8 Steps to the Perfect Flying Experience

I’m literally the last person on earth who should be writing a post about how to fly. Why? Because I hate flying. Hate it. It is my absolute biggest fear.

I am the only person at the airport who loves the security line. Take all the time you need TSA, and thanks for keeping us safe. Plus a little part of me always feels a bit devious when I take my shoes off and walk around barefoot in a public place.

But back to flying. Due to my fears, I’ve become obsessive in this department and are therefore the most prepared any traveler has ever been. Ever.

So take it from me, the expert over-thinker on the issue. Here are my top flying tips:
1. You’re jetsetting. Feel fabulous. I always get a manicure and pedicure before flying. It brings out my inner Sasha Fierce. And we all know Sasha is too Fierce to be scared of flying.

For my recent trip to San Francisco, I chose this emerald green (the Pantone color of the year!) because I decided that fall happened and I’m over brights.

2. But on the that note, don’t wear makeup. Okay, okay. Mascara only. I’m convinced I always get pimples after flights so slather on some oil-free lotion and don’t even pretend like your life is going to turn into a rom com and you’ll be sitting next to the man of your dreams. Spoiler alert: NOPE.

3. Flying is the best excuse to buy 8 celebrity trash magazines. After all, if they won’t let you listen to music, watch Netflix, or even recline your seat back, you’ll need something to distract you from the thought of plunging to your death in a ball of fire. Woof, got a little too into the mind of me there for a hot second.
4. Always wear a scarf. It doubles as a pillow. You’re welcome.

Here’s the how-to on that one:

5. On that note layer clothes. I’m usually freezing on airplanes but if I’m not, the layers create more pillows. If there is one thing I’m great at, it’s making coach feel extra cozy.
6. Always pick up a delicious hot beverage. Hot chocolate for me, since I don’t want the caffeine of coffee disturbing me from passing out faster than you can say “I’d like tomato juice with just a splash of Bloody Mary mix”. Name that movie.
7. The second your butt hits the seat, shamelessly take your shoes off and replace them with these. 

I’m partial to The ones with cute animal faces but if you are too cool want something a little less embarrassing awesome, go for it.

8.. If you’ve got the dreaded middle seat, which I did recently, decide before take off which neighbor will be less mad if you accidentally fall asleep on them. If its a close call, always pick the person with the least bony shoulders. 
And there you have it. The recipe for the perfect flying experience. Hope I’ve been of some assistance to you newbie jetsetters and fellow neurotic flyers.

This post first appeared as a guest post on Friday Morning Buzz.


Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Kelly from Petite Ramblings. She may call it ramblings, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this well-written, heartfelt confession about why she may never be a Mom. Whether you’ve decided to have kids or not, it will get you thinking. She does happen to be the mama of a sweet kitty though, and though his life got off to a rough start, he’s livin’ the dream now!

Kelly also was brave enough to point out that sometimes you have to walk a fine line on offensiveness with blogging. She is dead on about this! Make sure to drop by Petite Ramblings and tell Kelly I sent you. To get the easy updates, follow her on Bloglovin.

  • I love this post! Did you happen to get that cardigan at Forever 21? So cute. Anyways, I’d have to agree – a good flying experience takes some improvising and creativity – I think you’ve nailed it and I’m definitely stealing some of these tricks. Love the scarf, especially… genius!


  • oh my goodness! love this post!
    The scarf tutorial might be the best thing ever on a Monday morning!
    I love flying though…everything about it! The thought of going somewhere different for awhile I think is what I like the most!!

    However I agree about pimples…I feel like I always break out or am a greasy mess on the plane.

  • I have a big fear of flying too! So I love this post, it’s definitely an art to have a good flying experience. I couldn’t agree more with layered clothes and no makeup but this is also because I get motion sick which leads to me getting super hot and sweaty. So attractive. haha

  • hahaha! love the pillow tutorial. and I really love that emerald nail polish!

  • I’m definitely going to remember these when I fly to Las Vegas this January! Especially the scarf pillow!

    xoxo, Lizzy

  • 1) love those socks.
    2) great airplane pillow/eye mask. great tutorial. I always make sure I bring the biggest scarf I own for a pillow.
    3) I wish I could get a manicure before flying, but for some reason I always end up peeling the nailpolish off during the flight because I’m so bored.

  • I am pretty sure that your scarf pillow tutorial is the best thing I have learned all month! I LOVE that emerald color polish too! So pretty and different.

  • Love your “flying” look!!

  • Why are you so smart??? The scarf pillow will be my go to for the next work trip thank you so much for your Brilliance

  • Love this!! I always layer up on airplanes, it helps ya get comfy.

  • I absolutely love flying! I do get a bit anxious right before take off, but I think that’s natural. You should also definitely pack as lightly as you can! Most planes never have enough overhead space and so they’ll make you gate check your second bag if it’s bigger than a purse/laptop bag, and that can cause you to have delays if you have a connection!

    Layers are my key too, They make awesome blankets and pillows!

    carelessly graceful

  • Great ideas! Love the long scarf idea, I’m always freezing on planes!

  • hahah love this post, and that scarf…alot!

  • haha! this is perfect! i’m going to print this out in a checklist style before the next time i fly. i always have a habit of falling asleep as soon as we take off. and of course in the least womanly way possible.

  • Hilarious! I just flew yesterday and completely agree with all of these!!!
    A scarf is a must!!!

    Also a must is noise canceling headphones- no one likes screaming children or snoring neighbors!

  • Scarf. Pillow. I’ve been flying all wrong for all of these years.

  • When Harry Met Sally!
    And great post 🙂

  • Hahaha it’s like you were completely quoting me!!!! I hate flying too and always over think it. Only thing I didn’t think of was that scarf pillow – genius!!!! Hahaha. Feel like your skin is sucked dry during that flight? Pick up a bottle of Evian spray for your face. It feels so refreshing. And I usually have to replace my fluffy animal socks with compression socks now so I don’t start panicking that the tingling in my legs is a blood clot and my life is going to end on an freakin’ airplane of all things. But those are the only things I would add!!! =)

  • Brilliant scarf pillow idea! And I am all about easy shoes to slip on and off.

  • Cute tips! I love your emerald manicure and your scarf is so pretty.

  • I love everything you do.

  • “No. Wait. Here’s what I want.” When Harry Met Sally! I could get in a quote off with that movie.
    I’ll be flying a few times next year (I HATE IT) and that scarf trick and the socks are DEFINITELY going to be used!!

  • I love the tips Nadine and I completely agree especially about the no-make up (or minimal)! I haven’t tried the scarf idea but will definitely do so on my next flight 🙂

  • Dubs

    haha this was an awesome post. your scarf recommendation (hilarious, btw) reminds me of a friend who was flying–he was wearing a sweatshirt so he put his hood up and used the drawstrings to tie around the seat so his head wouldn’t bob onto his seatmates.

    I stumbled across your blog via pinterest, but I think you’re hilarious and we’d be good BFFs. not to be creepy or anything. (oh gosh now I worry that I actually DO sound creepy)

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