His Perspective: The Beau Takes Over The Blog

So earlier this week my lovely girlfriend offered me the opportunity to do a guest post on
her blog and talk about how our new living arrangement is working out. 

Obviously I said yes, because honestly, 
when will I ever get such a tremendous opportunity to embarrass
her again?

You’ve made a poor, poor decision.
Over the past few weeks, I have slowly started to learn to compromise and ultimately
live with a person of the opposite sex. In this post though, I just wanted to point out a few
funny and quirky things that I have noticed and reflect on our new home. However this is
my very first blog post and the first time I’ve seriously written anything since graduating
college over two years ago so my writing might be a bit difficult to decipher at first. Just
bear with me.

Get it?… No?… Moving right along then.

One of our original agreements is that I will do all the dishes and that she will do all the
laundry in the house. I think I got a pretty good deal here. She absolutely hates doing
dishes and I am terrified that I might screw up the laundry somehow and ruin some of her
clothes. It’s a win/win really. 

One of things I have noticed though is that she hates creepy
basements (where our washer and dryer are located), especially at night when it’s pitch
black. Apparently ghosts and axe murderers materialize out of nowhere when it’s dark

This basically means that when she does do laundry, I have to go downstairs
beforehand to turn on all the basement lights and then wait until after she goes back
upstairs to turn them all off again. This has really become my primary role on the laundry
front…I’m not gonna lie either, I’m getting pretty good at it.

Ooooh spooky.
I’ve also noticed that she has an intense hatred of pants. Yup, you read that right. 
Taking off her pants and just lounging around our new apartment has really become her first priority whenever she gets home from work. Trust me though, I’m not complaining. It
really is a pretty adorable and endearing trait of hers.

She’s also made a new habit of getting up early and making me breakfast and packing
my lunch for the day so I don’t have to waste my money at my office’s questionable
cafeteria. This takes place around 7:30 am so she is usually half awake when this
happens. Her demeanor can only be described as zombie-ish. It’s cute. 

It really is amazing how often she goes out of her way just to make my life easier though, and it really is stunning how much nicer the apartment is now that there is a lady in the house. The apartment actually looks (and smells) clean, and we actually have edible food in the fridge now instead of the odd assortment of beer, vodka and moldy bread.

I can safely say though that our first few weeks together have been a great success. And
I don’t want to confuse you either; she’s not the only one in this relationship with an
interesting collection of characteristics. I am just as odd, if not more so.

Between my incoherent ramblings about fantasy football, my severe lack of
organizational skills, my really weird obsession with pop music, my ability to shed at
will, and my always silly/inappropriate sense of humor (I could go on forever but I’m
trying to escape this post with at least a shred of dignity), I really have given her every
reason to run for the hills. I’m honestly shocked she still wants to be around me. And
despite all these shortcomings, I still haven’t scared her off yet. I really do give her a ton
of credit, and overall I’d consider myself one of the luckiest guys around.

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