What We Almost Named Archie


I was looking through the notes in my phone recently (to find long lost blog post ideas) and came across this list.

dog names

N and I did not agree on names. At all. In the name game, I usually opt for something that sounds “old” (Walter and Barnaby were two of my picks above). We struggled for months to find a name we could both feel good about.

Right there is the list of all the names we were considering. It’s funny because we chose the name Archie because we liked it. In the back of my mind, it sort of reminded me of comics. We didn’t realize that most people over 50 would hear the name Archie and think he was named after Archie Bunker from All in the Family.

I’ve never watched All in the Family but I hear that Archie Bunker was somehow both an endearing character and a racist – two things that I’m certain don’t go together.

N wanted to name Archie “Foster” after Arian Foster, a football player for the Houston Texans (No, we aren’t Texans fans. Arian is apparently just a pretty cool person). I shot that down real fast. My defense – How many people named their dog Vick after Michael Vick? See how that turned out.

Archie Laying Down

I was pretty stuck on Barnaby. I stand by that fact that I think it would have been cute but it was a little long. Barnaby’s is the name of the bar that N and I used to frequent and happens to be the site of our first drunken makeout (more on how we started dating here). It’s sentimental! It’s romantic! [read that post to find out why it’s actually not romantic at all]

Let it also be known that N shot down every Harry Potter related name that I proposed. Archie’s name could have been Neville! He would have been a fabulous Neville!

And in case you missed it on Instagram (head over there and follow me, will ya?) I really went all out with my nerd style yesterday:

Fandom Outfit

Some days you just feel cooler than others. I was a little disappointed while wearing this shirt because 1. our intern at work asked what the symbol on my shirt meant (WHAT?! fired, fired fired) and 2. no one stopped me to tell my how cool my shirt was.

Can we just imagine how awesome I would have looked, wearing this and walking my dog Neville?

Got off track there for a minute. But it was fun to stumble upon this note in my phone and wonder what life would be like if our Archie was named Dash or Sherlock instead.



Edit: I moved hosting services and this post was reverted to draft and had to be republished. I lost the comments but they are still in my email so I’ll get to answering them! Thanks for your patience.

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