7 Styles That Make Me Feel Effing Ridiculous

This post title deserved a real F bomb but I didn’t know how well that would go over. But just know that I wanted to. Because it’s the damn truth. Some styles I can’t bring myself to wear out of the house. Somewhere along the way, a fabulous fashion blogger will convince me that I can pull one of these off. I can’t. And I shouldn’t try. Bottom line: I’d look effing ridiculous.

1. Fedora Hats

No. Just no. I live in the burbs. I am not a celebrity trying to fly under the radar while strolling through LAX. Bad hair day? Put on a regular baseball hat like a normal American, Nadine.

2. Aviator Glasses

As you can see, Kaylin wore them too. I also kept it classy by holding my red cup out of the photo. Sorority girl move.

I used to wear these. Now I’m not sure why or how. I think the key is finding the perfect size lens for your face but even then, chances are you’ll feel like a cop from Reno 911. The mirrored lenses really put them over the edge. Face. Palm.

3. Hair Turbans

I once tried to turn a scarf into a hair turban. All the bloggers were doing it and as an avid scarf collector, I figured I’d better give it a shot. I followed some Pinterest tutorial, took one look at myself in the mirror, and laughed my ass off. NOPE.

4. Sneaker wedges

GoJane.com Sneaker Wedge, $32.10

I want so badly to be cool enough to wear these a la Sydney.

5. Blazers

I have many blazers. In fact, I regularly put one on, wear it around for a few minutes, then start to feel like a kid playing dress up so I take it off. I’m 25 and I don’t feel grown up enough to wear one of these. I do it sometimes. But just know that I feel like a poser all day long. Yeah, I used used the word poser. Hey Nadine, 7th grade called and it wants its diss back.

6. Colorful Eyeshadow

What I feel like in colorful eyeshadow.

Word on the street is that blue eyeshadow makes blue eyes POP. I don’t get it. You look like a clown. I use neutral browns. Usually matte because even shimmer makes me feel way too done up for a regular Monday. I do not need a cat eye and a colorful crease to pick up a frozen pizza at the grocery store. Damn, my life is glamourous.

7. Arm Candy

My grandmother has been rocking arm candy for the last 40 years. We call her jangly and every time I see some girl wearing 50 bracelets, I think of her. You must have to get used to this because as I’ve said before, arm candy drives me nuts. How do you wear long sleeves? How do you TYPE?!

This list doesn’t even begin to touch all of the other fashion blogger trends that I just can’t do. I’m looking at you, top knot. 47 Youtube tutorials later and I still can’t do it.

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Erica from Everything Erica Loves

Erica is a teacher living in Southern California. As a blogger (and therefore a writer) Erica has some great rules for writing. She also happens to also be a huge Mindy Kaling fan. Ditto! Erica wants to break up with Facebook. And I don’t blame her! As a teacher, she’s seen a lot of shenanigans on there from her students. Some funny, some terrible. Erica also has tried her hand at becoming a middle aged man. Turns out, golf and life have some pretty distinct parallels. Want to see more of Erica? Check out her blog or follow her on bloglovin.
Happy Monday!

  • Ahh I love this post! I feel the same way about blazers. I so badly want to be able to wear them but always feel like I’m out of my element or just look plain ridiculous in them! I really wish I could pull them off so that I could wear them to work!

  • I thought I was the only one who wondered about the arm candy typing thing.
    The only time I like fedora’s are when people look decent in them. Then I can use the term fedorable.

    Xo Fal

  • I’m with you on the arm candy! I love it but I end up taking bracelets off after a few minutes because they drive me crazy.

  • Hahah. Sooo true. The hair turban?! No way.

  • I’ll admit, I’m all about blazers and aviators. My eyelashes are unusually long, so I can’t wear any sunglasses that have plastic frames. (I have to be able to adjust the nosepieces.) And blazers? I will only wears ones that aren’t super dressy, but I LOVE them.

