Confessional Friday

It's Hard To Blog When He Does This
What it’s like to blog with the neediest dog in the world

1 ||  N got home from work last night at almost 11pm. He had been gone since 8am. Now he’s gone again. He will also be working this Saturday and Sunday. He hasn’t complained once and is clearly killin’ it at work because he has already been recommended to be the lead on the project. I’m beyond proud of him. But I miss him, I really do.

2 ||  Recapping Downton Abbey with my male boss was one of the highlights of my week.

3 ||  I have never done a vlog because I’m terrified. I hate how my voice sounds and it feels so weird to be like “hey blog readers, I’m going to do a Q&A! Ask me questions!” Shifty eyes. Crickets. Awk.

4 ||  I think Archie thinks that because he never goes to the bathroom alone, that no one should. I have not gone to the loo alone in a year.

5 ||  I don’t go to the gym and I eat what I want. And because most days I’m fine with my weight, I see no real incentive to go to the gym or diet. I try to remind myself of the long-term health benefits (I want to live to be 100, after all) but that usually isn’t enough to get me to do much more than walk the dog. As I’m writing this I’m polishing off the last bite of an entire box of Kraft Mac and Cheese. You never have to worry about me posting Paleo recipes, I promise.

6 ||  In case you missed it, my word of the year is PIZZA.

7 ||  I have never done an ad sale before. I don’t plan to in the future. BUT if you use the promo code PIZZA, you get 25% off a Saturday Takeover post. Your post will go up Saturday morning and will stay up until I post on Monday (which, let’s face it, is never before 11am because I do not have my shit together). You can hop over to my advertise page and check it out, if you’d like.



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