How Pinterest Ruined Weddings

How Pinterest Ruined Weddings

I know almost nothing about weddings. I’ve only been to about two in my life and I’m pretty easy to please on the wedding front. Give me an open bar and a dance floor and I’m a happy girl. Plus I’m usually too busy doing things like burning my dress while ironing it 10 minutes before we have to leave to actually be focused enough to notice details (yes, that happened).

Can you see a burn mark? Nope. But it’s there.

But today I’m here to tell you: Pinterest ruined weddings. 

Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration. Pinterest is the only reason that (at some point) my boyfriend will have an 83% chance of selecting an engagement ring that I actually like. It’s how I knew not to wear navy or orange to a wedding last month, because the bride’s Pinterest account made it obvious that those were her colors. And Pinterest is the reason that I bought mason jars to use as drinking glasses.

But Pinterest has also lead us astray. It’s lead me to believe (more times than I’d like to admit) that craft projects are a good idea, that I can DIY for everything, and that my hair should be in a cute hairstyle every day (sooo not gonna happen).

But weddings, weddings are where Pinterest has crossed the line.

Pinterest let someone think this was okay:


Let’s not get too unique with things, mmkay?

Pinterest takes trends too far. 

Mason jars? Check. Burlap? Check. Photobooth? Check. You get my drift. Pinterest has allowed us to borrow ideas, spread and copy trends, and somehow those unique little additions to the wedding became the norm at every wedding.

This article hits the nail on the head. Weddings are getting too Pin-dictable.


Pinterest did more for barns in the last three years than farmers did in the last 300.

Who knew that almost any old house in the country could be the perfect wedding location? I didn’t. But you know what tons of barns don’t have? Air conditioning. You know what’s necessary when your guests are in their Sunday best, drinking and dancing? Air conditioning. Too many weddings got a little too rustic, folks.


Color schemes.

I have a bone to pick with you, grey and yellow weddings. You see, back in the day I bet most girls just picked their favorite colors and that was the color scheme. These days, Pinterest is chock full of really common color schemes that started out as super unique ideas. Be honest, before Pinterest you didn’t think grey and yellow matched either. Now it’s everywhere.


Details. And more details.

Pinterest is stressing brides out. Who decided that every wedding needs a fabulously adorable seating chart? Don’t you dare throw a wedding without picking out bride and groom signature drinks. And you’ve just got to have a hanger with Mrs. So-And-So on it to hold your dress so the photographer can take a picture. It’s the details people. They are just way too much.

Here’s a tip to every bride out there. No one is going to remember if you have monogrammed napkins. No one. So save yourself a couple of bucks and for the love of gawd, relax!


Did you do one of these things at your wedding? Good! Don’t be offended. Since I’ve never had a wedding, what the hell do I know? Nothing, that’s what. Now excuse me while I get back to pinning wedding stuff.

This post first appeared as a guest post for Stevie at Colorful Commotion. Go visit her today because she’s sharing all the things that went wrong at her recent wedding!

  • Hahaha, love this…I’ve been IN 6 weddings in the last 2 years, and you’re so right, no one remembers the monogrammed napkins. You know what they remember? The food, the drinks, and the dancing. I say spend less on the decorations, and throw that money into the stuff that really counts!

  • AA

    I got married right before Pinterest became popular – thank God! I had a normal, mason-jar-free wedding and didn’t stress out about the Mrs. Lastname hanger or signature drinks, because no one in their right mind did those pre-Pinterest.

    All you need to have a great wedding: open bar, awesome band or DJ, yummy food.

  • I love this!!! My sister is getting married in February and one of her (now ex) bridesmaids had this huge pinterest board of all the stuff my sister should do in the wedding. It was all stuff my sister HATED! So, now she only sends stuff to me to get an opinion. Some is from pinterest…most is not.

  • I so agree!! I’m really thankful that I got married before Pinterest became popular (or at least before I had an account). I did love going on Style Me Pretty, which tends to feature weddings with a lot of “trendiness” to them….but it was still fairly easy for me to keep to our unique vision.

  • I got married a few months ago before Pinterest exploded in 2011. One of my first color patterns was grey and yellow lol. I really liked it together, but we were getting married in almost the summer.. and it didn’t really fit. So, I switched to hot pink and tiffany blue with the guys in grey suits.

    I wanted a photobooth but it was way too expensive to rent, and I honestly didn’t think the people that attended would use it.

  • preach it!!! i don’t even have a wedding insight and i am already stressed about the thought of trying to plan it up to pinterest’s standards. ps. congrats on own an iron. so adult of you.

  • Its true. Pinterest gives girls unrealistic expectations of wedding. And I also blame Style Me Pretty. Its not about the wedding anymore, its about showing up the girl before you. True story.

