Does Having Kids Affect Your Friendships?

Golden Retriever

A lot of our couple friends got dogs around the same time we did. When we get together for group events we often let all the dogs play together, and then watch them and chit chat and marvel at how sweet/goofy/loveable our pups are. It’s in those moments that I realize we’ll probably be doing the same thing with our human children in a few years time.

And then I realize how differently we’ve raised and parent (discipline/train) our dogs. I worry that we’ll all be such different types of parents that it will be hard to stay as close as we are now.

At dinner several months ago with my Mom and Grandma, they insisted that many of our friendships will change when we have kids. I know this is probably true, but what if I don’t want it to be?

This is something I think about fairly frequently, especially as our friends are all getting engaged and married and are pondering kiddohs in the next few years. As time goes on, I’m less worried about the lifestyle change (because let’s be honest, we don’t party too hard these days) but more worried about having wildly different parenting ideologies from the people closest to us. What if we love each other as people but can’t stand each other as parents? It’s a scary thing.

So my question to the Moms out there is this: how did having kids affect your friendships?

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