Goodwill Goods: Jeans, Jeans and More Jeans

On Sunday, I took a much needed trip to my local Goodwill (okay, let’s be honest, I frequent 3 different locations in my area). Remember how I struck out last week? This week totally made up for that. I got three pairs of jeans, a jersey dress from Old Navy, and this cool silver thing:

I think this is for pastries? I’m using it for makeup. 
Goodwill, $3.00

Here are some shots of the jeans I got, all styled differently (be kind, I’m no fashion blogger):

Shirt – Banana Republic Factory store, gift from my Mom (thanks, Mom!)
Sweater – Mossimo, bought at Goodwill, $3.50
Belt – No brand, bought at Goodwill, $2.00
Shoes – Kohls (2 years ago), $20 on sale

Jeans: Talbots, size 6, $3,50. These jeans a size t00 big but they are the perfect slouchy, boyfriend jeans. I tried them on and I knew they would be great rolled up, running around on weekends. Also,  I never knew that Talbots would work for me (I kind of always thought it wasn’t exactly for my age group). These jeans are just plain cozy.

Shirt – H&M, hand-me-down from Becky

Necklace – Forever 21 (4 years ago), $7.99

Shoes – Kohls (2 years ago), $20 on sale
Jeans: LOFT, size 1, $3.50. These jeans were definitely meant for someone taller than me (i.e. they must be hemmed or worn only with heels). I will say, no pair of jeans has ever made my bum look as good as these. Seriously. LOFT, you will have my future business in the jeans department. Am I the only one who didn’t realize they even made jeans? I always think of business/dressier clothes when I think of LOFT.

Shirt – Forever 21 (3 years ago), $5.99
Necklace – Street vendor in San Francisco, $8.00
Belt – No brand, bought at Goodwill, $2.00
Shoes – Target, $12.00
Gap jeans, size 4, $3.50. These jeans have flaps and buttons on the back pockets, which I’m still not sure how I feel about. I tried them on and they just fit so perfectly that I had to get them. Where the button should be at the top of the zipper there are two buttons instead of one. It made me think they would be great with a tuck in and a belt. I love a good tuck in.
I think it’s also important to note that I didn’t go into Goodwill with an agenda. If you walk in looking for something specific, you won’t find it. I went in expecting to find something, but I knew it might be a book, picture frame, sweater , etc. and I was open to whatever that may be. I happened to strike gold in the jeans aisle!

Also, to point out, look at the range in sizes of the jeans I bought. Women’s sizing is just so funky. At Goodwill, usually items have already been washed, dried, and shrunk. This means that what you see is probably how they will stay. I never ever go by sizes. Goodwill sorts their clothes into small, medium, and large. I hit up the small and medium section, simply because I can find my size in either and sometimes they aren’t consistent. I never even look at the size itself; I just hold it up and think huh, that might fit. Then I try it on (yes, I try on clothes in Goodwill and I haven’t died yet). 
Have you had success thrift store shopping lately?
And a blog help request: When you post photos with text that goes with them, do you put the text above or below the photos? I never know how to make sure it’s obvious which text goes with what. Comment below with opinions, please 🙂
 Happy Almost Friday!


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