Am I A Future Stay At Home Mom?

future stay at home mom

I never thought I would stay at home with my children. In fact, I think there were lots of times that I judged women for doing so. Didn’t they want to do more? How could they be so dependent on a man? What do they do with all of that free time? A few years ago, I got swept up into blog-land.

And just like that, my whole opinion changed.

I think the first blog I found from a stay at home Mom was Little Miss Momma. I love how Ashley is so honest about the challenges of pregnancy and parenting. She boldly shared her experiences and I’m forever grateful. Since then I’ve found so many women who I admire who are stay at home Mom’s.

I love kids. I really do. I want them. At least 3 (I say that now, when I haven’t birthed one). I see why staying at home could really benefit children. So the more time passes, the more I kind of hope that maybe being a stay at home Mom is somewhere in my future. Just for a few years. Maybe when they’re little. Or that I’d at least get the opportunity to work from home.

I recently watched Mona Lisa Smile.

If you’ve ever seen it, it does a great job of addressing the pressures on women in the early 50’s. The women are in college to get their Mrs. degrees (haven’t heard that expression? They’re husband hunting). Basically these highly intelligent and educated women wind up doing very little with their degrees. And the one liberal teacher (the always beautiful Julia Roberts) wants more for them, but also judges them for it. It’s on Netflix, and I highly recommend you give it a watch.

Sometime after that, things swung in the other direction. Women in the workplace benefitted. Were taken more seriously. Some broke the glass ceiling. It was a great thing.

But I think somewhere along the way, there became kind of a stigma about staying at home with the kids. Like it was some crazy, anit-feminist act. As if making the choice to stay home went against everything that a real woman should stand for and everything the women before you had worked for.
I didn’t know one woman in college who intended to be a stay at home mom. We never brought it up, in all the time so many of my friends and I talked about careers. It was taboo. But maybe that was just my California liberal education.

Well here it is, folks: I’d consider being a stay at home Mom. I wouldn’t be wasting my college education. Or ruining my career. I’d be making a choice.

What choice did you make? Are you a stay at home Mom?
Do you want to be one someday?

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