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Sometimes people “confess” things on their blogs that are absolutely not confessions. It’s like yeah, duh, everyone else does that too. Or, oh you bake too much? Terrible. Here are actual confessions that I probably shouldn’t put out there but am going to anyway.

1. I want to be engaged but I’m not. Yeah sure, blah blah blah don’t rush it. I could try to tell you I’m one of those super cool girlfriends who doesn’t think about that sort of thing but that’d be the biggest lie I’d ever tell.

2. I feel like life has stalled sometimes. We’re in between the college age and the married with kids age. I still haven’t figured out what you’re supposed to do in this time period if you’ve already met “the guy” and you have settled in to living suburban life together. Live in the moment? I’m trying. I really am.

3. Archie is the neediest dog I have ever met. I love him, sometimes it’s just like, dude, stop being so desperate. I frequently work from home and my couch is my home office. It’s cute but wildly irritating when he uses his nose to push away my hand from my keyboard. Last night I was rudely awakened by my 50 pound dog sitting on my face. Oh sure, just curl up right there, I don’t mind at all. He must be as close to us as possible at all times. I have forgotten what personal space feels like. See above photo.

4. There is milk that is a month past the expiration date in my fridge. It will probably stay that for a good while longer. I also have flowers that died four weeks ago on my dining room table.

5. Since we moved to a smaller apartment, I can’t figure out if we have become bigger slobs or there is just less space and so it subsequently looks more cluttered. It’s also a completely generic apartment and I have not hung a single thing on the walls of our bedroom. Pottery barn we are not.

6. I have a pimple right above my lip and for the past two days I have been paranoid that people think it’s herpes. Every time someone so much as glances down I want to scream “it’s just a poorly located pimple!”

And now that I said herpes in a blog post, I think that’s my cue to go.

Happy Friday, people. We’ve been waiting all week for this.

  • I agree about that awkward stage. What are we supposed to do? Blahh

  • you are so funny. and these are some confessions 🙂 i think being in between life stages is hard. and i take forever to get rid of flowers. old milk though – you should dump that out 🙂

    • Nadine

      I totally should but at this point it’s like N and I are seeing who can ignore it for longer. It’s a disgusting game.

  • I may or may not have left the birthday flowers from Sean out a bit past their life span as well 🙂

  • Erin

    This was such a refreshing confessions post. You were so honest and that is awesome. I know the feeling of your fist post so much. My boyfriend finally proposed to me this October after 8.5 years of dating. Needless to say I was feeling a bit worried, upset, anxious about it. I know people say to rush it and it doesn’t help but when he did finally do it is true! I pushed a bit for it to happen but i’m glad in hindsight that I let it be a surprise. It is so much more exciting when the timing comes from them and it is genuine. When it happens you will wonder why you were anxious at all! I have no doubt that you will be next 🙂 No rush and enjoy that stifling fur baby haha.

    • Nadine

      I definitely want it to be a surprise! It just is something that I think about and it’s something we talk about. We’ve been together for nearly 3 years and have lived together for over a year. I know it’s what is next but sometimes I get anxious about it.

  • point well made, sister! point well made.

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one with expired food (or last week’s leftovers) sitting in my fridge or dead roses sitting on my dining room table from three weeks ago. Archie is precious!

  • Our dogs are needy too. Sometimes I’m just like brah, get outta my face!

    • Nadine

      Right? I adore him, I really do. But like, he completely disregards my personal space. It’s like he has no clue that he is a full grown dog. It’s our fault, we let him think that!

  • You want to talk about feeling stalled? I still haven’t met “the guy”, have no idea where I’ll ever meet him since I live in a new(ish) city (moved here a year ago) with no friends or family. I have the degrees and the job but life is just sort of like “Um.. okay? What do I do now??” Also, I hate how generic my apartment feels. I’ve been here over a year and while I’ve put things up and decorated, it’s still so blah to me.

    • Nadine

      You are in the exact position I was in three years ago. And then I met N. It’ll happen! I was totally clueless about how I was going to make friends, let alone meet a guy! It’ll happen 🙂

  • TK

    I understand your first point. I try not to talk about it too much, but I am defiantly at a point in my relationship that I’m ready to be engaged. I don’t talk about it because I want my boyfriend to come that realization on his own. I don’t mind waiting. He deserves to decide who and what he wants for his life in his own time.

  • Love this!! I always think the same thing when I get a pimple around my lip area:) I know you probably hear this all the time, but being 30 and married now, enjoy this in between time. It can be frustrating and confusing at times, but you will look back on it fondly:)

  • OK, the herpes thing made me laugh and I completely forgot what I was going to comment about before. Ah, yes….the “in between” phase thing. We were there for awhile, and it is a strange place to be. All of our friends were still single and living in Dallas and partying all the time, and we were in suburbia just going out for dinner and drinks and getting home before midnight most weekends. I will say this: ENJOY IT! Because now, our life is consumed with all things baby and we will never again be able to lay on the couch watching LOST for eight hours straight with no other responsibilities. Soak it up, girlfriend.

