Boys are Yucky

After my beau wrote such a sweet post the other day about living with me, 
I’ve decided to do the opposite and out him on the internet for being yucky.
Ha, he thought he could get away with so much after such a mushy post.
Not gonna happen, buddy.
Let’s get started.

Can anyone tell me the proper place to put an empty orange juice container?
You in the back. 
The recycling?
Psshh paa-leeze.
In our house, we keep them right next to our nightstand.
In the bedroom.

Should I note that he never once poured this OJ in a glass?
Not once.
Straight out of the bottle.

Moving on.
This happens on the REG:

Leaving the toilet seat up?
Doesn’t bother me.
Re. Place. The. T. P.
Thank you very much.

And now, for the man cave.
Let’s take a peek, shall we?

There are no words. 
In my head, a man cave was for football and, 
I don’t know,
man stuff.
But evidently that lovely second bedroom [we pay for] is actually 
a storage area and a way to get out of putting the laundry away.
See that pile on the futon? Clean, people. Totally clean.
Who needs a dresser when you can just drape everything over your furniture?

 And last but not least:

His job = dishes.
My job = laundry.
Interestingly enough, there is clean laundry in the picture above.
So who is doing their job and who isn’t?
We’ll leave it at that.

All kidding aside (and dang, he’s a good sport),
living with this guy has been everything I hoped it would be.
It feels normal and wonderful and really,
he’s just my favorite person.
Why wouldn’t I want to come home and see this face?

I’ll stop now, really.
I swore I’d never be one of those girls who only talked about her boyfriend.
Yet here I am, blabbering away.
But really, he deserves it.
I know, vomit.


  • Hahaha that’s hilarious. We have a finished basement in our house and that is the man cave. I almost never go down there but when I do, there’s almost always piles of laundry on the couch. The dish situation though? That’s mostly my fault. Oh and your bf is so cute!!

    • Aww thank you. Yeah the man cave is just off limits for me, simply because I know that if I go in there it will drive me crazy. I even fold the laundry and lay out his dress shirts to be hung up and they just sit there on the futon all week. Ahhh!

  • ugh men. My boyfriend is the same and it drives me insane because I swear I’m borderline OCD.

    • I can’t say I’m super clean myself but I do try to put my laundry away all the time. Maybe it’s because I have to see what I have clean to pick out good outfits haha.

  • This makes me so glad to know that I’m not the only one dating a bit of a slob.

    While I don’t live with my boyfriend, I tend to stay with him on the weekends. His OJ never touches a glass. And when I open the fridge, there are empty things everywhere. And his dirty clothes are scattered throughout the entire apartment.

    It drives me crazy. CRAZY I TELL YOU!
    Why do most boys seem to lack the genetic makeup to be clean?

    • Ew, the fridge was definitely the worst when I moved in. So many expired products! It was just yucky.

  • Hahaha so true. The toilet paper thing drives me crazy!!

    • Right? I cannot get over the fact that he doesn’t think to get a new one. Sometimes he’ll get the new one and leave it on the back of the toilet tank. I’m like hello! It takes 2 seconds to put it back on the roll. Boys.

  • I have no idea how I popped over to your blog but y’all are SO cute! Love your post and his post. Although – I will say, I tend to do what your beau does & we fold up all the clean laundry but it sits on the couches until we need to wear it hahaha!

    • Haha I could never find my clothes if I left them out! Fortunately I hang almost everything so I like to see it so I can pick my outfits.

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