Bye-Bye Back East Blonde


Wait, don’t leave! You’re totally in the right place.

Name Change

East &

I’ve talked about changing my blog name and re-branding for what feels like forever. So I finally did it. And here we are!


East &. The new blog name. I know what you’re thinking, East & What, Nadine? The & needs to be followed by something! Or does it?

As I started brainstorming new blog names, I knew I wanted to keep some element the same. I really like the word East because it’s a nod to where I live but it is also something I wanted for so long. Before I left California, I dreamed of building my life on the east coast. When I packed up everything I owned into the trunk of my car, I had no plan. It was just East &….well, everything. And it has been everything.

I could have named this blog East & Life, East & Archie (you guys, it was so tempting), East & Now What, East &…Everything. The more I said it, the more it was just East &. It’s everything that happened after I came East. I swear, it sounds weird and funny the first 10 times you say it but after that, it grows on you.

In other news, I CAN DYE MY HAIR ANY COLOR NOW! I won’t. But I totally could.

Who Did All This

What would I do without the beautiful and talented Lisette? Lisette from Northern Belle Diaries and High Note Designs has been my WordPress guru since she transferred me from Blogger to WordPress last October (she has two packages to help you make the move, if you’re considering it). Since then, we’ve talked almost every day and she has truly become one of my closest friends.

Lisette designed and developed this beautiful WordPress blog. It’s responsive (i.e. it will still look pretty on your phone) and uses the Genesis framework (<- both things I would not know without Lisette in my life). She’s a talented coder and see that pretty “East” in the logo? That’s her handwriting. This whole process has been so much fun and it’s been amazing to do it with one of my closest friends.

Thank you, Lisette!

social media

Here are links to my social media accounts. If you followed me before, you still do. If you didn’t, how ’bout you do that now?

Twitter – @eastandblog (Pick this one! It’s my favorite!)

Instagram – @eastandblog

Pinterest – East&

Facebook – Meh. Facebook is a work in progress cause they’re real picky about pages and it takes 14 days to process. You can still find me here.

what now

Well, not much. After this post, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming. Does a rebrand technically mean you’ll be writing about different stuff? Yes? Oh, well it’s not that. I’ll still be rambling about the same stuff and making nonsense lists and posting too many pictures of Archie. I promise.

Now that we’ve got that settled, want to help me get the word out?

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Thanks for sticking with me. You guys are the best.

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