Home Sweet Home

Well I’ve got the keys to a mostly empty apartment.
Naveed owns basically no furniture.
And I own 67 bookshelves and my own library (tiny exaggeration). 
We’ve got a bit of shopping to do this weekend.

Ah, such potential.
And yes, that is a decorative bird cage.
Impulse buy people.
No judging.
Don’t go in Ross. Everything is under $10 and it will be hard to resist.

Now I need a little help here.
Check out this coffee table:

It’s beautiful solid wood and very well made.
When Nav got it from Goodwill, it was shiny and well cared for.
57 bottles of Grey Goose Smirnoff, umpteen spilled drinks, and many a dinner eaten here instead of at an actual table, and it looks like this.
To refinish or not to refinish, that is the question.
And if so, how? It’s a little old fashioned for the living room I’m going for. 
Is two-toned a possibility? 
Like this:

It could work, no?
Help me!

In other news:
In the battle of baby names this week, I’ve selected a winner.
Guiliana and Bill welcomed their son, Edward Duke Rancic.
Tori Spelling, a little late to the party, welcomed Finn Davey McDermott.
Both names are pretty adorable. I hope that the Rancic’s call their boy Duke.
Edward to me will always mean Cullen.
But I’m partial to Finn because, well, Tori’s kids all have adorable names.
Liam, Stella, Hattie, and Finn.
Sorry I’m not sorry, I would name my kid any of those names.
Yes, even Hattie. 

I’m of to LonG (overpronouncing the G is the correct way to say it) Island 
for the first half of the weekend.
Then we’ll be moving, cleaning, and I’ll be stressing about things like:
Do these throw pillows match?
Is there too much furniture in this room?
Maybe there isn’t enough.
Is this picture hung straight?
Why does it bother me so much that the bath mat doesn’t match?
Is this mattress going to fly off the car while we’re driving?
And other things of this nature.
Moving really brings out the best in people.
Happy Friday!

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