Coming Down with the Crazies

Have you ever just felt a bout of crazy coming?
Like you knew you were going to do something absurd but you haven’t quite yet?
I’m teetering on the edge. 
The looming quarter-century birthday is making me looney.
All you 30+ year olds, feel free to virtually smack me in the face.

Yesterday I got a parking ticket that I didn’t deserve.
I was parked in the morning, left for about an hour and a half, 
came back, let Archie out, and when I came back outside 
I had a ticket for overstaying the 2 hour limit.
I’ll fight it and win (because I wasn’t there for 2 hours and I have proof)
but I cried all the way to work none the less.

Going from Daytona to Snow was rough.
Then last night at 8pm my bold streak hit and I booked it to CVS.
Straight to the anti-aging cream aisle,
where I invested in an $18, super powerful retinol eye cream
(my second one this month). 
I came home, put it on, got in bed and cried for 15 minutes about my crows feet.
That I do. Not. Have. Yet.
Poor Nav didn’t know whether to try to take me seriously or laugh in my face.
He opted for sensitivity with under-his-breath chuckles.

Duh I bought store brand. 
I think I’m over-tired from my trip.
Getting sick.
My blood pressure has been super low which always makes me feel wonky.
Archie is being bratty at nights and we can’t figure out why.
And generally I am nervous/excited/scared for 
what the next 5-10 years has in store for me.

25 just feels big.
It feels like I should have accomplished something huge by now.
I’m happy with my life, so I’m not sure why I feel this way.
But the crazies have hit and maybe, just maybe, I’ll go with it.

Will it be bangs?
An exercise kick?
Impulse buying Rosetta Stone to learn Chinese?
D. All of the above?

At least someone is being a snuggle bug today.
Watch out world.

  • Um… I 100% hear you on this one. 25 didn’t freak me out too much. But 26 did… and today one of my co-workers reminded me that I’m going to be 27 soon. UGH. I know it’s not old… but I FEEL LIKE IT IS.

    And I also was sick last week and then went on vacation. So my emotions are all over the board. Driving home yesterday morning I BAWLED my eyes out about stuff at work that I imagined happening in my head.

    Hopefully I’ll end up just getting a hair cut for my “going crazy moment” instead of doing something REALLY drastic.

    • Thanks for making me feel a little better. I don’t know, something out not being in my “early 20’s” anymore is just really shocking and I look around and I’m like where did my first 1/4 of my life go!? I’m thankful to see that other people get emotional over small stuff too!

    • Yes! I’m totally freaking out about getting older. I think I’m going to be one of those people who have 5 29th birthdays.

  • Girl, I am right on the edge of crazy with you. Only, I’m not turning 25 soon (I wish!), I’m getting ready for a whole new decade. The one that starts with a 3… Which I’m happy for, don’t get me wrong! I’ll take any birthday over the alternative- It’s a privilege denied to many. But, I am officially on the hunt for some good anti-wrinkle cream after discovering some not-so-fine lines under my eyes last week. And don’t get me started with the “I should have accomplished something big by now!” feelings, lol!!

    As far as the bangs go? DO IT. I’d never had bangs before and about 3 weeks ago on one of those “verge of crazy” moments, I just went with it and ya’ know what? I freaking LOVE them. Just 2 tips : 1) If you decide to do it yourself, youtube some tutorials first. And 2) Cut em’ long so when that instant “omg what have I done!” shock sets in, you can pull ’em back with some bobby pins and pretend it never happened until the nausea wears off.


    • You are definitely right. Birthday’s are a privilege and I should remember to look at it that way. And you may be the only person encouraging me to get bangs. I’d never be brave enough to do it myself but I’d still worry that if I got them I’d hate them immediately. Your bangs on the other hand, they are adorable (instagram stalking!). Do they lay right by themselves or do you have to style them a ton?

    • Thanks, girl! Surprisingly (more like, SHOCKINGLY), they’ve been super-easy to style- Totally unlike the rest of my crazy hair. I blow dry them first, with the rest of my hair clipped back, on low while combing through with my fingers. Sometimes, when I finish drying/styling everything else, I have to use my flat iron on the ends if they’re sticking out funny.

      I was terrified that I would hate them, too – My mom actually told me “You’re going to HATE them!” when I called her with my idea. But the thing is, it’s HAIR. If you hate it, it’ll grow back. And until then, bobby pins and headbands will be your new best friends! Oh, and there’s always faux bang clip-ins if you wanna test it out first!

  • i hear ya! i’m turning 30 (THIRTY!) in april and i alternate b/t feeling like i have so much time for everything to i’m running out of time!!!! i don’t even use retinol regularly! ahh!!

    also about your pup it will pass! our pup is still a handful at 9 months, but he seems to have (mostly) outgrown his ‘terror hour’ as we call it. it would happen around 9 or 10pm every night. worst!

