Friday’s Letters

Dear corporate world, I sure wish we weren’t “international” so I could have had Good Friday off. We need a holiday between Christmas and Memorial day!

Dear random flower in my yard, Thanks for showing up. You’re really beautiful and you make me smile. I hope you distract the neighbors from the fact that we don’t do any gardening and the weeds have taken over. 

Dear future puppy, I think about you every day. And I know that when the time is right, I’ll bring home a beautiful little golden retriever. I’m so excited for that day, even though it’s a long time from now. Until then, I’ll get my kicks by checking out Reddit’s aww section.

Dear producers who turn Nicholas Sparks novels in to movies, You’ve done it again. I will be at the theater the day that The Lucky One comes out. Go ahead and start turning another one of his books into a movie umm yesterday.

Dear bright red lipstick, I totally love you. But I can’t commit because I feel awkward wearing you at work. Can we just be a weekend hookup?


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