Cute Suits: The One-Piece Conundrum

You should know, there are a few things I absolutely will not buy used. One of those items is a swimsuit. Last year one of my favorite bloggers posted pictures of a beach day with her family. She was wearing the most fabulous, one-piece, vintage inspired swimsuit and it got me thinking that modesty can still be cute on the beach.

After that, I started toying with the idea that I should invest in a one-piece and I simply couldn’t get my mind off of this one (the one she wore, but in red):

But I simply couldn’t look past the cost and decided to think on it for the winter and if I still loved it in spring, I’d treat myself to it. 

Recently JCPenney has been doing their whole brand revamp. Have you seen it? Gosh I love Ellen Degeneres. Their fair and square campaign had me quite curious so I decided to wander in and see what they had to offer. 

And as I looked around the store (which was much more aesthetically pleasing than I ever remembered), I saw that the  dreaded swimsuits were already out for the season. With the cute suit above still on my mind, I flipped through all the racks looking for anything vintage inspired when I came across this suit:

And I fell in love! It fits a lot more like the more expensive suit (this picture doesn’t do it justice). They didn’t have my size in the store so I tried on one size larger so I could be sure when I ordered my size online later. Best of all, JC Penney has free shipping to their store so I just have to swing by the store near me and pick it up when it comes in (Much better than paying their $8 standard shipping fee. Really JCP? Not cool). 

While I love that this look is both modest and cute, I wonder what beach-goers think when they see someone my age in a one-piece. It’s certainly not the norm. However, I’ve decided that modesty can be sexy so I’m going to rock it. Now if Summer could hurry up and get here, I’d have somewhere to wear it!

Tell me, what do you think of one-piece swimsuits?

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