I Am Not A Beauty Blogger

There is a reason I’m not a beauty blogger. And it’s called laziness. 

I got pretty damn lucky in the hair department. Low maintenance doesn’t even begin to describe it. Air dry? Still straight. Humidity? Slight wave. Slight. It holds curl. And it mostly does what I ask it to do. Which on most days is just: lay there and be flat.

Just out of the shower and when I get up in the morning
Sure, the bangs added some level of styling necessity. I’m a night time showerer so in the morning I usually straighten out my sleeping kinks, throw on some BB Cream and mascara and I’m out the door.

So when Missiko wanted to send me a Hana Professional Flat Iron I was like uhhh do you know who you are emailing? 

The package arrived and there was definitely more than a little bit of ooohing and ahhhing on my part. It came with a bunch of other goodies including some E.L.F. makeup, a sweet hairbrush, some drawer smelly things (technical term), and a super creepy fairy ornament. Score! Plus, most of their straighteners come with a free heat proof pouch and heat proof mat.

Here’s what my hair looks like straightened:

What can I say? It made my straight hair straight. And it did look much healthier because it tamed all my fly aways. The paddles are smooth and the thing really glides through your hair. Which is good, because I usually straighten for about 4 minutes and it’s just me clamping down randomly and yanking it through.

So to put it to the real test, I straightened my sisters hair with it. Her hair is crazy curly and vibrant red. Straightening her hair normally takes upwards of an hour. With the Hana Flat Iron? It took 45 minutes and it was the straightest I have ever seen it. 

Is it the best flat iron? It’s certainly the best one I’ve used. However with my hair texture I never would have spent $100+ on a straightener.  It is definitely worth a purchase if you have curly hair that is hard to straighten.

And in case you missed it, yes, I still carry around my 50lb. dog like a small child.

Please note: I was sent the Hana Professional Flat Iron in exchange for my review. All statements and opinons are my own.

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