And Then I Threw A First World Fit

I think we’ve all heard of the phrase “first world problems.”
But what happens when you take that to a whole new level?
Let’s call it a 
First World Fit
We’ve all had them. Don’t pretend like you haven’t. 
That moment when something you are so privileged to do/have/be just throws you over the edge.
Some examples include:
The wifi isn’t as strong in the back of your house and your Apple TV gives you a “loading” while watching House of Cards on Netflix.
Throw a fit.

The lights aren’t bright enough to take a picture of yourself without a flash.

Your order from Amazon Prime gets to you in 3 days, not 2. 

You receive a notification that you’ve used 75% of your data for the month, while trying to check your twitter at a red light.

Note: All examples are real and probably happened in the last 48 hours.

Sure, the world might be full of starving children, unclean water, global warming and tons of other bad stuff. But YOU now have to control the amount of tweeting that you do on your phone! 
There you have it. I invented a new thing.
So next time you lose your shit over something you are clearly privileged to lose your shit over, pat yourself on the back because you just had a 
First World Fit
Now don’t you dare tell me you’ve never done it.
What did you totally lose it over?
Leave a comment with you best (worst?) moment.

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