A bumpy start to the week

Have you heard of Mary Kay? I’m sure you have, they’ve been around for years are are sold through catalogs and home parties. Well last week my roommate had a Mary Kay spa party at our house and we all did makeovers using the various Mary Kay products. For the first time in years, I applied liquid foundation (this one) to my entire face.

While I did like some of the products, it wasn’t love and I did not purchase anything. I will say that the lip glosses were really nice and one color looked great on both of my roommates. After the party ended, I washed my face and didn’t think much more about it. Until….

The next morning, spots began to appear. Were they pimples? Were they rosacea bumps? Was it a rash? It got continuously worse until Monday morning, when my entire face was covered in tiny bumps. The skin along my jaw was itchy and some of the maybe pimples turned into definitely pimples. The rest were still unknowns.

Since nothing else in my routine changed, I’d have to say the Mary Kay products were the culprit. Still, I wanted to like the products and am disappointed that I had such a bad reaction. After a $50 trip to the dermatologist, I have a new cream and an antibiotic. Every ones skin is different and I know lots of women who love Mary Kay products. They were even nice to use, they just aren’t for me.

Have you ever had a horrible reaction to a makeup product?
Any home remedy suggestions to get skin to calm down?

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