Dude Stuff You Need to Embrace

Listen, we all know that women are generally the rock stars of daily life. We can find things in the refrigerator even if there is something in front of whatever we’re looking for. We don’t have to call anyone to find out where the salad dressing is in the grocery store. And oh yeah, we’re capable of growing tiny humans. 

Still, occasionally we have to tip our hats to the testosterone in our lives. They sure do get some things right. 

The League
This show is about as much about fantasy football as the Grey’s Anatomy is actually about medicine. It’s not. You don’t have to know anything about Tom Brady, Eli Manning, or Tony Romo (did I just give away the fact that I only know players who are good looking?). 

You do have to prepare yourself to laugh out loud so much that the neighbors will think you’ve gotten a hold of some stuff that’s only semi-legal in California. 

BONUS: The first three seasons are on Netflix. 

HD Everything
Hi, my name is Nadine and I’m an HD snob. A year ago, I had a $35 clunker tv from Goodwill. Today, I have a 46″ LED and my life has been changed forever. I’ll have you know that OWN doesn’t come in HD on our provider so you can add that to the list of many reasons why I won’t be attending Oprah’s Life Class. Something isn’t in HD? First World Fit.

Reddit is not just for dudes. But in my experience, it’s a whole lotta dudes. And just like girls, they get a little obsessive about things. For every Real Housewives gif you see in blog world, they have some equally overused meme photo. 

Overwhelmed by the randomness of it? Start with the aww section. It’s all user uploaded pictures of their adorable animals. I just provided you at least 30 minutes of entertainment. You’re welcome. 

Big Dogs
Again, not a total dude thing but have you ever seen a guy pick out a yorkie for himself? No. And I guarantee N feels better about walking our 50lb. Golden Retriever than a 5lb. Chihuahua. 

Okay, he was itty bitty once. It didn’t last long.

If your boyfriend walks your 5lb. dog for you, congratulations, you have a good man. Because he sure as hell wasn’t doing it just because he loves how masculine he looks with that pup. 

I used to hate when N grew a beard. Want to make out? Um, no. That shiz is face rash central. But the more it stuck around, the more I liked it. He looks decidedly more Middle Eastern with it. Plus when he grows it out, the two of us are really airport security’s dream team (ha). 

Superhero Movies
Yeah, yeah, go ahead and tell me how much you loved The Dark Knight or how you were the first in line for Man of Steel this weekend. But there is a pretty good chance you didn’t just go with a group of girlfriends. Yup, these started as dude movies. 

Gwen Stacy: The reason I got bangs.

I was never a huge fan until I started dating N. Then I realized how super awesome they are and now I’m just as obsessed as he is. Plus, there’s almost always a romantic sub-plot. Yes, please! 

Being Gross
I drink out of the milk jug and I’m the biggest slob I know. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Sometimes it’s fun necessary to unbutton your pants after a big dinner, burp out loud when you drank soda too fast, and put off doing laundry for 3 weeks. Maybe some habits boys just get right.

Anyone else disturbed by my repeated use of the word dude? I grew up in California in the 00s. Just be glad I didn’t drop a “hella” on you. What dude stuff are you in to?

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  • Haha you always crack me up

  • Reddit is pretty entertaining, I must admit.

  • I loved this post!! The league is hilarious, and I am right there with you on the beard thing! My boyfriend has a love affair with his facial hair (didn’t mean for that to rhyme!) and is always looking for an excuse to grow our a beard (no-shave november, playoff beard, manuary….) at first it bothered me, but now I’m a total convert. I love his beard!

  • This is spot on! Last night while eating chili for dinner Steve stuck his fingers in the bowl of shredded cheese instead of using the perfectly good spoon that was in the bowl. I almost lost it…men

  • I think The League is one of the funniest shows on tv! And we have one big dog and one medium dog. I think my hubby would walk a chihuahua though 🙂

    The Tiny Heart
    Scarf Giveaway!

  • I love all of their necklaces… anything with turquoise or teal in it would make my day!

  • the league is my favorite show everrrrrrrr! yobagoya, the taste will destroy ya.

  • i say dude wayyyyyy too often. even the hubs will be like uhhh did you just call me dude lol

  • I loved this post – so funny!! And as much as I hate to, I may have to agree on a few of them…and maybe start watching that show…
    <3 Kiersten

  • Okay, so for right now….I’m choosing this necklace ( http://theradmarket.com/collections/necklaces/products/oval-embrace-necklace ) But, you know….as I stalk the page some more, that may change.
    <3 Kiersten

  • LOL @ “airport security’s dream team.” oh my.

