Friday’s Letters

Dear boyfriend, I’m sorry that I lecture you about eating healthy and then come home with two frozen pizzas and break-and-bake cookies for dinner. My bad.

Dear rainy Friday, Somehow, I really enjoy a good rainy Friday. Let it pour, cause I’m all cozy and wearing leggings to work. 

on the note of rain…

Dear Hunter Boots, I just don’t get the appeal. You are still just rubber rain boots, after all. How is that trendy?

Dear winter, I’m ready for you. Bring on the boots and jackets! I want snow! Tons and tons. Give this California girl a real east coast winter. Last winter was pathetic.

Dear blog friends, Am I the only one who can’t quite make the leap to have someone do their blog design? It’s so expensive! I love goofing around with graphics so I’ve given my blog a minor facelift. Or maybe just some botox, if you will.

Dear Grey’s Anatomy, Way to lighten the mood last night. It was necessary. Please please please let Dr. Avery and Dr. Kepner get together. We need a couple to root for now that Lexi and Mark are gone.

Dear puppy, It is not possible to be more excited than I am to bring you home. The whole house is ready! Crate: check. Bowls: check. So much love I’m going to smother you forever and ever: check.

Dear Nav, Even when the puppy comes, you’ll still be my favorite guy. I promise. 

I love you too much already.


Happy Friday!


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