  • Yep. Pinterest definitely gets WAY too detailed in weddings. No one needs to have their names or “Mr.” and “Mrs.” engraved into their silverware and burlap decor EVERYWHERE. Give it a rest!

  • I feel like when I start to plan a wedding I am going to use Pinterest as what NOT to do 😉

    • Just found your blog via your facebook page. Love it. Informative, enuioragcng and entertaining. Good stuff. Signing up to be a follower. Looking forward to future post!

  • Haha I died at this post. It’s so true though, as much as I love Pinterest, it gives girls ridiculous expectations for their wedding day. For our (2nd wedding-the first was at a court house) I kept it really simple. It was about my husband and I, the food, draaaank, and dancing! It was the most fun I’ve ever had and no one cared that I didn’t have a seating chart, that my bridesmaids ran in to the venue to put their bouquets on the tables (cheap! thanks.)

    When it’s your time you and your boy will sit down and talk about what’s most important to you and you’ll go from there. I doubt it will be the centerpieces….no one remember them anyway1

  • pinterest is the best and worst thing ever. it makes you think all of this could happen in real life and then you try it and fail horribly. i have always wanted a barn reception (that’s what my parents did) but pinterest is kind of killing it for me.

  • “Pinterest did more for barns in the last three years than farmers did in the last 300” that’s hilarious! Loved the post.. how true it is!

  • I am totally with you on this post. I got married pre-pinterest. I sort of wish it was around for organizing purposes but I think it creates unrealistic expectations. These pinterest weddings are super expensive–people need to realize you don’t need all of this crazy stuff!

  • Love it and so true! I was so concerned about it. I did get some great ideas but at some point I had to remind myself that in a month (or less) no one is going to remember how crafty your centerpiece was. Unless someone loves doing it and it doesn’t stress them out, then great! I definitely think Pinterest is a huge stressor come wedding time!

  • Pinterest absolutely ruined weddings and interior design. Somebody I know decorated their house with every single pinterest project. It is awful. A few pinterest things are okay, but every room filled with them is disgusting.

  • As someone who recently got married, I couldn’t agree more. That being said, Pinterest was a Godsend because we were on a really small budget ($5K)and had to be creative. I made all of our invitations, table numbers, and flowers(from paper). Plus a giant chandelier that I LOVE (and is now hanging in my bedroom) and a bunch of giant flowers that were a big flop (quite literally). I bought all of the supplies at Michaels, the Dollar Store or online.

    I love crafting, so it was actually a fun project, BUT SO MUCH WORK. I had multiple crafting sessions with my extended family and friends. Eventually, I had to draw the line somewhere so we rented, bought or thrifted everything else (we were a mason jar and burlap-free wedding). We had a potluck dinner (which was delicious and AMAZING), some kegs, a few cases of wine and a kick-ass dance party thanks to my brother and cousin who played DJ. In the end, I’m happy to report that the wedding was a really, really fun day that I actually got to enjoy. And as an added bonus, I’ve found someone to buy all of our paper flowers and giant pompoms to use at her wedding.

  • oh and i’m totally guilty of the grey and yellow wedding, but in our defense we started with grey and yellow then added sage, peach, cream…so it wasn’t just two colors. totally agree though, i feel like pinterest made me spend waaaay too much on wedding stuff. (including many failed DIYS, oops!)

  • You looked so pretty and I do agree slightly, Pinterest ruins our expectations!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Amy

    I love this post so much! I got married before Pinterest blew up, and while I do wish it was around for some ideas, I’m mainly glad it wasn’t. I loved my wedding and it was all my husband and I and everything we love…including our favorite colors :)! Great post!

  • This post is AWESOME! I was married before Pinterest and sometimes I get sad – wishing I had it for inspiration – but then I remember that my wedding was unique and everything I did was based on my own ideas! Not Pinterest ideas!

  • You are hilarious. I feel the exact same way! I am not engaged yet but I have a little wedding dreams pinterest board and there were so many things that I thought were so cute and original and then…I started seeing them EVERYWHERE! Even engagements are pint-ified now. A friend of mine got engaged and she took pictures of the entire setup her fiance put together and it turned out he did it with the help of her mom…and Pinterest. It just makes me wonder…who did you really do that for? Hm.

  • Yes, to the article you gave a link to AND this one. I worked as a bridal consultant for 7 months and until I left there, I grew to kind of hate Pinterest. Note to brides: there are a lot of other color schemes out there, you don’t have to have the “guava” color that was in the picture. Brides became so predictable when they walked in. Oh, let me guess, you want a lace dress? I bet you’re having your wedding in a barn! So predictable. I’m not engaged and I don’t think I’m any closer to being engaged today than I was yesterday, but I’m GLAD I’m not engaged in this era of Pinterest-inspired weddings. The “Mrs” hanger is really cute, but enough with the bridesmaids dresses and cowgirl boots. Do something original! Okay, I’m finished with this comment. Apparently I may need to write a post about confessions of a former bridal consultant…haha! Hope you’re having a great day!

