A Carnival and a Cupcake

This weekend was a really great one. The greatest in quite a long time. On Saturday, Naveed and I went to a local “Flower Market”. I assumed there would be lots of flowers. Turns out, it was a whole festival with about 3 tents of flowers and 5 tents of other cool stuff. There was also a full carnival complete with games, rides, and delicious food. 

Tents full of vendors selling cool stuff, including cupcakes!

Aren’t these the prettiest things you’ve ever seen?

I just couldn’t resist the Oreo one.

Totally. Worth. Every. Bite. 

The zipper is the site of one of my most traumatizing childhood memories. Props to Curt (my darling brother) for duking it out with me while I screamed my head off. Never. Again. On another note, these things are assembled in like a day. Too flimsy to be safe? I think so.

The beau and I tried to win a goldfish. With two college degrees (i.e. hundreds of games of beer pong) under our belts, we couldn’t win a single dang fish. Oh but the four year-old next to us got 3. Not fair.

Then he tried to win me a sweet stuffed lion or panda. Unfortunately, that was a no go. But he sure looked good trying!

Then he took an outfit pic for me:
Sunglasses: Target, $1 (dollar bin find!)
Necklace: San Francisco street vendor
Dress: Banana Republic Factory Store, gift from Mom
Shoes: Target, $15
Bag: Goodwill, $5

Overall, this weekend was a success. Aside from a strange cold/allergy sinus situation that called for Benadryl in the evenings (man that stuff is strong), I did so much! Next time there is a random festival in your area, I suggest checking it out. My expectations were low but with some beautiful weather we had a fantastic time (and admission was free!).

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

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