How to Act Like a Lady

Okay, so I may not be the expert on how to write this post. 

I drop the occasional f-bomb, I’ve pulled a Britney while getting out of a car (plus undies though, folks), and many moons ago I drank my weight in vodka 3 nights a week.


But I digress. I survived all of my college years without acquiring (to my knowledge – cough Kaylin jump in and verify this cough) any type of awful reputation. In fact, I’m pretty sure I generally acted semi-appropriately in public. And though I was in a sorority for 3 years, most frat guys didn’t know me very well. Why? Because I didn’t wake up in the room down the hall. 

And I did it using one cardinal rule. It’s the question you ask yourself right before you do a keg stand, before you wear only caution tape as a top, or right as you consider an octo-bong.

But what if I want to be a Senator one day?

I don’t love politics. But I’ve always known that I wanted to try to change the world. So every time I’ve been put in a situation where I could do something that maybe I wouldn’t want my grandma to know about, I think this to myself. It’s the big what-if of my life. Also, add your grandma as a friend on Facebook. That will keep you in check.

Do I think I’ll do it? Probably not. But in the event that I ever do, no pictures of me doing a kegstand will be dug up by the media. Why? Because I’ve never done one. The worst is basically what you’ll see above.

I’ve never used this as an excuse to not live my life. But I also knew that the things I did when I was younger would embarrass me when I got older if I took it too far. So I had plenty of fun. I spent most of college with my friends (not just boys). I made amazing friends, gallivanted across Europe for one summer, and even dated a frat boy. I’m really thankful for all of my experiences. But I’m also thankful that I had the foresight to not do wildly embarrassing things that might bite me in the tush later.

So tell me, what are the questions you ask yourself?
Do you live your life by any unspoken rules?

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