  • I think this post explains what is “wrong” about traditional weddings in the first place… Too.Much.Stress! A wedding is supposed to be about the two people getting married and celebrating their love, not about pew markers and table runners. I say save that money and put it towards a beautiful destination wedding with a few loved ones and zero fuss. Then afterwards you’re already on your honeymoon. My mom has been preaching this to me since I was a kid, and I truly believe it. She barely got to enjoy her wedding because of all the stress of having things just so and making sure to please people.

  • not only making everyone have the same weddings, but making girls drive their boyfriends crazy so they can have their pinterest dream wedding, when they might not have even talked about engagements before. Weddings just seem to be getting more and more expensive and outlandish. Think it’s time to take things back to whats really important, the joining of two families and a big celebration in honour of this.

  • I wish I would have had pinterest when I got married. There are so many fun ideas that I never even thought of. But I do agree that most of these ideas are now overdone, and in no way unique any longer!

  • Hahahaha. I am sometimes sad Pinterest appeared only AFTER my wedding, but you are so right. It makes trends, which I hate, and makes brides crazy. I’m fine with my navy and yellow day that was uber predictable given that we live in a navy town, but we love those colors and we loved what we chose!

  • I love this and totally agree! I’m in the middle of planning a wedding and I’m not into all the details that no one is even going to remember, especially my new husband and I!

  • I’m most angry about the yellow and gray thing, because those were always my colors of choice! Well, grey yellow and baby blue (because yellow is my favorite color). But now those are the colors EVERYWHERE and it makes me sort of wary…

    Hilarious post!
    <3 Kiersten

  • I got married pre-Pinterest & am so glad that I did! I was already stressed about details, I can’t imagine if I’d had that to fuel my fire. However, I will tell you that I had a photobooth and it was ah-mazing. We have a whole coffeetable book of the images from it & it’s everyone’s favorite to look at when they come over. Also, Ella wants you to know that her nursery is yellow & grey – and she loves it!

  • My boyfriend, well I guess my fiance {first time I used that term, eek!}, literally took notes from my pinterest board when trying to figure out what kind of ring to get me. And pinterest did not disappoint! haha. This is a great post!

  • i bet money that my wedding would have looked WAY more put together had pinterest been around then. but on the other hand, from NOT having pinterest we didn’t go into debt over monogrammed this, and specialized that. yay for cheap budget weddings that you don’t have to pay off for the next five years!

  • I have to agree with you. I just got married in May and pinned about 5 million wedding things in the months leading up to our wedding. As the day approached, I said ,”forget this! It isn’t us” and we had our beautiful PInterest-free destination wedding (and I wore white platform flip flops…the horror!)

  • Oh my goodness. I agree with this all, as much as I do love burlap (to an extent). And I truly do love yellow and gray together! Now everyone else does too! Darn you, Pinterest.

  • Gray and yellow has actually been one of my favorite color combos for years…whoops! But, I do agree that Pinterest takes weddings too far. It’s nice to get some ideas, but most of the stuff I find on there is just unrealistic.

  • Exactly on the “details stress every bride out”. I don’t even have a ring yet but am already worried about picking a playlist (and a font!)

  • OH MY GOSH_ thank youuu!! I actually say all the time that I’m glad Pinterest wasn’t really around or “big” when I got married in early 2011. Luckily our wedding was unique to us and we picked stuff we liked, not stuff that was trendy! I swear every wedding from like 2012-2015 is probably going to look identical, lol!!

  • I’m a self-proclaimed wedding lover but I have to agree that if you give me good food and a dance floor I’m good to go. I’d rather throw my money into an open bar than decor that only a few people will remember!

  • I had just found out about pinterest a month or two before my wedding, but didn’t really start using it until after. Thank goodness – I would have gotten obsessed!!!

  • Pin-dictable. Yes. Lord help me I will be using that term all the time now!

  • It is so hard to not be obsessed with pinterest when you are planning a wedding. I used it to find ideas, but I also made up my own! I thank pinterest for allowing me to have my 20,000 dollar wedding for less than 10,000 by doing everything myself.

    weddings are the worst to plan, but the best attend.

    when you get married, go to Vegas. I swear it will be just as fun.

