Green with [Urban] Envy

Blogging leads you to believe that places you previously thought were completely mundane are actually fabulous. 
Every time I think that the middle of America is probably not that thrilling, I find out that some fabulous fashion blogger lives there. You look like THAT every day in Arkansas? Meanwhile I buy one stylish article of clothing and wear it to death. Exhibit A:

In fact, blogging leads me to regularly ask the beau questions like, “Hey, what do you think of Chicago? It could be a great city. Maybe we should add that to our list of cities to consider moving to.” 
Why, you ask? Taylor from The Daily Tay lives there, so people there must be funnier, the food is obviously better, and Archie would probably enjoy it more (Harlow style). 


It seems almost daily that some other blogger is unintentionally making a case for why we’d love DC, Manhattan, Brooklyn (we could become hipsters!), Chicago, Austin (Jenni’s food posts are enough to make me drool), Charlotte, heck even the [deep] South (hi, Meighan!). Blogging is an everyday look into urban life all over the U.S.
Every picture you take at some fabulous restaurant, every time your background of your outfit pics is something just as more exciting than your outfit, and whenever I read that you’re doing something cultured, fun, silly, or outrageous, I’m a little bit green with envy. Urban envy.
The where of our future is a big question mark.
I’ll have you know that moving to Chicago would inevitably lead to me getting dumped, because the amount of complaining I would do about being cold. I’m probably too liberal for the deep south. 
And the beau, in all his Long Island glory, cannot wrap his mind around the fact that Brooklyn could be a cool place to live (it could, Nav, it really could). 


My favorite bloggers are scattered across the country in the most random places. And yet everyone seems to be living exciting and fulfilling lives. So where should we end up? 
I’ll tell you, I’m most envious of the ladies who blog to us from the District (that’s DC, folks) like Blue Dog Belle, What Dress Code, and Betsy Transatlantically. Somehow I think that if I was blogging to you from some super awesome place that I’d have more to blog about. That my pictures, writing, and life would be more interesting. 
So just know that over here, the wheels are turning about where we’ll be somewhere down the road. And with every photo you post, I get a little more envious.

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