Bye-Bye Bank Account

Let’s be honest.
So, last night I went to Target and this happened:
And I’m not even sorry! I went in to buy face wash, face lotion, and chapstick.
Throw in a dress, some body wash, nail polish, more chapstick, a lip butter, 5 new pairs of undies, a dress, and some shoes….oops.
But check these out. Can you tell which is the knock off?
Left: Target, $19.99 in stores, Right: Steve Madden, $40+
Thanks, Target. You’re bad for my bank account but dang you have good stuff.

  • I can NEVER get out of Target without spending $50 at LEAST. Dang that store!! 🙂 But it’s so much fun!!

    • It’s a dangerous place. If I just went to Walmart instead of Target I would spend half as much money but I can’t bring myself to do it. I don’t want to say what my above total was 🙁

  • Oh, the power of Target! 🙂 Unfortunately, I’m finding more and more that their clothes do not work for me. 🙁 I need petite sizes, otherwise everything is too boxy, too long, too wide, etc. But I can get shoes, undies, books, PJs, and home stuff! So… I guess that will do!

    • I’m finding that these days when I try on juniors clothes the cut just doesn’t fit right. I’m like, did I really used to wear my jeans this low? I do think their sizing is a bit off because I’m generally a small and occasionally a medium if I want a looser fit and in Merona etc. I’m an extra small.

  • Mercy, I wish I had gobs of $$$ when I go to Target. I love that store! The clothes, the shoes, the accessories, the home decor! Such a fun place to kick around.

    • That’s the problem! Every department is good. They do everything well. I come out of target every single time with things I didn’t know I even needed.

  • Hahahaha!! I have the same problem at Target! I love that place and hate it at the same time, lol! Cute purchases 🙂

    • It’s love hate for me too. You can find some amazing deals there though. It’s just that you get the amazing deal plus $80 worth of stuff you don’t need haha.

  • I went to Target the other day for cotton balls and walked out spending over $30…I’ll let you decide if I got super expensive cotton balls or I got a bit carried away…. haha. Love the dress!

  • This happens to me every. single. time. But it’s always so worth it!

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