dress: H&M, $17.99
shoes: Target, $19.99
hat: F21, don’t remember

Discovered this week:

– In high school, we called hoops this big “ho hoops.” I just found this pair deep in my jewelry box. Call it a re-discovery.

– How to take a jumping picture. Kind of.

40 Days of Dating. Ever thought about dating your friend, just to see what would happen? These two friends are doing it and are being 100% honest about it. An experiment you have to follow along with.

Dollar Shave Club. I saw this on twitter this morning and I’m not sure if I’ve ever been sold on an idea faster. They mail you razors. And as someone who has been using her current razor for over two months (who really changes it every 7 shaves?) this service is made for me.

– In case you missed it, at age 25 I have finally discovered my true calling in life: predicting celebrity baby names. Yes, I called North West days before her name was announced, and Prince George? Called that too.

– Are you a tech nerd? Boyfriend bought Chromecast within minutes of it being released. We’ll just be over here streaming everything and everything, right on to our flat screen. But wait, we already did that because we have an Apple TV, PS3, and a Wii. Which can all stream stuff. And that’s what happens when you date a big nerd.

Meighan got engaged! So excited for you, lady!

Suzzie posted this TED talk about how 30 is not the new 20. If you are in your 20’s, you MUST watch it. It’s simultaneously the most inspiring and depressing thing I’ve ever heard but it was just what I needed to hear.

– How fun arm candy can be. If you need me, I’ll just be over here stacking bracelets all the way up my dang arm.

  • I LOVE that dress!! Such a pretty color on you too!

  • I remember those hoops from school, we joked about those all the time. It’s a rather inappropriate joke though ha ha!
    I definitely have not mastered jumping and having a picture taken.. but let’s be honest I haven’t mastered taking a picture of myself period.
    Congrats to Meighan!!

  • You look great in these photos! I’m definitely checking out the razor thing. I’m the worst about that.

  • This color dress looks amaze on you lady! totally your color! & hoop earrings are so back!!


  • That cobalt dress is so pretty on you! And seriously, I’m impressed you nailed that jumping shot…I can never do that!

  • You’re workin that hat, girl!

  • I don’t know if I could tell you the last time I changed my razor (oops)! I love that color on you, it looks great.

  • I just need to know. Why is everything on that 40 Days of Dating blog

  • i love that dress! and I am glad I’m not the only one who uses the same razor forever

  • oh my gosh im so obsessed with 40 days of dating! ive been reading since day 1!

  • Arm parties for days!! That color is beautiful on you, Nadine!

  • YES! I am loving 40 days of dating!

  • You, my love, are absolutely stunning and just purely perfection.
    Also, I am SO intrigued by this 40 days of dating. So glad you introduced me!

  • Ok..1. That dress and the color look fab on you. Rock the ho hoops! And 2. Thank you for sharing another obsession I now much follow until day #40.

  • jumping photos are harder than they look. cheers to nailing yours!

  • Absolutely love your outfit- that dress is so simple yet bold! Blue is a great color on you!

  • This color is gorgeous on you!

  • This dress is gorgeous and the color is perfect!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Great post! I’m still so impressed by you calling the baby names. George wasn’t so hard, but North West? Your letter to Kimye was hilarious, but I didn’t think they’d ACTUALLY name that baby North West! Also, I really loved that TED talk too! But yeah, pretty scary! I’m about 3.5 years away from 30… but I feel 19, so… oops!

  • That TED talk just blew me away!! Thank you so much for sharing!! Also, that dress looks stellar on you and I LOVE you blog!! 🙂

  • What a fabulous blue color. I love that and it looks amazing on your skin tone.

  • Okay, is it just me or are you getting skinnier?! You look fab! Loving that blue hue as well.

  • But their 40days stops at Day 18 in April….am I looking at the wrong one? =(

  • Wow that was a good video. Makes you think for sure

  • I am so glad you mentioned the 40 Days of Dating. I just read about the first day and I’m already hooked!

  • Looove this color of dress on you! So pretty

  • I for one have always been a fan of “ho hoops”. Well mine are like semi-ho hoops 🙂 I love the dress & hat!!!

  • Yay for the dollar shave club. My hubby & I joined and I was planning on doing a post about it when we get our first shipment. 😉 It’s the best idea ever.

  • First thing out of my husband’s mouth when he got home from work tonight was this, “Google just released this new thing called Chromecast and blah blah blah.” He was quite excited about it, and like your man, also seems to think we need it ASAP in addition to our Roku and Apple TV. Tech nerds… sigh… 🙂

  • Haha ho hoops 😉 Lovin’ ur dress esp the color!

  • you look amazing in this blue maxi dress – lovely with the hat too!

    check out my latest inspiration post! 🙂

  • That dollar shave club sounds perfect for me. Mainly because I use my razors WAYYYY past their time.

  • I checked out the 40 Days of Dating site after reading your post, and oh wow, I am hooked. It’s completely fascinating! Also, the color of your dress is so great!


  • I love the jumping pic! I’ve tried to do some myself and I always look like a complete nerd! Yours came out good (and I LOVE your outfit)!

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