  • dude, i use the word dude more than any dude should. only in california….

  • Umm… my husband and I LOVE The League. I especially love the daughter (it’s been a while, I can’t remember her name.) and I think my favorite episode is the Zipper
    Fairies at the end of season 3. Ok… that is all.


  • Ha I love The League! And my cousin is in it!

  • I just laughed at loud at this while at work. All of this is so true. My guy friends spend at least 2 hours on day on Reddit and I never understood the point, until now!

    Also, dying at “first world fit.” I will be using this from now on. All the time.

  • You never cease to make me laugh. I used to spend all my time trying to knock my boyfriends bad habits until I realized, I can’t change his pre-programed DNA of “dudeness.”

  • So..now I need to check out The League 🙂 And Superhero movies are my favorite manly thing to do with my hubs… I always love a good love story with a strong, masked man 😉 And Reddit and The Chive are daily man musts in hour house.

  • Definitely into the League with my hubby. I’m pretty much a dude in chic form (except for my crying and crazy emotions 🙂 ) so I enjoy burping, football & hockey, superhero’s and man dogs. I will check out reddit though. I think all of us women have a little dude side to us.

  • I drink out of the milk carton. I have to make sure I do it when my brother is asleep so he doesn’t catch me. lol!

  • HD is imperative, and big dogs are so much better than tiny yippy dogs. (except H drew the line when I told him I want an Irish wolfhound?)

  • Totally with you on the tv! I never ever cared about the quality of my tv until I lived with my boyfriend and his 46 inch HD flatscreen. Can’t ever go back!

  • bahah I love this post for so many reasons. I, too, overuse the term ‘dude’ and edited out like 12 of them for tomorrow’s post, but I just moved to California a month ago and I can’t wrap my head around this “hella” word. I thought it was just a No Doubt song.. but I was wrong.



  • New follower of your blog! Just found it today and this post is by far one of my MOST FAVORITE posts I have ever read anywhere. Mostly because I agree with pretty much everything.

    Also, I cracked up when you said,”Just be glad I didn’t drop a “hella” on you.” haha I just recently moved back to the South after living in California for 10 months (I know…why would I do that??). Well, some of the kids I worked with would say “hella” so much that we picked it up! haha

    A “dude” thing that I do/like: I don’t like sweet, fruity girly drinks that much. I’d much rather just have a beer…and some wings or pizza. Good combo.


  • I’m into so much dude stuff I think God messed me up. Video games, cars, metal music, pizza and wings with beer of course, football, boxing… – granted these aren’t limited to guys, but they’re usually associated with the XYs.

    • And The League is one of my fave shows ever. It’s so hilarious.

  • I am going to have to check out The League, glad to hear it is on Netflix!
    I get a kick out of seeing big, burly men walking itty bitty dogs like Chihuahuas 😀
    I love going out and seeing superhero movies with my man!!
    More dude stuff I love is fishing, shooting, going mudding, and working on cars.

  • Our friends refer to our baby (due to arrive in August) as Chalupa Batman, courtesy of The League!

  • The League is such a great show! Totally underrated in my opinion. Dudes are also good at fixing stuff… One of the great reasons of having a dude. 😉

  • Officialy subscribing to your blog. You’re precious! Love it!


  • I’m into football/soccer – depending where you live, what they call it! I am such a huge fan that I end up intimidating some guys when they are pretending to know a lot about the sport.

    Your post was fun and I agree, I love those superhero movies!

    x Natalie


  • Yes. The Amazing Spiderman was INCREDIBLE, and my boyfriend and I canNOT wait for the second one to come out next year. I also drink out of the carton way too much, but when my boyfriend brings the whole dang carton into the living room to drink from, that’s where I draw the line. 😛

  • This entire post speaks to me so so much. I have embraced all of these things because of Greg, but I will say I was the one who turned him onto The League (and he probably loves me more for it)
    I never thought I cared about my TV until we got an HD, it’s amazing and Super Hero movies are our faves because we can ALWAYS agree about watching them.
    This was a great post!

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  • Z

    I’m completely obsessed with the league, and have since been making each and every one of my friends just as addicted. It’s just too good! (plus nick kroll is extra hilarious.)

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