Friday’s Letters

Dear little sister, sometimes I’m too excited for you to grow up! I can’t wait to talk to you about boys, see girly romantic comedies, and help you through your high school years. I know someday the twelve years between us won’t matter. But you should know now, even when boys grow up they can still be pretty gross. We love them anyways. 
Dear littlest brother, please stay a little boy forever. I love how excited you get every time I come home to visit. The way you still dish out the sweetness makes me sad that someday you’ll grow out of it. I still hope you don’t!
Dear vegetarianism, maybe we’ll make this a permanent thing. I don’t miss eating meat and I’m not sure I will. Please note that the second that I step foot back in California that I’m reporting directly to In-n-Out Burger. Double-Double, yes please.
Dear boyfriend, thanks for suggesting that I reference you on my blog as Mr. Awesome McAwesomepants. It made me laugh. For the record, you are super Awesome McAwesomepants to me. Also, the more you torture me by sending me cute puppy pictures, the sooner I want one. Keep that in mind 😉
Dear backyard, by the end of this weekend you will be a cool hang out spot, not just an overgrown weed filled jungle. Weed wacker, it’s on!


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