A Date with Me

Friday night, I took myself out on a hot date. You see, I was the only person who wanted to see The Lucky One (I just wouldn’t make the bf go with me). I’m sure that sounds lame on a Friday night but the movie was so worth it.

On the way there, I grabbed a Panera panini to sneak in to the theater in my purse. Yes, I do always bring outside food into the theater. It always makes me nervous because I’m not a rule breaker but its so worth it when you’re eating something way more delicious than movie popcorn. I’m also just not willing to pay $5 for a soda or $7 for a small popcorn. Save yourself the money and sneak whatever you want into the theater in a big purse.

I was a little nervous going in to the movie because I’d read this review earlier in the day, which says that the two main characters have  “baffling lack of chemistry”. Maybe it’s just that I’m so easy to please on the movie front but I disagree wholeheartedly.

The movie was romantic, touching, and entertaining. I teared up cried on three separate occasions, including once before the title even came up at the beginning of the movie (Don’t judge. A dog and soldier reunion always gets me). While the movie strayed from the book a bit, I actually kind of liked it. In the book, it takes Logan quite a while to actually find Beth. In the movie, he finds her very quickly and their love takes much longer to develop. 

Overall, I give this movie an A-. It wasn’t The Notebook but it was still so lovely. Please note that I give pretty much every movie that I see a positive review. So what? I’m easily entertained.

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