Friday’s Letters

Dear boyfriend, I’m sorry that I lecture you about eating healthy and then come home with two frozen pizzas and break-and-bake cookies for dinner. My bad.

Dear rainy Friday, Somehow, I really enjoy a good rainy Friday. Let it pour, cause I’m all cozy and wearing leggings to work. 

on the note of rain…

Dear Hunter Boots, I just don’t get the appeal. You are still just rubber rain boots, after all. How is that trendy?

Dear winter, I’m ready for you. Bring on the boots and jackets! I want snow! Tons and tons. Give this California girl a real east coast winter. Last winter was pathetic.

Dear blog friends, Am I the only one who can’t quite make the leap to have someone do their blog design? It’s so expensive! I love goofing around with graphics so I’ve given my blog a minor facelift. Or maybe just some botox, if you will.

Dear Grey’s Anatomy, Way to lighten the mood last night. It was necessary. Please please please let Dr. Avery and Dr. Kepner get together. We need a couple to root for now that Lexi and Mark are gone.

Dear puppy, It is not possible to be more excited than I am to bring you home. The whole house is ready! Crate: check. Bowls: check. So much love I’m going to smother you forever and ever: check.

Dear Nav, Even when the puppy comes, you’ll still be my favorite guy. I promise. 

I love you too much already.


Happy Friday!


  • First off, the puppy is so cute!! And I agree with you about the Hunter boot thing!

    • Thank you! I’m glad someone agrees on the Hunter boots. They are rubber! And over $100! No thank you.

  • I like the facelift!

    • Thank you! I’m no expert but I really enjoy messing around with graphics and stuff. Maybe someday I’ll actually take some classes on web design or something. Funny how blogging can make you find things you really enjoy.

  • I totally agree about the Hunter boots thing… I just don’t get it. The puppy is so adorable! Our little guy is sick 🙁 taking him to the vet today.

    • I hope Bosley is doing okay!

  • gaaaaaaaaaah PUPPY- its SO FLUFFY!!!!!!!!!!
    Agreed on the paying for blog design and you did a fab job on your blog botox!

    • I can’t get enough of looking at puppy pictures. I have to restrain myself from posting 800 pictures a day. One day I’ll cave and I’ll post way too many.

  • Love the facelift! And does the puppy have a name, yet? Oh, by the way, we (shamefully) have a quick and easy frozen pizza weekly. It’s okay.

    • The puppy doesn’t have a name yet. Is it weird that I want to meet him first and see what he looks like? Right now we are throwing around Archie and Atlas. Atlas gets mixed reviews but I kind of like it. Walter is out, even though it’s my absolute favorite, cause the beau isn’t a fan.

  • Love the facelift, looks great!

    • Thank you! I’m too cheap to pay someone haha

  • Loving the blog design! And your puppy. He just makes me heart melt! So precious. Have a great weekend!!

    • Thank you! I’ll be posting lots of pictures in the coming months.

  • Yayyyy for more puppy pics!! And I totally agree on the Hunter Boots and Grey’s Anatomy. The whole Arizona/Callie thing is going to kill me though!!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one still watching Grey’s! I love love love Callie and Arizona. I hope they survive this whole thing. I just want more Dr. Avery shirtless, if we’re being totally honest haha.

  • re: Hunter boots. THANK YOU!

    • Agreed. It’s rubber. Not a fashion statement. I can’t wait for the day that these are once again, not trendy.

  • Oh hey puppy!! Also, yes I don’t want to pay for a new blog design BUT I want a new one! Decisions, decisions

  • Love the facelift! I’m the same – I’ve done all my changes myself too – it’s just too much money for me.

    • That’s amazing! I never would have guessed you did them yourself. Your blog looks super professional. Nice job!

  • I can’t wait for you to get your puppy!! I had a golden growing up and am ready for my own. 🙂 I’ll just enjoy your puppy adventures for awhile before taking on my own!

    • I am too excited to contain myself. Trust me, when the puppy comes, my blog will be at least half about the little love. I’m also looking forward to getting to practice my photography on him.

  • I LOVED this week’s Greys! The last couple of weeks have been so intense, I wasn’t sure how much more I could handle. So having a bit of light-heartedness was welcome. (And they still showed the struggle of the after crash, it was a good balance of the two.) And I can’t give in to having someone design my blog either. I have too much fun playing around with it on my own!

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