  • Love this! Thanks for the chuckle and honesty! Love your blog!

  • I respect this so much. Loved the confessions.

  • I love that you shared a confession that is actually…you know a confession! I agree that the time between getting married and college (well vice versa) is sort of an awkward time. I’m not in that phase of my life yet but I will be soon and I know I will feel sort of stir crazy.

    Also I don’t always get acne but whenever I get a zit it’s near my mouth and I am always freaked out people think I have herpes!

  • Have I ever told you that you’re one of my favorite bloggers? Well, you are. Haha. Number one is my not-so-secret confession as well. And I read a comment you posted about how you and N are just battling it out to see who can ignore it longer…that’s me and my roommate with our bathroom trash…haha.

  • I’m in a different awkward in-between stage -the stage where you’re now married but not quite ready for kids yet even though all your friends that are married have kids or are currently pregnant. I’ve come to believe life is just one big string of awkward stages and the real kicker is, once you feel like you’ve conquered a stage and no longer feel awkward, you’re thrust into the next one.

    Also, I’ve been in our apartment for 2 years and haven’t put a single thing on the bedroom walls. In fact, the only thing on any of our walls is photos of my husband’s family because he put them up before I even moved in. You’re not alone. 🙂

  • I’m married, but still in that “in between” stage. We don’t have kids and don’t want any for a couple of years. Before I know it, I’ll be 30 lol.

    I had a bad habit of that… leaving outdated milk n the fridge and dead flowers on the counters.

  • All of these- YES real confessions. I love this. Number one makes me happy. I feel like people aren’t real about this ever. Just be honest!

  • Ola

    I don’t like the new flat (apartment) my boyfriend and I moved into and I feel like slapping anyone who tried to convince me that it’s nice. Especially the boyfriend’s mum. Does this make me a bad person? Why won’t people just let me NOT put a good spin on things? Arghhhh.

    Yes, I know it doesn’t have much to do with your post, but it felt like a good place to vent this frustration – I hope you don’t mind 😉 x

  • This is awesome – because I hate it when people write confessions that aren’t real confessions. I love that you want to be so real and honest on your blog. It’s why I keep coming back. 🙂

  • I’m in that in between phase too… I mean we are about to buy a house together but we aren’t engaged? Makes little sense but I try not to “push the issue” because it will happen “soon enough” or my favorite, “when I least expect it.”

    But I’m guessing your supposed to do just whatever the heck you want with this time in your life. Travel, maybe?

  • Love #4 and #5. I take forever to get rid of flowers too. I just don’t notice things like that. And I don’t decorate either! At all. I thought I was the only one! Then I like to go to my friends’ houses and count the number of decorative cats, etc., for fun.

  • Love how real all of these are…number one is one that so many people can relate to and just won’t admit it! And I too have a problem with leaving out dead flowers…I moved in with my boyfriend in August but the roses he gave me for Valentine’s Day may or may not still be on a shelf in my old bedroom at my parent’s house…oops.

  • Our pup, Deacon, is just as desperate. Bless his little heart — we’ve been working with a trainer who says he has some severe anxiety issues. Slowly, he is starting to change a bit, but it is taking so much time and work. He has this constant need to be right on top of you at all times. Lucky for us, he is only about 14 lbs. — so, I guess it isn’t quite as bad as your needy pup! 🙂

    Happy Friday!

  • Oh man, I totally agree about the awkward stage! I’m married without kids and it just feels like we should be doing something… haha

  • Your dog reminds me of one of my mine. She takes her snout and shoves the laptop out of your lap. She’s going to be homeless if it ever flies to the ground and breaks. She also takes her snout under your phone and flings it upwards so hard that the phone goes flying out of your hand. She seriously hates for anyone to have attention other than herself. My husband and I hugging? Forget it, she’s trying to get in between us. The best way to get her to come to you? Just call my other dogs name. Jealous Jerry comes running for sure!

  • #1 – that is so me, along with #2. What do I do? Do I just sit here and just wait? I guess.

    I love this post!

  • Your going to hate me because I just got engaged, but I totally know how you feel. The past year (more like 2) I was sitting in that limbo watching everyone else move on with their lives thinking what the heck!! I really tried to hide it most of the time, but I was still pretty miserable about it. I swear it’s like mental/emotional torture, there was alot of shower crying. I can’t really say anything but at least you arent the only one!

  • Dude. I TOTALLY have a pimple on the edge of my lip. Haha. I also wondered if people thought it was a cold sore, etc.

