Confessional Friday

I confess…
I am a little bit more than excited about how well received our link up was yesterday. Who knew a silly drinking game could be such a hit in blog land? I guess I should have known, actually. Winos.
Archie started intermediate dog class last night and I think it’s clear he’s not intermediate material.
I often wonder how appropriate it is to spoon with your dog on a nightly basis. I’m always big spoon, obviously.
Nav’s friend from college is getting married this summer and when we got the invitation yesterday and my name was on it too, I was inappropriately excited. Then I asked Nav if it was an open bar. I have my priorities in order, people.
I’m the most ticklish person you’ll ever meet. If you tickle me for more than 12 seconds, I snort laugh. It is not cute. I repeat. NOT CUTE.
I finally got the Mailbox app yesterday after waiting in “line” behind 500,000 people. It was really anticlimactic. Is that really all it does? What was all the hype about?
I read this article yesterday about what happens after you give birth. Guys, it terrified me. If you are pregnant for the first time, don’t read it. Obviously I’m not but there were so many things that I was like that happens?!?
Happy freakin Friday. I’m a little too excited about it.
Linking up with Leslie from A Blonde Ambition

  • Eekk Archie is the cutest dog. How could you not spoon with him every night?

  • The link-up yesterday was so fun! I’m lobbying for it being a semi-annual event 🙂

  • oh my…whyyyy did you post that article?! I never want to give birth hahaha and btw tell Archie to stop being such a cutie!

  • What an adorable pup!! Have a great weekend!

  • Yeah giving birth scares me half to death.
    I think the mailbox app is easier to organize once you get the hang of it. I much prefer it and think it is easier to get your inbox down to zero.
    I can’t believe how much your adorable dog-child has grown!!

  • a) we almost signed Charlie up for Advanced Basic but then decided it was too optimistic.
    b) the first time Jon got an invitation to something and I was named, I almost cried with happiness. but he did once get an invitation that had “plus one” and I almost cried with anger because we’d been dating for long enough and the friend sending the invitation knew us well enough that I felt I should have been named. obviously Jon thought I was overreacting… BOYS.

  • Fact – Archie, you are a cutie. Truth -That article scares the crap out of me. I already am unsure about having kids…that doesn’t help!

  • I think I’ve read that article (or one like it) and the more I learn about pregnancy (and what happens after), the less I ever want to have children. It’s disgusting what your body goes through! I guess that’s just a sign of how unprepared and immature I am haha. But I’m totally with ya – I wouldn’t want to read that article if I were preggers. I’d be like, “just take this thing outta me already.”

    -Frances @ Keynotes

  • oh my gosh, i totally snort laugh when anyone tickles me too. i haaaate it ugh. we took our one dog to a few training classes and he was doing well, but we got lazy. it’s hard to keep up with the training (hence our ill-trained dogs), so good luck! and have a great weekend dear!

  • it’s ok to spoon with your dog, but is it ok for my cat to lay on my face and like inside my nostrils? because I’m not ok with that and around 3-4am every day, it happens.

    open bar is always the best question to ask because of several reasons. main one being, do I need a clutch/purse big enough to fit mini bottles in or are we set?

    the link up did AWESOME and people are emailing me asking when we are doing it again! i’m so excited!

  • Have a great weekend. So glad the link up was a hit! I had fun participating. We all were secretly thinking back to our good ole drinkin days. I kept mine PG though, you’re welcome!

  • Okay, Archie is freaking adorable!!! I would want to spoon every night with him too!! Cutie pants!! I totally read that article…sounds so miserable ugh!! LOL

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  • That article made me cringe!!! Ugh, no thanks, that sounds like NO fun 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  • ha, okay that baby article terrified me and had me cracking up.

  • Ha Ha- I have 3 kids and TRUST ME when I tell you that pregnancy is not as glamorous as it may seem!!!
    Have a nice weekend friend!

  • I confess that I love your blog…lol and having spawning scares the shizz out of me too you are not alone lol

  • Haha, I just made my newly preggers best friend read that article last week! Yeah, maybe I’m not a very good friend lol!

  • Your dog is precious. I loved the Link Up yesterday… Keep it going! 🙂

  • hi! am a new follower from the bloglovin linky party….hope you can visit and follow back 🙂

  • I really love your blog. Interesting posts. Check me out if you like.

  • Lol so because you said not to read that article, of course that’s the first thing I did… I knew most of it so it wasn’t too scary, but yeah, I can’t believe all that will happen to me. No one ever talks about all that!!!

  • Girl I know what article you are talking about–one of my pregnant friends pinned it and I was all “HEY maybe this is something I should know for the future!” NO, the answer is NO–no one ever needs to know this, not ever!

  • And that is why I avoided reading stuff like that when I was pregnant! Lol. I didn’t even take birthing classes….I know myself too well. I would have just freaked myself out over things I couldn’t control anyway. In reality, birth was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be (and the nurses DID look at me weird when I said that).


  • Now that we have two dogs, I am the middle spoon, the older pug is the big spoon, and the new baby is the little spoon. And it is one big snore fest! haha

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