Confessional Friday

Linking up with Leslie from A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Fridays.
I’ve got some doozies today…

I confess…

Sometimes I consider reserving a gmail with my future last name. No, I’m not engaged. No, I’m not crazy. But come on, it’s just out there waiting for someone to reserve it on gmail. I might as well, right? What’s the harm?

My skin is the worst it has been since high school. I’ve made some *ahem* medication changes and my skin is not used to it. How am I simultaneously getting wrinkles and pimples? Not fair, life. Not fair.

 This is the busiest week of work of the year for me. It’s also the most rewarding! I work with college students to help plan an event to raise money for the childhood cancer foundation I work for. They are doing an amazing job and raised $36,000 in 12 hours yesterday!

I think my Archie boy is perfection. But duh, you already knew that. I added lots of pictures of him to my blog facebook page. Head over there and check em out. “Like” the page, if you feel so inclined…

Yesterday I hit up Forever 21 and did a little damage. My main goal? Buy only things that were out of my comfort zone. No plain pocket tees. No “basics.” I’m pretty proud of myself for buying the sweater above. More of these finds to come next week!

I just found out that my comments have been set up wrong this whole time. No one has been getting an email from me when I respond to their comments on my blog. Sad face. I’ve changed it so expect me in your inbox more!

Happy Friday!


  • girl. I reserved my new gmail email the day after I got engaged. WHO KNOWS WHO ELSE IS OUT THERE WITH MY NEW NAME? (someone, apparently, because the first two I tried were already taken. WTF.)

    also, I stopped taking one of my *ahem* drugs for six months for the first time in 10 years (I know…) because of health insurance issues and my skin was the worst it’s been since puberty. thank GOD for Obamacare!

  • A friend of mine told me to get my new gmail the other day and my new name is taken in like EVERY variation hahaha oh well!! Love that sweater too btw 🙂

  • oh, i totally reserved my married name in gmail (well sorta, i did “hello” then my new name!) it’s not wrong, i say do it! although, i still haven’t made the switch to that email OR legally changed my name anywhere except for FB and the bank. oops! (we have a trip planned in may, and i’m waiting to change it until after due bc of my passport!)

  • I love this sweater.

  • AA

    Confession: I am jealous of your job! I work for a nonprofit as well, but it’s not very rewarding. My dream job is working for an organization that helps the sick or needy.

  • Awesome sweater! You’ll be able to style it so many different ways!

  • That’s totally not weird about the gmail – I want to reserve mine too! But I would be pretty embarrassed if John caught me because he would give me so much crap about it ha ha! Archie is so dang cute 😀 Kudos to you for shopping out of your comfort zone!! I try to do that.. but never do 🙁 I always panic and go for my usual staples.

  • I did it yesterday….she don’t tell anyone. He would die if he knew.
    But I don’t care. I will be proud of my new last name once it comes, and I want my email to match everything else! Love the sweater

    • And don’t think I didn’t notice those Anchor earrings!!!

  • wait wait, should I be starting a new gmail account with my future last name? this is the first that I have heard of this idea. and I love it

  • I can’t believe I never thought of the email address idea… shame on me and good for you. And LOVE your sweater!

  • Oh that’s a good idea about reserving a gmail. I think I need to do that!! I am in LOVE with that sweater, I might need to head to F21!! Have a great weekend 🙂

  • You are so adorable! I love that sweater! My skin was all weird a couple of months ago and it was really pissing me off. Thank God it cleared up and it normal again, wrinkles AND pimples? No thanks. Ever. Archie is adorable!

  • I’m engaged and I’ve been wanting to set up an email with my new last name too, but I just didn’t know if that’s allowed haha not like anyone would even know yet!
    And PLEASE tell me how I set up my comments to where you get an email when i respond, I have been trying to figure that out FOREVER now.
    Andddd I love that sweater. I’ve actually been stalking it on forever 21’s site, but I live in the south where I can’t justify buying myself a new sweater in march. boo.

    <3 danielle

  • I set up a new gmail account after we got engaged. Now that we’re married, I still use my old one! Oops.

    I feel like I’ll never stop breaking out… But Epiduo + Retin A = Amazing.

  • I feel you with the breakouts.. it’s miserable. I’ve never broken out this much in my life.. but I’m having some serious hormone changes with just having a baby.. blah hopefully it will clear up for all of us! Adorbs sweater, btw!


  • I love the gmail thing. I am so superstitious that I wouldn’t personally do it, but I totally get why someone would! And seriously, your sweater is so cute! I love that you specifically went there to get something out of your comfort zone… most times that’s when people look the best!

  • Adorable sweater! and I love your earrings too

  • Ok seriously it is crazy how much *that* medication affects my skin/moods/general well-being. I have tried 4 different formulations in the last 2 years, and only this last one leaves me feeling like an actual human being – don’t be afraid to try different kinds, and know that that tiny little pill is capable of doing wild things with your hormones that shouldn’t be ignored!

    Also, loving that sweater! You go girl for mixing it up in a fabulous way!

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