Oh heyyyy Living in Yellow readers.
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This is how excited I am that you’re here:

Excited? Disturbed? You decide.

In her run down,
Erin called me a rockstar, which pretty much made my day year.
I wouldn’t say it about myself, but who am I to disagree with Erin?

She also mentioned my love story in her post. 
The short version? Alcohol and making out in public.
But check out the longer version, I think it’s worth it.
You might also want to check out the day I let this guy take over my blog.


He said all kinds of mushy stuff and for that, I’m grateful. 
For more mushy, you can read my post about our nicknames for each other.

You might also want to know my biggest secret.
Or read about all the ish (that’s polite speak for shit, friends) I’ve decided I’m too old to do.

If you snoop around, you’ll be able to read about my biggest regret.
While looking at some pretty embarrassing pictures.
You could also read about the time I got the worlds sweatiest hug.

Maybe you’d be interested in why I’ve decided to take my husbands last name (someday).
You could check out the time my sister got rescued by a lifeguard while I posed for the least attractive picture ever.
Or read my farewell letter to my cubicle in the corporate world.

You’ll also find the post where I talk about my religion and sound like a raging hippy.
I’ll share with you the fact that I’m a product junkie by opening my bathroom closet.
You can check out the first 30 before 30 goal I achieved.
I’ll even share a few outfits with you, along the way.
And if you really don’t want to read all that crap I listed, maybe just start with my

If I haven’t bored you to this point:
Maybe you’ll stick around?
I’m so happy to have you.


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