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This page is where I’ve compiled all of my posts about blogging as well as other resources that have helped me grow and monetize my blog. If this page helps you, please pin it using the PIN IT button at the bottom of this post or click HERE.

The Ultimate Blogging Resource List - Monetization, Affiliate Programs, Sponsorship, WordPress, Hosting and MORE! | #blogging #bloggingtips #blog

Read These First

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Communication and Promotion

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Blogging is Funny

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The Personal Side of Personal Blogging

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Hosting Information

When I first transferred from Blogger to WordPress, I chose Bluehost as my hosting company. Six months later, due to lots of down time and unreliability, I left. Now I use A Small Orange, a smaller company that offers “a refreshingly different approach to web-hosting.” I love them.

Great Stuff I’ve Found

My Blogging Resources board on Pinterest is my most carefully curated board. I only pin articles I find helpful and that actually link to quality content. Check it out and follow me.

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My WordPress Guru

Lisette from High Note Designs transferred my blog from Blogger to WordPress. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has continued to be my WordPress guru and answers tons of questions from me all the time. She offers two Blogger to WordPress migration packages as well as design services and blog consultation.

Blogging Groups + Sponsored Posts

Social Spark – You have a good chance of getting in to this as a smaller blogger. I like Social Spark because when you log in, on the dashboard there will be a list of “leads” i.e. potential offers from companies. You can click “I’m interested” to let Social Spark know it’s something that fits with you/your blog or you can click “negotiate” if the offered payment for the post is not what you are looking for.

HERE is an example of a post I’ve done for Social Spark

Social Fabric – Social fabric sends out emails with “shoppertunities” for you to go buy a product, test it, and write a post about it. Payments are usually around $125-$150 per post. Additionally, they usually require a certain number of shares to social media.

HERE is an example of a post I’ve done for Social Fabric.

Pollinate Media Group – This one is harder to get in to and honestly, though I was approved and am a member of Pollinate, I’ve applied for a couple of programs with them and have never been chosen. They require 20,000 page views per month before you can apply to be a part of Pollinate. You can apply here.

Once you are accepted, they send emails every couple days with available campaigns. If you are interested, you apply via a google doc form. In the form you have to “pitch” the blog post you’re going to write. This is hard for me because you really have to think out the whole post and put a unique spin on it to get chosen. If you do get picked, they pay about $150 per post.

BlogHer – Possibly the most exclusive amongst these, BlogHer is great to be a part of. It took me over a year to get in to BlogHer and they now deliver my above the fold ads. For more information about BlogHer, check out Lisette’s post – Is BlogHer Really Worth It? Spoiler alert: Yes.

Other Ways to Make Money

Google Adsense – I wish I had discovered Google Adsense sooner. Yes, ads are ugly but they DO make money. The downside of Adsense is that earnings are very up and down because they are based on clicks. One day I could make $4 and the next I could make $50. It’s that drastic. You have to apply to be able to put Google Adsense ads on your site. I’ve heard of other bloggers having trouble getting approved but I didn’t have any issues. You can re-apply if they don’t approve you the first time.

Amazon Affiliates – I love Amazon and as a Prime member, we use it constantly. When I suggest products on my blog and the product is something that I would buy from Amazon, I provide an affiliate link. This means that I make a teeny tiny percentage of those sales on Amazon. What’s cool about this program is that, with the help of cookies, if the person buys anything on Amazon within 24 hours of clicking your affiliate link, you get credit for the sale.

Reward Style – Lots of bloggers (particularly beauty and fashion bloggers) have success with Reward Style. I use this occasionally if I’m including beauty products in a post. Complete honesty – I’ve made almost nothing from Reward Style.

Feel free to send over any  other blogging questions to I love chatting about blogging!

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