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ChristmasWishList2Christmas Wish List 2013

Doggie Bow Tie   //  The Shine Project Threads Everything Stack

Don’t you think Archie would look swell in a bow tie? And I’ve been eyeing this arm candy from The Shine Project for months now. I’d want the personalized bangle to haves something from Harry Potter like “Expecto Patronum” or “Mischief Managed”. Duh.

The Fault in Our Stars  //  Kiehl’s Lip Balm   //  Benefit They’re Real Mascara

I’ve heard some wonderful things about The Fault in Our Stars and it’s very fitting, as it has a childhood cancer storyline. The Kiehl’s lip balm I’ve wanted to try for like, ever. And the Benefit Mascara? Anyone who has tried it knows it’s the very best. I just can’t bring myself to pay $23 for it!

Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Large in Black  //  Proactiv+ System  //  Hand Made Harry Potter Shirt

I’ve wanted a Longchamp bag since forever but I’m cheap and won’t buy it. As I type this post I am sitting here with Ibuprofen capsule gel on a pimple on my face, trying to get the swelling down on a pimple I should not have because I am 25 years old. Stop it, skin. Just stop. I tried Proactiv as a teen and it didn’t work super well for me but Proactiv+ is all new and seems to be made more at adults. I’ll try anything at this point. Found this Harry Potter tee on Etsy and I’ve been in love ever since. Want. Need.

Go Jane Boots  //  The Happiness Project  //  Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum 

My current riding boots are on their last leg so I’d like to replace them with these. I’ve been wanting to read The Happiness Project since Bon raved about it. I think it’s just the pick me up I need right now. Last but not least, after much research on different anti-aging serums, I think Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair has the most rave reviews. If I start now, maybe I’ll age backwards or just never age at all!

Besides these, I’d be down for any oversized sweaters, a little house with a fenced in yard, or a sister for Archie. Gotta dream big!


Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to Chelsea from Life Unpublished. 


Chelsea lives in British Columbia, Canada with her long term love. She is a talented photographer and was bold enough to share with us four things that her and her beau disagree on. She has also shared 10 things she’s learned from living with a guy. I completely agree with #9! Want to learn more about Chelsea? Read her ABC’s of Me and then head over and follow her on Bloglovin.

  • Omg. It’s that time again. I mean naturally we are in November, but it just completely escaped me

    • Nadine

      My mom starts Christmas shopping absurdly early so I have to do my prep work well in advance. I’ve already done quite a bit of my own Christmas shopping!

  • I love those boots!! Also, I struggle with acne and started the regimen in August and my skin is completely clear now!! It has done amazing things for my skin!!

    • Nadine

      I’d never heard of that before. It looks pretty simple. Maybe I’ll try that instead.

  • All of Benefit’s mascaras are AMAZING. Totally worth the price! I’ve had The Happiness Project on my list for quite awhile, so it is staying on the list for this year.

    I need to get my post ready for my family. I plan to have it up next week, since they use it to shop by!

    • Nadine

      I’ve always wondered if their Bad Gal lash is as amazing as the They’re Real. I loved They’re Real but I’m always tempted by new drugstore mascaras. I got my post up extra early because my family shops way early.

  • Loving some of these! I’ve been wanting to read The Fault in Our Stars for quite some time, but just can’t bring myself to purchase it. I know it’ll make me cry and John Green is hit or miss for me. So, there’s that. Benefit They’re Real! Mascara is the BOMB. I’m a mascara junkie and it ranks in my top 5 for sure! I wouldn’t mind getting some for Christmas myself. I’m currently reading The Happiness Project and am enjoying. It’s definitely a pick me up, but it’s the sort of book you won’t enjoy to the fullest unless you’re looking to get something out of it.

  • I love your Christmas list! I definitely wouldn’t mind any of those things 😀

  • LOL, I have splurged on most of these things!
    The Benefit mascara, it’s unreal how amaze-balls it really is. The Fault in our Stars: rent it from the library! Free! It’s also a really great book! Longchamp bag: I just got it. Like two weeks ago, and it’s weird to say, but it’s life changing. It holds so much BUT it’s so light. Like you forget you are holding a bag!

    Hope you get all these goodies for Christmas!! They are fantastic!

  • You need to read The Fault in Our Stars! It’s amazing! And I want that Harry Potter sweater too. It’s perfect!

  • The Happiness project is SO good, I highly highly highly reccomend it! And Archie would be so handsome and adorable in that bow tie!

  • I just finished the fault in our stars. You can download it to your Kindle or Kindle iPhone app for 3.99 right now.

  • Love Benefits They’re Real! It is hard to cough up the money when I need a new one! I use it way longer than I should because I am cheap. I have had problems with break outs but have discovered that acne washes tend to really mess with my face and piss it off more than if I hadn’t used it at all. I found that spot treatments are great at preventing and getting rid of spots in a timely manner. I have been using Kate Somerville Anti-Bac Lotion on all the spots I tend to break out and it works wonders! Plus it is cheaper and less risky to buy the one product along with my usual face wash routine. One bottle lasts like 6 months so don’t let the price tag scare you. Also, yes to the boots and arm candy!

  • Love the Harry Potter shirt and The Fault In Our Stars!

  • Everytime you post something Harry Potter-esque, I am reminded of how we should most definitely be best friends. And also – Archie would most definitely look suave in a tie!

  • What an awesome list! I have been trying to get my hands on The Fault in Our Stars for so long, but I can never bring myself to buy it because I have so many other books on my shelf to read. Maybe I’ll add it to my Christmas list as well! I also love the Harry Potter shirt! So cute!

  • Benefit mascara is my favorite!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • i wouldn’t mind that boots!

  • Our Christmas wish lists look pretty darn similar! I’ve been wanting to read those books for a while now!

  • Dee

    I’m a huge Longchamp tote fan! I have a black le pliage and I use it everyday, everywhere even though I have other fancier bags. It’s just so comfy and easy to bring!

  • I love how you hint to N about a hous with a fenced in backyard for Archie. Quite clever! The Happiness Project was a Christmas gift to myself last year, I think you’ll enjoy the book! 🙂

  • The Fault in Our Stars is a amazing read, loved it totally.
    I’ve been eying The Happiness Project now, not sure if my local bookstore has it though.

  • Samantha

    I need to make a wish list. My “Santa” aka my husband is so clueless when it comes to gifts. Bless his heart but the man needs help. Love yours!

  • Awesome picks! TFIOS is such an amazing book! And I have been lusting over a Longchamp for years now. I’ve gotten a good amount of my shopping done already and I feel so accomplished!

  • Love the boots!

  • You go girl! I can never pick out wish lists because I never have any idea what I want!

  • I am dying over that HPot sweatshirt!

  • Just read The Fault in Our Stars and it’s FANTASTIC. I cried a lot. And I finally got a Longchamp while in France a couple months ago and literally use it everyday…best present ever. Excellent Christmas picks!

  • Benefit and Longchamp are on my lists too, for the exact same reasons. I caved and bought the travel version of the mascara for $10. That was probably a mistake. I just love it though! I had the Kiehl’s until the bf lost it. I might have cried or been irrationaly angry over this.

  • Definitely recommend The Happiness Project. I never finished it because I started it at a time where I was extremely busy, but I’ve been planning on getting back into it. I LOVED what I did get to read so far though!

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