I Broke Up With Blogger

BloggerYesterday I broke up with Blogger. I moved on pretty quickly because now here I am writing to you from WordPress. It wasn’t you Blogger, it was me. I couldn’t resist the temptation of plug-ins (what is a plug-in? I still don’t know but I’m excited about it), SEO Optimization (also don’t know what this is or how to do it), oh, and owning all the b.s. I write on this here blog.

I owe a huge thank you to the talented (and patient!) Lisette from Northern Belle Diaries and High Note Designs for making this transition smooth and painless for me. She has also become my new favorite texting buddy. Are you interested in transitioning to WordPress? She’s your girl. Thank you, Lisette!

Now I’m off to poke around the WordPress dashboard. I’ve got a lot to learn so please be kind if things are a little funky around here for a bit.


  • I have been wanting to do this forever! I really need to just take the plunge!

    • Nadine

      I don’t know what got into me but one night last week I was just like, I’m going to do it. And so I did! Lisette made things really easy for me and talked me through what she was doing as she did it. It’s awesome so far!

  • I have been thinking about this for a little bit, or have come back to the thought of it. But I haven’t yet, because I am wanting to change my domain name and I haven’t decided. And wordpress sounds kinda scary. So let us know what you learn through blogging through wordpress.

    • Nadine

      I definitely will be writing a post about my experiences as I learn things on the fly! So far so good!

  • WordPress is so much better and easier- you’ll be very glad you made the move!

    • Nadine

      I’m already loving how easy it is to respond to comments. So far so good!

  • You will love it!

  • So cool… when you poke around a bit come back & give us Blogger gals all the reasons we should make the switch!

    • Nadine

      I definitely will. So far there is a lot to learn but it isn’t scary. Mostly fun!

  • When I first saw that Lisette was offering services for moving Blogger to WordPress, I was like yes, I think I want to do that. I’m only nervous, b/c I don’t think you can’t go back the other direction if you don’t like it!! 🙂

    Excited for updates on your experience!

  • UGH All you people switching to wordpress makes me want to switch NOW but I’m not sure how much it’ll all cost total and I’m not sure how much I want to spend on my blog monthly. lol

    • Nadine

      Besides the domain name, which you already have, it’s $5.99 per month for hosting. That’s it. Not too bad, right?

  • So glad you you’re taking to it well. You will love WordPress!

  • Well done you! I have also been thinking about a lot but was scared I would ruin my blog but if there people out there who can talk me through them am game.

    • Nadine

      Lisette was really awesome. She gave me her number and as she was doing things, she texted me to let me know. When there were things I needed to do, she walked me through them. It was a breeze.

  • I started with wordpress, but it was the free version. I didn’t like that version and had went back and forth on if it was worth it to spend the money to get the paid software and go that route. Honestly still up in the air about it if I want to go back and go that way or stay with blogger.

    • Nadine

      I’m just paying $5.99 a month for hosting but didn’t have to pay for software or anything. I went back and forth for a long time but I think it’s worth it to have complete control over your content.

  • What made you switch over? I use wordpress and am starting to hate it. I was thinking about switching to Blogger but I’m glad I read your post. I think I just need to do more research on wordpress and learn what I can really do with it. Good luck with the transition!!

    • Megan,

      I also started on WordPress.com and hated it. It’s limited and (in my opinion) Blogger is better than WordPress.com. However, when one of my blogs was deleted by Google due to “spam” I knew it was time to take ownership of my content.

      Nadine and I are on WordPress.org which is a.k.a. the self-hosted WordPress. The differences between the two are drastic. When I was on WordPress.com I couldn’t customize my blog without paying a yearly $30 fee to access CSS. So I switched to Blogger.

      Now that I’m on WordPress.org I am so so SO happy! I truly have ownership over my blog and I’m loving! Let me know if you have questions about the switch! I know of another blogger who can help you switch from WordPress.com to WordPress.org, as she did it herself: Amanda from Living in Another Language.

  • That’s awesome! I’ve thought about switching over to WordPress, but I still have my domain name with Blogger until spring – maybe then I’ll think about switching!

    • Nadine

      Just so you know, the domain name isn’t really related to the hosting. I had my domain name registered through next year. You might just have to transfer it to a domain registrar and then get hosting but the expiration date doesn’t matter much.

  • I am in transition of making the switch from Blogger to WordPress as well! My husband has been trying to talk me into switching for awhile now and I decided why not! I have my domain name and am going to switch over this weekend hopefully! I am glad to see others joining too! Makes me feel like I am making the write decision.

  • I feel like everyone is moving over to Word Press. Plug-ins? What are these things?! When i first started I was there and I quickly shut it all down and went to Blogger for the ease of it all. Good luck with your new dashboard!

  • Congrats – you’ll love it! I love WordPress!

  • Have you checked out the apps for Blogger or WordPress? I hate the Blogger app, but I’ve never used the WordPress one and if it’s more user friendly, I’d consider switching.

    • Nadine

      I haven’t gotten that far yet but I’ll let you know as soon as I do!

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  • Glad you enjoy WordPress! I was on WordPress (self hosted too) and I didn’t enjoy it that much. I’ve heard so many good things but when I used it, I couldn’t click with WordPress. I guess I’m not ready for WP yet 🙁

  • Yay! I’m so glad you made the switch to WP- I truly love it 🙂

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