This post is absolutely amazing.

  • Hahaha I love this. I’m definitely in the mommy bloggers. It makes me feel boring. 🙁 But that’s okay. And my iPhone just told me I’m out of storage the other day and it was devastating. 🙁 I’ve deleted so many apps and uploaded all of my pictures onto my computer so that I could delete them.

  • I definitely have my bloglovin organized into categories, and you’re DEF in the funnies!

  • Love it! I’m totally a twenty-something who wants to be a funny blogger too…maybe someday…haha!

  • i am a twenty something. i don’t really fit into any other category. i wish i fit in with the fashionistas, but i don’t think i have one single picture of me actually in the clothes except my about me photo. i really need to work on that. (ps the tip is to wait until things go on sale, then wait for an additional sale coupon!)

  • Haha! Oh, you always make me smile. You are for sure one of the bloggers that always makes me laugh out loud (this time in particular about your iPhone. I hear ya on that one!). This was a really fun read today 😀


  • Oh hey brilliant post, how you doin? But what about the sports and glitter category? Maybe I can be sports and glitter and funny and a 20 something and a pet lover? P.S. You are definitely the funnies… lets grab drinks.

  • I definitely have my bloggers categorized too! I guess I fall in to the 20-something category, I love my pets but I never blog about them. I should change that!

  • Haha I love this , and you’re right we do all categorize even if we claim to hate it! You’re hilarious and I always click glob your blog in my unorganized bloglovin feed to get a good laugh. I cant stand the fitness fashionista Mormon mommys out there, they’re just too put together and I can’t handle it!

  • Yesssss! And is it bad that I only follow certain type of bloggers? .. nah.

    Im in the 20 somethings group but I am married… but I’m in that group because I love me a good moscato (or mojito, which may or may not be on my desk atm). And I don’t fit in any other group. 😀

    Love your blog girl. Found you via Helen!

  • So do I fall under Christian or foodie? And boppy is a word…a boppy pillow (don’t ask why I know).

  • I just laughed out loud, everybody has one of each category in their feed.

  • I LOVE this post! You’re just brilliant, kid. Brilliant! I can also be categorized under the pet lover…as I won’t be 20-something next year 🙂

  • Hi Nadine, I’m a new reader and had to comment on this post because you hit the nail exactly on the head!! I was nodding and laughing along as I read this. What a good blog post idea (makes me wish I thought of it myself haha)!

  • hahaha i love this! so so true. i totally fall into the pet obsessors category!

  • HAHA This is an awesome post! I’m definitely a 20 something. Of course soon I’ll be a 30 something, is there a category for that? Because believe me, I’m still that fumbling through life awkward 20 something. Also? You’re in my comedy category shhh!

  • Hahaha…this post was hilarious! I am totally that girl that categorizes the blogs I follow on Bloglovin’.
    I think I fall into more than one of these categories. 20-something, funny (I hope, and Christian. I’m really hoping to break into the fashionista and adventurer markets soon. Call it my five year plan lol.

    -LesLeigh J.

  • These are spot on!!!

  • haha love the categories…i copy the fashionistas too!! and have laughed out loud many times in my classroom (sometimes during becasue they are testing). I would be in the 20-something category except I’m only 20-something for 3 more days!! wait and i’m married…but still 🙂

  • This being the first post by you I have ever read, I would definitely classify you in The Funnies! I snorted a few times and definitely giggled to myself because your categories are so true. Unless this is your one funny post and you’re a aprty pooper the rest of the time, you’re definitely in The Funnies. Good job. I’ll find a sticker for you.

  • Ah! I don’t feel like I fit into any of these. Not a mommy (at least yet), don’t live abroad, I am into fitness (I should), I am too poor and frumpy to be a fashionblogger, I am not Mormon and I don’t write about my faith. No wonder my blog is boring.

  • Firstly, I love this bc I totally have noticed the blogger categories and feel like I fit none (trying to be funny pet obsessed, maybe?) And I only follow funny people and since I follow you all.the.time that dear makes you funny! And I guess I need to follow a good Mormon blogger, help a blogger out?

  • So very very true. Apparently, according to you, I’m a twenty-something (with a husband). I try not to let my pet obsession show too much on my blog, but they make their way onto it sometimes. Great post and I just found a few more blogs (from the funny category) to add to my reading list 🙂 Thanks!

  • This post is so funny! I think I fall into the “Twenty Somethings”category it’s the only solid thing I have going for me.. Also, I found awesome blogs off your posts of the “Funny”blogs so thanks for sharing!

    x Natalie


  • This was a great post! I think you can categorize yourself into “funny”…Glad I found your post through Jenni at Story of My Life. Adding you to my uncategorized, yet mentally categorized bloglovin list 🙂

  • You are definitely in the funny category – your posts make me belly laugh on the regular. Thanks for that, by the way! 🙂 I honestly have no idea which of these I fall into…I guess I’m still trying to find my blogging niche..eventually right?
    Ellie @ Serendipitous Whimsicality

  • I seriously just read your entire blog in an afternoon!! Loving it; you are hilarious!

