Celeb Hair Chameleons

I once read that the most natural hair color on any person is the color their hair was at age 5. I was thinking a lot about hair color, as my roots are horrific right now and the dirty-blonde-maybe-brown-weird-ashy color is coming in. As I pulled at my part and wondered if I was starting to look Shakira circa 2001, I considered for a hot second trying to go back to my natural color. Then the voice loudly in my head: NOPE.
It takes a miracle to be one of those women who has the perfect skin tone to pull off any hair color. Skin tone that’s fair, not too pink, and eyebrows that are just enough but not too much and don’t look crazy when colored. Some celebrities change things up super frequently. And a couple of them are nailing it. Others…not so much.
Ashlee Simpson Hairstyles
Ashlee Simpson has been a hair chameleon since she dyed her own hair from blonde to black on The Ashlee Simpson Show. Did anyone else freaking love that show? Her first album pretty much defined Junior year of high school for me. On that note, I think today I’ll be re-listening to Autobiography today. The former Mrs. Pete Wentz (tear) pulls off all three hair colors but I prefer her blonde.
Emma Stone Hairstyles
Oh Emma Stone, my biggest girl crush and possibly the best hair chameleon. She pulls them all off so damn well you’d actually believe they were all her natural color. In fact, Gwen Stacy is pretty much the reason I got bangs (you know, the ones I now hate). Whether she changes it up for movie roles or herself, she rocks it. Homegirl is a natural blonde but I say her soul was meant to be a redhead.
Scarlett Johansson Hairstyles
Scar Jo is my least favorite of the bunch. I don’t know, something about divorcing Ryan Reynolds (…idiot) to date Sean Penn really put her on the dislike list for me. But girlfriend is pretty adventurous with her hair color. Weirdly, I don’t even know which I like. None, perhaps? The blonde has a slight edge but just barely.

Rachel McAdams Hairstyles

After Julia Roberts, Rachel McAdams really is America’s sweetheart, isn’t she? Except she’s Canadian. We still love her. Though she was perfection as blonde villain Regina George, she’ll aways be Noah’s Allie to me. Brunette for the win.

3 Hair Colors

And one who isn’t a celebrity….me. Two years ago, Fall got the best of me and I dyed my hair dark brown. Too fearful to dye my eyebrows, I left them dirty blonde and started filling them in. Still, it wasn’t a good look for me and I managed to deeply upset my mother, who freaked out when we lost each other in Target and she realized that she wasn’t finding me because she was looking for a blonde.

Just know that if you dye your hair a drastically different color, you’ll probably LOVE it for two weeks and then want to go back to normal. So there’s my warning to all of you who are pinning new hair colors like crazy right now and pondering a big change.

Let this post serve as a self-reminder. Nadine, being a brunette just isn’t for you.

p.s. Don’t get bangs.


Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to Belinda from Found Love, Now What.

Found Love, Now What

Though Belinda now lives in Wales with her husband, they did the long distance thing for years! And guess what? There were some perks. Now after living together for a little over a year, she has found some real life moments worthy of a romantic comedy. She also took a moment and made a few predictions about her life, 5 years from now. That 5 year plan doesn’t necessarily include moving back to the U.S. so we’ll be getting plenty more updates on her travel adventures around Europe. She had quite a few Ah-Ha Moments in Paris and you know what? I bet we’re in for a few more. Want to keep up with Belinda? Head over to her blog or follow her on bloglovin.

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