    And I totally understand about where you are in life. While I’m married, we don’t have kids. It’s a little weird knowing that we’re in the inbetweens of life stages.

  • My cat does that…I don’t understand it. Between the cat and my daughter sometimes I just hide in the bathroom. Yep. Confessions of a great mother right there.

  • I sometimes think about it being awkward and in-between, but I just kind of remind myself that this is probably one of the best times… we have money and we can spend said money on frivolous things; we can travel (mostly) when and where we want to; we can make job or live decisions without the repercussions being huge… tryna live in it, ya know?!

  • Oh man, I LOVED reading this! Totally resonate with most of them. Life is a constant bunch of questions about where we are in life, comparing ourselves to others and trying to do what we think is right. In the last year, so many things have changed and I’ve started thinking less about how others think and feel and more about me. You’ll hang something when you get the urge, you’ll throw out the milk when you can be bothered lol Live it up! BT x

  • Thanks for reminding me there is expired orange juice sitting in my fridge…

  • These are some great confessions that I can relate to. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4 years and there’s definitely a feeling of when are we FINALLY going to be engaged. Some days I wish we would just be engaged but most of the time I feel like it doesn’t matter because I know in my heart we’re going to be together forever so it’s really just a ring and a ceremony that’s going to make it official. But here I am watching David Tutera with my bf so no pressure or anything. Oh, and speaking of pressure, I wish friends would stop asking me when I’m going to get married and who’s going to be my bridesmaids. You’ll know when I know people lol.

  • I want so badly to be engaged. I have been waiting and I know it’ll happen. We’re not in a place right now where it’s possible. I try to be patient but it is so hard.

  • You should probably deal with that milk and those flowers. Right now!
    That milk is going to smell so bad when you get to it, so better get it over with.

  • HAHA I love your pimple comment. And Archie is so cute!!

  • Milk is not something that ever goes bad in my fridge because I drink milk like crazy, but there have been times when I’ve found something at the back of the fridge that has been there way past its prime. It happens. This is such a great post, though. Maybe I’ll go post some confessions now. 🙂

  • yes to all of this… could easily be a page out of my diary! Living the now is HARD. I routinely want to torch EVERYTHING in our 900 sq foot “townhouse” (cardboard box is another way to describe it). Along with shaving my head and burning my bras… truth serum.

    Enter my current giveaway!

  • I HATE pimples . They’re a bloddy problem with a solution nowhere (maybe at a medication center but eventually , it’s just a simple pimple)

  • I’m in that awkward stage too. I’m a newlywed with two dogs and I’m not quite ready to have babies yet. My parents so badly want grandkids!

  • I love that you admit that you want to be engaged! Hopefully he gets the hint soon….. Christmas is next month!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • I am so with you on number one – I want to get married so dang bad but I am trying to hard to be patient. But I don’t want to be patient! Ha ha. I also know what you mean about number two, life being stalled. I guess you just have to take each day as it comes and try to enjoy it 🙂 I hate when I get pimples right by my lips! Ugh.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  • I was the same way with my engagement, I obsessed over it. I know you hate hearing “don’t rush it” but from a girl who did, it just wasn’t exciting, because I feel like I pressured him in to asking and not letting him do it on his own. I do hope it happens for you soon!

    p.s. I feel you on the needy dog syndrome, nothing drives me more nuts than the pushy nose phase, my two are such little buggers like that!

  • The under the nose and on the lip line ones are the absolute worst! That pic of Archie and you is utterly adorable though I get it. My one cat is the same way. She needs to be near or on me at all times.

  • I’ve been in that awkward stage for 12 years. Except without the guy. I feel like everyone is progressing except for me.

    And I just threw my old milk away last night. When I realized it was causing the smell in the fridge, I knew it was finally time.

  • Goldens are the neediest! They really are! Huck is the same way as Archie…never loved an irritating being so much! 😉

  • Bahahahah… 6 is awesome… I’ve had that happen before, too!

  • This post was wonderful. I found your blog somehow through my daily reads and links in a million other blogs (aka I have no idea how I got here), but I’m glad that I did! It’s like when you get lost on the highway and end up on Coney Island – you’re scared as all hell but ooo there’s cotton candy and I’m never leaving. A happy accident indeed.
    Now that I’ve officially exposed my flavor of weird, I’ll say that I feel like we have such similar thoughts based on this post. I mean that as a compliment, I swear. The feeling like life is at a stand-still? Me for like the past 4 months. Lack of what my mother would call “tidiness”? I just tossed a carton of milk with September 29th on it, I should get some kind of award or maybe they should condemn my fridge:\ & well, the smaller the space, the bigger the reason to have all my stuff all over it. I find new places to stuff unnecessary things everyday.
    I’ve just written a book of a comment on your blog and you don’t even know me. Again, my weirdness is showing.
    Love your blog!

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