  • I love your categories! But…. I still don’t know which I am! I’m a fitness freak. Kind of. But also a Christian, although I don’t capitalize He or Him. I’m also funny. At least that’s what my mom says. AND SHE’S ALWAYS RIGHT. So… yeah. 🙂

  • I love this post! Thanks for linking it up to Weekend Reads! I definitely categorize the blogs I follow in my bloglovin’ feed (Hey, sometimes, when I’m feeling anti-baby, I like to avoid mommy bloggers. Other times, I want to drown in baby cuteness for an hour or so)

    Now I’m trying to figure out where I fit in! haha

  • Probably the most hilarious thing I’ve ever read in my life. This is amazing!

  • Oh yeah, I totally categorize blogs, in my mind, though not in bloglovin’. 🙂 I think I’m definitely one of the aspiring funny bloggers….who uses fashion posts to attract high pageviews. Hey, what’s wrong with being a little mercenary?

  • In my head I categorize blogs.. I only wish I were awesome enough to categorize them on Bloglovin’ 😀
    Boppie is totally a real word and a mother’s best friend ha ha!
    While I was reading your categories I was mentally going through the blogs I follow 😀

  • I am a twenty-something hahah great post!! 🙂 <3

  • funny post & i need funny this morning. but i’m not sure which blogger category i fall into. can you create a category just for me?!! nice blog.

  • Hah!! This post made me laugh and definitely made me try to figure out what category I fall into 😉 I think you could definitely add in “teacher-y” blogs because I seem to come across a few of those too!

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

    -Kelsey @ Applewood Road

  • This made me laugh and I’m actually categorizing blogs on bloglovin’ as we speak haha.

  • Hahahaha. This is so true! I’m in like 3 of these categories. Christian, 20 something, and pet obsesser.

  • bahaha I couldn’t help but laugh at this post. I might be in about everyone one of them…. except for the mormon, christian… and pet one… or I don’t know. I have to recheck again haha

  • This entry is so dead-on. As you named the categories, I was mentally putting all the blogs I read into them. My favorite category is “the funnies” and I love all the same ones you do (with the addition of Erin at Two-Thirds Hazel, who is my own personal blogging idol). I aspire for my blog to be as witty and clever as the funnies. I find the fashion blogs intimidating and ALWAYS wonder how they can afford even one Celine or Phillip Lim bag to pose with alongside their shirts from H&M and J.Crew – it baffles me!

    I’m fine with being a 20-something causing shenanigans for now, as long as I eventually can cross over into the funnies and the momma categories 🙂

  • This entry is so dead-on. As you named the categories, I was mentally putting all the blogs I read into them. My favorite category is “the funnies” and I love all the same ones you do (with the addition of Erin at Two-Thirds Hazel, who is my own personal blogging idol). I aspire for my blog to be as witty and clever as the funnies. I find the fashion blogs intimidating and ALWAYS wonder how they can afford even one Celine or Phillip Lim bag to pose with alongside their shirts from H&M and J.Crew – it baffles me!

    I’m fine with being a 20-something causing shenanigans for now, as long as I eventually can cross over into the funnies and the momma categories 🙂

  • Gab

    Nailed. It. I laughed out loud at work today and my office mate was gone so everyone definitely wondering how crazy I actually am.
    Extra laughs about the Mormons!


  • Definitely a twenty-something. It’s even listed in my about me. No shame.

  • This is BRILLIANT! I laughed so hard reading this post. All descriptions are so spot on.
    I especially love the foodie description… maybe in a different life I was a foodie blogger, but try as I might, almost every experiment in the kitchen turns into an #epicfail. Guess I’ll stick with writing about 20-something shenanigans 🙂


  • I felt like I knew a blogger in every category! Awesome! Def a 20 something and you’re right growing up is overrated but if any prospective employers ask I will deny I said that…

  • BAH!! I can tell you, without a doubt, that I often laugh out loud at my desk thanks to this blog of yours…so yes, you’re officially a funny lady.

    I think we’d be 20-Something bloggers…Adam joining up on the blog keeps it interesting, but overall, I bet we’re all a little cliche.



  • Um, I’m going to throw myself in the 20-somethings category minus the boyfriend….I think I’m not really sure, there’s no college-blogger-wish-I-was-a-fashion-blogger-random-posts category

  • As I was reading this, I felt like I was in that scene from Mean Girls where all of they are showing the map of the cafeteria by group. 🙂

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