Friday’s Letters

Time for an extra late edition of Friday’s Letters! 

Dear new job career, This week was fulfilling, moving, and gave me hope about what we can accomplish. Perhaps we can change the world after all?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
-Margaret Mead

Dear boyfriend, You’re out of town on a college crew reunion. This means two things:

1. I’m actually going to wear my retainer to bed! I will still NOT wear it in front of you.
2. I finally rented New Year’s Eve. Note, could have gone without seeing it. I give it one star.

Dear blog readers, this month I’m a sponsor over here and here. If you’re stopping by, I’m so happy to have you! It would make my day if you’d link up via GFC (on the right side).

Dear east coast summer rain, I love that it actually rains when it’s hot! Where I used to live, summer was just dry. The warm rains here make all the green look like a jungle and the flowers bloom with no sprinklers!

Dear 5K, You’re only 2 weeks away and I haven’t really run at all since the last 5K I ran in the fall. Ruh roh!

Dear body, Let’s get in gear! My new work schedule means morning workouts should be a breeze. So how come they aren’t?

Dear boyfriend, Come home soon. You are certainly missed.

Have a lovely weekend!


Friday’s Letters

It’s Friday and you know what that means: Another edition of Friday’s Letters. 
I really do love this series.
Thanks, Ashley!

Dear boyfriend, Thanks for being my sounding board and for assuring me that yes, I am still fun.

Dear Lean Cuisine, Thanks for making vegetarian options. This was pretty good.

Dear vegetarianism, It’s official. You’re here to stay. You know why? Because…

Dear meat, I don’t miss you. Not at all.

Dear statement necklaces, I’m obsessed. This week I bought 5. Yes, 5.

Necklaces ($8 and $6) and Shirt ($13), JC Penney

Dear eBay, We’ll you sure were a dangerous discovery (for my bank account).

Dear little sister, I love checking your Instagram. You’re a silly one.

Dear boyfriend, I’m so proud and excited to see you run your first half marathon tomorrow.

Dear corporate world, Goodbye!

Happy Friday!


  • Well, Nadine, what a cutie you are and what a fun blog you have. I’m stopping by from Friday Letters and it’s always fun to meet up with you gals that are young enough to be my “other daughters.”

    Loved what you had to say about your precious Grandmother. I pray my little Granddaughter will say the same about me one day.

    Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m very lucky to have been raised so close to my grandmother. Thanks for stopping by!

  • I love those necklaces, they’re adorable. I love their prices even more! Just stopping by from Friday Letters!

  • I love the necklaces!


    • You always wear such awesome statement necklaces, I just had to have a few of my own! Thanks for stopping by!

  • I really love those necklaces and that seems to be the new trend! I need to get out there and get myself some of them!

    I love following people on Instagram, you get a great feel for their life!
    Have a safe and happy holiday!! 🙂 Have fun at the run tomorrow!

    • I’d been using Instagram for the photo editing for a while (just for fun). Recently I’ve really gotten in to the social media aspect of it. It’s fun to see what people photograph in their day to day lives. Follow me @FancyFrugal 🙂

  • ooo love the necklace!

  • I need more necklaces. I just don’t feel natural wearing them yet. I guess I will someday

Friday’s Letters

Dear work week, Thanks for being over. Between not feeling well and the gross weather, I just really wasn’t myself. Sorry for not giving it my all. I’ll do better next week.

Dear limbo, Maybe every part of life is limbo, right? Like mostly we are waiting for the next moment because we think it will be better than this one. I need to figure out how to live happily in limbo. Because I’m sure the next stage of life will be great, but I’m also so sure that I’ll miss this one when it’s gone.

Dear boyfriend, I’m excited for date night tonight! You know I’ve wanted to see The Five-Year Engagement since the first preview I saw. Obviously I will return the favor by seeing The Avengers with you next weekend.

Dear siblings, Thanks for making me laugh every time I log in to Netflix. It makes me glad I gave you my password. It’s throwing off my recommendations but I’m glad you’re enjoying it too (hey, I’m getting my moneys worth).
Happy Friday!
TGIF, this week more than ever.

  • Want/boarder line need to see The 5 year engagement. Let me know how it is.

  • Have fun on your date 🙂 I want to see The Five-Year Engagement too!

  • i want to see the 5 year engagement too… definitely in the plans for this weekend!

Friday’s Letters

Dear Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, I totally forgot how good you were. Thanks for being just as awesome now as you were when I was 12. 
Dear spring, Whats with the fake out? I was ready to put my sweaters away. Come on back, ASAP please!
Dear brother, I love that every phone conversation we have is at least an hour long. I’m so lucky to have been given my life-long best friend at age 2. 
Dear Modern Family, Thanks for making me actually laugh out loud. Watching the whole series from the beginning was an excellent decision.
Dear boyfriend, I just don’t understand how you aren’t ticklish. It’s so unfair because you’ll never know what it’s like to be extremely ticklish (like me). Sometimes I laugh so hard I can’t breathe. But I’m always thankful that it’s you I’m laughing with. I’m a lucky lady. 


  • Dear daughter, I still can’t believe what an amazing woman you’ve become and how you learned at age 2 that your brother would be a best friend for life and that despite life’s crazy twists and turns we come back full circle to where we belong. In each other’s hearts!

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