Friday’s Letters

Dear coconut oil, Thanks for being a much better smelling alternative to olive oil. Using you as a hair masque always makes me feel like I’m somewhere tropical. You’re great for patches of dry skin too!

Dear Phil (as in Dunphy) the fish, Winning you at the Italian festival last night made me so happy. Finding you dead this morning, not so much. I did my very best to take care of you but perhaps you were mistreated before we met. RIP.

Dear boyfriend, Since I won’t see you until Monday, I already missed you today by um…lunchtime. Even though I saw you this morning. Why is that?

Dear twitter, I wasn’t a big fan of you before I had a blog. Now that I have a blog, you’re 100x more fun. I love finding new blog friends through twitter. You can find me at @backeastblonde.

Dear dirty blonde roots, You are so far past the point of needing to be done, I could cry. You look dirty even when you’re clean. Unfortunately, my hair lady broke her foot and is out until later this month. And it’s never a good idea to go to someone who can fit you right in. So until then you will just look, well, ew.


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