A First

This is a big weekend for me and that special guy I mention from time to time.

This one:

So handsome!

And as of this very day, we’ve been officially “going steady” for one whole year. 
This is a first for both of us. It’s my first, first anniversary.

It feels like forever and no time at all. I really can’t decide which. And though you’ll never see blog posts titled “love story” simply because it isn’t some epic saga, what we have is so real and so wonderful. 

But here’s what I know about Naveed:

He’s always the first person I call. Good, bad, or ugly.
He’s seen me cry so hard I can’t breathe.
And laugh so hard I can’t breathe.
He is smart. Oh so smart.
He always has good intentions.
And he is the best person I know.
Really and truly.

And there’s the silly stuff like:

He listens to podcasts of things I might like and then tells me about them later.
He scours Reddit for the cutest puppy pictures to send me.
He reminds me not to pick at my cuticles.
I make sure he doesn’t pick at his ingrown beard hairs.
He pretends to enjoy it when I ask him to take outfit pictures.

And while I’d like to think that our life in photographs would look mostly like this:

It usually looks like this:

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love you, mister.

Thanks for being my guy. 

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