How to Successfully Live With Your Boyfriend


Naveed and I have been living together for a whopping 7 months. 
That basically makes us experts, right?


living with boyfriend
Things have been good. Real good. So far he’s getting an A+ at being a roommate. He doesn’t snore (unlike Archie), he’s not a bed hog (unlike Archie), and he is pretty dang fun to have around.


Here are some thing’s we’ve figured out work spectacularly well when you live with your significant other:

1. Hold your signifcant other to different standards. That’s right. Are you a total slob? Totally fine. But if your beau leaves his drawers open or his shoes in the middle of the living room, get peeved. Get real peeved.

2. Get a dog and then insist that you are too afraid to go in the backyard at night, thereby making your beau the official nightime dog caregiver.

3. You now have a permanent photographer in your apartment. Ask at the most random/inconvient times if he has time to walk 5 blocks to the park, take 200 pictures of you (for your blog, of course), and then later be told that NONE of them turned out right. Also, occasionally get peeved (isn’t peeved the best word?) that he doesn’t know anything about aperture. 

Okay okay, I’ll get on with the real ones…

1. Make sure you have similar lifestyles. If your a slob, I’m a slob. We’re both slobs (proof). So it works. If you are super clean and your guy is messy? Well, I’m not even sure how that would work. Good luck.

2. Actually like being around each other. A lot. I know couples need time apart. I’m sure it’s healthy. But when my guy left for Mexico for 4 day, I missed him like crazy. I really don’t get sick of him. If you don’t get sick of being around your guy, living together might work for you too.

3. Pick chores and stick to them. I do the laundry. He does the dishes. If one of us starts to suck at our chore, the other one whips them back into shape starts sucking at their chore too and then no one feels guilty about anything. Wait, this might be the reason for #1…

4. Accept that things won’t always be uber romantic and sexy. When you live together, you’ll see your partner at their best and their very worst. Nav got food poisoning a while back. That’s all I’ll say about that.

5. Make each other a priority. Just because you’re in the same house, doesn’t mean you are spending quality time together. If he’s looking at Reddit and you’re blogging, that doesn’t count. Pick things you do together (electronic free) and do them often.


That’s about all I got on that folks. 
Now tell me,
What helped you live with your significant other? 
Which adjustments were the most challenging?

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