How to Grow Your Hair Long — Fast

My whole life, I had crazy long hair.

And I loved it. I really really loved it.

But then, boredom with that long blonde hair crept up on me. And one day, I did this:

brown hair

It was so dark. But I liked it, for about two weeks. I thought I’d look exotic. I now realize that I’m never going to look like Princess Jasmine, no matter what I do. Shocker. Note to self: You are white.

So I started the process of getting it back to blonde. It takes forever (if you want to make sure your hair doesn’t fall out).

Grammy and Nay
I know it’s super rude to throw this out there on the interwebz but look at my Grammy. She is 90! Rock on!

That was the in-between color that was a little bit red. I actually didn’t mind it. Gradually, with more and more highlights, it was back to blonde again.

And then. I went in for a trim one day. A TRIM. And left with this:

I don't always drink, but when I do, I make my boyfriend take an outfit picture of me in the middle of a party.
I don’t always drink, but when I do, I make my boyfriend take an outfit picture of me in the middle of a party.

Let’s assess, shall we? That “one inch” was actually at LEAST 4 inches. Tear. Sob.

And thus I’ve spent the last 6 months trying to get it back long again. That includes investing a good deal of money on stuff I wasn’t positive was going to work.

How to grow your hair long - fast

I’ve been taking Viviscal supplements for about 2 months now. They say you really start to see results around 2-3 months. It has 4 stars on Amazon and I read numerous places that it really can help. It’s basically like fish oil and biotin on crack. It’s also a whopping $47 a month. Yikes!

Left: Viviscal Hair Supplements, Right: Pureology Shampoo and Conditioner

Then, after I got a new hair lady, she suggested insisted that I get Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner. Normally, I hate when stylists push products on you. Come on, I’m already paying at least $130 (cough$200cough) for the cut and color! But she talked me into it, because I couldn’t get that long hair I crave out of my head.

See the results!

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