I Can’t Believe I Fell For It

My mom is magic. She can change traffic lights. 

At least that’s what I thought until I was 8. You see, she knew that after the cross traffic light turned red, that we’d get the green next. But we didn’t. So every time, she’d wiggle her fingers and POOF! It would change. 

Cue me and my brother:

Totally doing that to my kids. This brings me to several other ridiculous things I believed as a child.
My grandmother told me that eating the crusts of sandwiches would make my hair curly. Grammy, we both know the only days that my hair gets even slightly wavy is when the humidity hits 70%. I’d call you a liar but you’re 90 and lived through the great depression so I guess I get the no wasting food mentality. 

Try not to notice that 5 year old Nadine and 25 year old Nadine have the exact same hair style. Moving on. 
What is the appropriate age to still be playing with Barbies? Oh, it isn’t 12? Well no one told me. I had an active imagination and I had to play out the stories in my head somehow.

Was the fact that Aladdin used to get down with Barbie like major life foreshadowing or what?

And the last gem: Coffee stunts your growth. And you can bet that my Grammy slipped me half coffee/half milk if I begged enough on a Sunday morning 

So do we know where we stand on this? I still don’t know for sure but the facts don’t lie:
Mom: 5’7″    Dad: 6’0′    Me: 5’3″    WTF genetics. Or was it the coffee?
What crazy stuff did you believe as a kid? 

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Cece from Frugalista Married.

Isn’t she gorgeous? She’s definitely one of those people who always looks stunning but never looks like they’re trying that hard at it. Let’s all hate her for a second. Seconds over. Now love her. Because this gal is the real deal.

Cece is a writer, through and through. You can read more about why she blogs or how blogging is bad for your budget. Cece has been blogging since way before I even knew what a blog was!

Cece is a truly positive person who was brave enough to share her road to finding “the one”. It was bumpy and it makes for a great read! Need one more reason to love her? She properly mourned the end of The Office and even pulled out all the super deep life lessons from it. So go say hi to Cece and tell her I sent you!
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  • Hahaha, it’s cute how gullible we were when we were kids. I can’t even think of all of the things, but my dad loved making me believe things (that I learned later in life were not true).

  • LOL at Aladdin. I used to totally believe I was beating my babysitters at every board game, races, basketball, etc. Man was gym class/kindergarten a rude awakening!

  • True life, I played with barbies for an awkwardly long time, too. Mostly I just liked setting up their houses, so I lie to myself now and say I was just expressing my interest in interior design. I love your blog, by the way!

  • My mom did the exact same thing when the traffic lights!! I still vividly remember sitting in the back seat while she performed magic and made the red lights turn green. So funny!

  • Oh gosh, this totally made me laugh. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    Happy Friday!


  • “Was the fact that Aladdin used to get down with Barbie like major life foreshadowing or what?”

    Oh, goodness. Love it!

    As far as the coffee thing, I’m pretty sure it’s true. Sean and I hate the stuff and are 6’1 and 5’10….


  • The light turning green reminds me of the movie Corina Corina! When I was little I would always blow at a red light because that is what they did in the movie to make it turn green. haha

  • haha hilarious! When they had those commercials that said “Must be 18 to call/order” I thought you HAD to be 18. Like just 18, not 19 or 50, just the exact age of 18. It never said “18 or older”, so I always worried I’d have to find my 18-year old cousin and have her order the item for me. Stupid….

  • Aladdin and Barbie was so foreshadowing. Hahaha I love it. Kids are so gullible. 🙂 My friend wants me to try this one on my son whenever he’s in school: when he comes home, lay on the ground writhing in pain and say “you stepped on a crack!!” and pretend to have a broken back. Lol

  • I was still playing with my barbies when I was 12 too. 5 year old version of this Nadine had the same haircut only brown. Maybe it’s the name? You know what else is in the name, awesome! Duh.

  • Ha! I was totally told the coffee thing too!

  • you probably shouldn’t call your 90 year old gma a liar, then again maybe she deserves it. what do i know? i’ve never met her 😉

  • My mother convinced me that little elves (not the North Pole kind) poured paint into each circle of the traffic light. The only reason the light changed was because the circle got too full of paint and emptied out. I believed it for a good while and still (shamefully) like to imagine it happens. My kids will definitely be hearing that one.

  • My grandpa convinced me that Santa and his reindeer lived in their pole barn behind their house…I believed it…!! I even convinced myself that I could see Santa when Christmas was getting close…my imagination was very active! I played barbies until I was almost 13 too…but I didnt tell anyone! LOL

    xo Dinah @ Sunshine super glam

  • Apparently we we’re post twins today! I wrote about the same thing! Love the Aladdin reference! 🙂
    Here’s the crazy crap I totally believed as a kid:



  • My sister did the light trick. She would wait for cross light to turn yellow and then she would count down from 10. I thought she was a witch, turns out she was just a bitch. haha
    (and I totally played with barbies all the way into middle school! They never got old)

  • when I was around 3 or 4, I was watching the little mermaid when my mother came in and said: “Oh, they made that story about me, you know. I left the ocean to be with your dad!”
    I didn’t believe her… but I asked my father and he said it was true, so then since they both said it, obviously it was. (Why I thought this I have no idea, since my father had already tried to convince me of such gems as cars floated and that he had ordered my mother through the mail…)

    I believed this until I was 7 or 8… sigh.

  • Well I can’t remember anything from childhood like that. But when I was 14 my mom told me my cat ran away and then FORGOT to tell me that was a lie. One day (like less than a year ago) I brought up the cat that ran away and she was like, Kalyn, Pearl was killed by the neighbor’s dogs, don’t you remember. UM NO, Mom, sure don’t because you told me she ran away. She told me the truth about Bambi’s mom, but not about my cat.

  • Yes both my parents did traffic light magic. They would make me blow to change the lights. Oh, and my parents bought me a Barbie washer and dryer when I was in junior high. I acted insulted like I was too old to play with that, but you bet your ass I played with it all the time in secret.

  • oh the mom-tales… cracks me up that my mom wasn’t the only one using the “crust gives you curly hair” line! But I bet she was the only one using the “pre-marital sex will make you go blind” trick! ha

    Enter my current giveaway!

  • My Grandpa used to do the traffic light trick! I fell for it every time!


  • Haha, my parents always told me that green beans would make my eyes sparkle. And you better believe that I believed it. I would eat them, then open my eyes real why I didn’t ask if they were sparkling!

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