7 Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas + 7 Free Ideas!

7 Free Blog Post Topics

1. Get out a notebook. Watch a TV show you love. Think about the plot line, the relationship between the characters, and anything that causes conflict. Have you had a similar experience? Do you love the show so much you could just write about that?

– Who is the “A” of your life?
– How to get Pretty Little Liars hair
– 5 Things to do when your Netflix has been “loading” for 10 minutes (personally, I throw a first world fit)
– Why Ezra Fitz is the Perfect Man
– The biggest lie I’ve ever told

All that from 3 minutes of Pretty Little Liars. Try it.

2. Go to Barnes and Noble. Head straight for the humor section or the biography section. Pick up a few books by people you like (Tina Fey or Mindy Kaling come to mind) and read a chapter or two. What do they make jokes about?  Discreetly ad ideas to your phone while trying to pretend like you might actually buy the book.

Or just keep a weird stash of books around the house.

3. Peruse Buzzfeed. If that doesn’t inspire you to create a list, I don’t know what will. Make a list, then add GIFs. If Buzzfeed fails, hit up Reddit. There are a plethora of ideas on there. Yeah, I just said plethora. The more I say it in my head, the more it becomes my favorite word. Moving on…

4. Take a shower or drive somewhere. It never fails that the second I can’t write down my ideas I think of 10. Pull over and write them down, or use talk to text to ramble out some nonsense.

5. Mind map. Yes, just like in third grade. Go ahead and plop “life” in the center circle. Then all around it, add the major components of your life. Here’s one I just did in two minutes:

Try it. Even if you don’t get a full post idea, you’ll get at least a couple of half ideas that can later be developed.

6. Write a letter to someone. No, not Friday’s Letters to everyone. Write how you really feel to someone you don’t know, preferably someone famous. Amanda Bynes could probably use one right now. Hows that 5150, homegirl? And we all know how I love welcoming newborns to the world with snarky, silly letters. Pick a celeb. Rant.

7. When all else fails, people love pictures! My ultimate I-have-no-good-ideas blog post is a blog post about Archie, complete with at least 10 pictures. It helps to have a DSLR (and as I’ve recently learned, a 50mm lens) but iphones work too!

There will be times that ideas come in floods and dry spells too. I currently have 86 drafts in Blogger. Half ideas, ready to be developed further during one of those dry spells. Some of them will never be called up to the big leagues, some you’ll read on here in days, weeks, or months.

Keep these in mind as you write: Will it be controversial? Is it something others are passionate about? What will be the response to this post? The more you can answer these questions, the more likely your post will start a bigger conversation (that’s blogger code for get lots of comments!).

And just because, here are some ideas I’ve come up with recently that you are more than welcome to borrow, build on, or out right steal. Can’t wait to read them!

1. Your Life in Numbers. 525,600 minutes in a year (thanks, RENT). Measure your life. For instance, this year I’ll spend at least 21,900 minutes (that’s an hour a day) telling Archie how sweet and perfect he is. Today, I’m 9295 days old. So far this year I’ve had about 450 cups of coffee.

2. What You Will Tell Your Kids About College. If you don’t get at least B’s you probably won’t get into grad school. Never drink and drive. Pick a major that will actually get you a job. Pot won’t kill you. Other stuff will.

3. How to…learn to walk in high heels, apply liquid eyeliner right the first time, get your boyfriend to love Harry Potter as much as you do, not get nail polish all up in your cuticles (i.e. the perfect at-home manicure). Help a girl out?

4. The Stupidest Thing You’ve Ever Done. Was it dating that jerk in college? Splitting a fifth with your bestie? Spill.

5. Trends That Suck. I’m looking at you crop tops. Who looks good in these? Who? Fashion bloggers and 17 year olds, that’s who.

6. Blog Posts You Hate. What don’t you want to read about?

7. Your Most Vain Secrets. Do you use the picmonkey wrinkle remover? Do you only like to be photographed from one side? Refuse to leave the house without mascara on? We’re all vain. Do tell.

Be sure to check out my guest post today over at Colorful Commotion – How Pinterest Ruined Weddings.

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