  • When my husband and I got married, I was still in college so we ended up eloping. Our courthouse wedding saved us a lot of time and money, but I still love adding to my Pinterest board for our vow renewal. Pinterest has definitely fueled the wedding industry and has set up a reliance on more details. However, I don’t think it’s always necessarily a bad thing. A bride and groom doesn’t have to take each pin exactly as is, but use it more for inspiration. A couple years ago I so badly wanted to have an actual photobooth at my wedding, but when I realized it cost just as much as a wedding photographer, I thought making my own would be way more cost effective and cuter. I do think there should be more conversation on focusing the wedding more on the couple and less on things. Regardless, I’ll keep pinning away.

  • I cracked up laughing when I saw the title of this post! I always tell people that I am so glad that I got married before Pinterest because there was no pressure! If my wedding wasn’t cute, no one would care ha!

  • SO true! Though I do go back and forth, sometimes I’m mad it wasn’t around for mine and sometimes I’m glad because I know it would have stressed me out toooo much.

  • Pinterest really became SUPER popular like a month after my wedding. So I feel like I totally missed out and my wedding would have been a million times better if I had the chance to have a wedding-dedicated Pinterest board. But I totally get where you’re coming from…the rustic chic thing is a bit overdone these days, for sure 😉

  • hahahaha – as someone currently planning a wedding, this post is spot on for me. Darn you Pinterest! We have the photobooth, burlap table runners, mason jars & flower crowns on lock, but I’m trying my darndest to not get too caught up in all the silly Pinn-able details!
    You look great in your dress – I agree, it is all about the booze & dancing!!

  • I’m so glad there was no pinterest when I got married. Of course now I’m divorced and there will probably be a wedding 2.0 somewhere in the future, but I refuse to pin the whole thing. Everytime one of my girlfriends gushes about how adorable some old barn in the middle of nowhere is I die a little inside.

  • It peeves me off that I planned a wedding without Pinterest, and all these girls get inspiration (Pinspiration?) galore. I SCOURED the internet for ideas when I was planning. It wasn’t all just a pin away. Dangit. Honestly, if I could do it all over again, I’d have a destination wedding. That’s the stuff right there.

  • I married pre-Pinterest, and actually I think it’s kind of ridiculous when other girls with several years of marriage under their belts excuse their wedding pictures and sigh and say stuff like, “We married before Pinterest, I really wish we had access to all those inspiration, then our wedding would have been so much prettier.”
    I would add, “And far less unique.” So, my wedding wasn’t pinnable. I didn’t really have ‘colors’….I got married three weeks before Christmas so I believed that the fact that the church was all lighted up and Christmas tree-d and beflowered meant I didn’t have to pay for separate decor. I didn’t even bridesmaids, let alone matching ones….and personally, I think my wedding was the best one ever. Because I got married in it….I always thought that was the point of a wedding. I wouldn’t have done anything differently. Though…if my Grandpa hadn’t put the chocolate fountain together backwards I wouldn’t have to laugh every time I see pictures of the food….but laughing is a good thing!

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  • Kara

    Hi there, I recently found your blog and love it! Now I’m going through your most popular posts of 2013 and had to comment on this one 🙂 I love your point about all the details, as a matter of fact I kept repeating the same thing to my mother and sisters when planning my own (small) wedding. NO ONE will remember that we didn’t have a grooms cake or signature drinks. Too much of a headache and extra money we didn’t need to spend on one day. What people tell me they remember most about our wedding is how happy everyone was and that they had fun…and that’s really all the matters!

  • liv

    pinterst is great for inspiring… but people take it too far. when I was planning out wedding, it wasn’t me… the tastings, the flower picking, the brewing told what I want instead of listened too… I broke down and my now husband finally said to missy puck a place and if we were the only two who showed up so be it. we did… ended up getting married on the side of enchanted rock in fredericksburv texas. 22 purple were there, including my husband and me… my sister was the entire wedding party… and the reception was held at this upper scale stake house/ saloon…. I planned it in a month while living in Ky… best time I’ve ever had. we went down to tx a week before the wedding and did a little vacation/ honey moon…. as long as that wedding is your personality that’s all that matters

  • Barns. I don’t go to many weddings, but the last wedding I went to was in a barn. The struggle is real.

  • I so agree with this!! I got married right before Pinterest exploded. I had super creative and very detailed ideas that ALL CAME FROM MY OWN BRAIN. Snarky remark – I don’t think you deserve a creative wedding if you are not creative. #sorrynotsorry

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  • I’ve heard so many “not-so-newlyweds” lament that their weddings were pre-Pinterest. So was mine, but you’ll never hear me complain about that. Because of that, no one can ever accuse me that I “found everything on Pinterest” when it came to my wedding. Also, no mason jars, burlap, or barns were involved. It was quite normal as far as weddings go, I figure, but there was chocolate fondue and a nacho bar so I’m pretty sure people were happy. 🙂

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