Friday’s Letters

Dear Kaylin, Your post yesterday was so good. But if there is one person in the world who I can think of that isn’t all about “me, me, me,” it’s you. You are one of the most thoughtful, wonderful people I’ve ever met. I mean, come on, you even send cards for the most minor holiday’s (thanks for the Halloween card!). You do so much for the people in your life.  If it weren’t for you, I might still be sitting on my kitchen floor in California, crying, telling you I’d changed my mind about moving back east. Remember how you basically packed my car for me? You knew I needed to go through with my plans. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for all you’ve done for me.

Remember when you came to visit me when I studied abroad? Who else has friends that awesome? You. da. best.
Dear Nav, You’re a rockstar. If this past week was any preview of parenthood, then dang I’m lucky to have such a fantastic partner. Thanks for letting Archie out at night and for not making fun of me for being afraid of the dark.

Dear Christmas, I’m ready for you! I want a tree in my living room as-soon-as-possible. And could we make it a white one, please? I just know Archie is going to love the snow.

Dear Archie, For starters, you’re a handful. But my-oh-my, how the cuteness makes up for that. Is it weird that we both miss you when we haven’t seen you for like 3 hours? Every time you scratch at my leg to get me to sit down so you can curl up in my lap, my heart grows 3 sizes, Grinch style. 

Smile for the blog world, Archie!


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