    • Tonight Archie’s terror hour has lasted all night. I thought he just needed exercise but after a long walk, he’s still a terror. And thank you for reassuring me that I’m not the only one alternating between feelings like a crazy person. I do the same thing where I’m like ahh so much will happen in the next 5 years and I’m excited and then not ready and then excited again. It’s maddness.

  • I turned 30 and now I get a new wrinkle every week. I drown in the anti-wrinkle cream and they dont even slow down 🙁

    • Well if you find a good one that works, let me know. Retinols are “proven” to work but it’s like, how can you even tell if they work? I really can’t. I think it’s more like a placebo lol.

  • 25 is definitely a milestone. Quarter century mark, here you come! But don’t worry too much. I am 30 (will be 31 in September) and am regularly told I don’t look at day over 23. This could have to do with my “young at heart” mentality, or the fact that thanks go genetics, I am aging with grace. 🙂 But in all reality, from the photos you have posted, you look young for being nearly 25, and I thought you were still a sweet college girl until I read your blog. Just remember, age is only a number, and we are each only as “old” as we feel. Some days I feel older than I am, when I want to just sip hot tea and read a book, and other days, while I am rocking out zumba dances, I am taken right back to my days as a high school cheerleader.

    • Well you certainly have the wisdom of someone much older than 30. Your comment was downright poetic. And you are right, you are only as old as you feel. I need to start acting like it!

  • its the full moon, i promise.

    • I’m really really hoping that you’re right.

  • I am turning 30 this year, ouchie! I freaked out when I turned 25 too. Just do us a favor and don’t go Britney Spears cray cray and shave your head, k?

    • I would not look good with a shaved head haha. And I’d only chop my hair if I could donate it and I read up on it today and it turns out, they won’t accept my dyed to death hair. Looks like it’s bangs or boring old long straight hair lol.

  • I had a case of the crazies at 22. My quarter life crisis if you will. I am now 30 and have to laugh at myself for being so freaked out about 22 but accepting 30. I mean what is that about? Anyway, don’t waste your time on wondering what you should be doing. I promise it isn’t worth it because nothing will work out how you think it will. And you know what, that will be okay. I promise! :):):)

    • I feel like I’m having a mental quarter life crisis but then not really doing anything too crazy (yet). I know life never goes the way you plan but I’m a planner and it’s so hard to accept that!

  • Hahaha, I just turned twenty-nine and feel ya. I started to feel like you around twenty-five, too. But no point in stressing now because in five years, you’ll back and miss twenty five anyways. We can worry when we’re older! And I LOL’d at the crows feet, Thank GOD I don’t have any lines or anything but I started getting regular facials and microderm EARLY, Just because I am (amost, GASP) thirty, doesn’t mean I want to look it!

    • Does microderm work well? Do you do it at the dermatologists office? I’d love to do something like that and I’ve heard chemical peels work well too, I just hate the sound of them.

  • Let me just say that, two years ago, when I turned 25, I tried to convince Ben that I needed to get my lips done. As in, pump them up with collagen. I’m serious. Don’t worry, it will pass. 🙂 My two years since 25 have been amazing and I’m sure yours will too!

    • You didn’t do it right? Cause from the looks of your pouty face on your button you don’t need it. At. All. I won’t go as far as plastic surgery (probably ever) but a hair change I could handle.

  • OH man, I can totally relate…some times I can just feel myself about to go crazy. Glad someone else knows that feels! My poor husband, ha!

    • I know, I feel so bad for Naveed. He had no sisters and very few girl cousins so he’s really not used to random crying or rollercoaster emotions. Poor guy.

  • Yep, I am with ya- I turn 25 in March! I will probably end up with bangs…

    • Aren’t bangs just the ultimate i-lost-my-mind-for-just-a-minute thing? 25 is rough and I’m not excited about it.

  • Nadine,

    I’ve been getting a lot of traffic from your blog lately, which is awesome, so I’ve been reading quite a bit more of your posts. This one, I just had to comment on. It’s so insane. I’m 25 (turned it in April) and I cry probably at LEAST every two weeks about the fact that “I am 25 and going nowhere in life and have nothing to show for myself” type thing. My boyfriend gets soooo aggravated with me, but still somehow loves me, too. Sometimes I cry several times a week because I just get so overwhelmed about everything. So, don’t worry. You are not the only one experiencing bouts of crazy. Late night visits to CVS hitting up the beauty aisle? Yup. That’s me. “Should I start buying stuff for anti-aging?” The good thing is, at the end of the day, we can just laugh about it. We are only 25, and if God wills it, we’ve got aways to go. So how ’bout we promise eachother to give ourselves a little bit more credit this coming week? After all, if worst comes to worst, we’ve both got animals to love us and snuggle with.

    Brani Laine
    That’s Just Lovely…

    • Your comment honestly made me take a nice, deep breath. I needed that. You’re right, we should give ourselves more credit and I need to start doing that. Tonight Archie isn’t being a cuddle bug, he’s being a super brat but he’s still my baby boy and he does make me feel better. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. It really made my day!

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