    However, fedoras? omg. I don’t understand how they look so cute on other people. I look really, REALLY ridiculous in them!
    And the same for colored eye shadow. I’m with you on the neutral browns. Every day, all day. I do mix it up with the occasional shimmer, but only on a super neutral color. I tried the whole blue thing once and felt like a moron. Never doing that one again!

    • My name is Disa Chantel, and I approve this message.

  • OMG sneaker wedges?! Good grief.

  • LOVE this post!! Honestly, who can wear a fedora though? For me, this list would have to include statement necklaces. I try so hard but can’t make them work!

  • Sneaker wedges…I could never.

  • I can pull off none of these. I actually cant pull off any type of hat. Ever. I wear blazers as part of a suit to work when I have to look like an adult, but out? I feel a bit poser-ish as well. They always look fun though with jeans. Maybe one day I can be cool enough…

  • I can’t do arm candy either. Even my watch annoys me when I’m at work and doing a lot of typing. I usually have to take it off.

  • the scarf turban only works is you are a kardashian and ive never met an aviator i didn’t like, unless it was mirrored, just no.

  • HAHAHA I’m dying… I bought a Fedora and I think I’ve worn it twice. At the beach. And the sneaker wedges… no thank you, I feel like MC Hammer or something .xo

  • Those wedge sneakers are just no. I can’t even.

  • I love blazers and colorful eyeshadows, but…. arm candy? Never been a fan. I mean, it looks cool. However, my wrists are as small as a hair tie, and can’t find any bracelets to fit. Plus, bracelets get in the way and are annoying. Also those sneaker wedges. Just no.

  • I pretty much agree with every one of these. The only time I ever wear arm candy is if I’m going out to a loud bar and know no one will hear me jingle. I tried wearing bangles at work one day and took them off by 8:15 because I COULD NOT STAND the sound of them banging against each other and my keyboard!

  • I LOVE bracelets but can NOT wear them to work. It drives me nutts to be typing all day and clanking on the desk

  • LMAO i love this! I convince myself to try so many things because of blogs I read but then I look ridiculous or just can’t understand why anyone likes it!!

  • HAHA!!! The sneaker wedges are cute from a distance or looking through a mac screen but I don’t know if I could ever pull them off! I haven’t tried and I’m waiting for them to simmer off the face of fashion but they’re still around! I’m short and I love being comfortable so I should just give it a chance. Bue eyeshadow, as long as it’s blended well is okay with me. 🙂
    Carla @ Love Cartista

  • but really…. sneaker wedges are the absolute worst!

  • No one with arm candy works at a desk job. If I wear a bangle it’s off 2.5 seconds after I sit down at work

  • I feel the same way about blazers!

  • I can’t do colored eyeshadow. I’m 23 and just learned to do your basic “smokey eye” like two months ago. I still only do it when I’m fueled with alcohol confidence.

  • Haha love this. I can’t pull off colored eyeshadow either, though I tried real hard when I was around 14. Haven’t worn anything lavender since.

  • I just bought my first blazer for some interviews and I love it!! I feel like a real adult!!

  • I want to try the sneaker wedges!! As for most of the rest, I’m with you. Nope, can’t do em.

    I’m headed over to meet Erica!

  • This list cracked me up 🙂 I feel this way about boyfriend jeans. I am constantly trying them on but they all just make me look 20 pounds heavier. No Thank You!!

  • I’ve always wanted just one Fedora to be in my closet. I always try them on and love them, but I never buy one. I feel like a poser in fedoras.

    And the whole blue eye shadow thing? Yeah, I totally don’t get that either. I’ve tried it and don’t like it. Neutrals and browns all the way.

    And the sneaker wedges. I didn’t know those were a thing until I saw a friend of mine in them. She could pull them off. Me? Ha. Yeah right.

  • Love this post, it’s hilarious! I can’t pull 5 of the things you listed either… especially the sneaker wedges and aviator sunglasses!

  • Great post! These are all soo true!

    Rowdy Fairy Blog
    Follow Me on Bloglovin!

  • i think a lot of these have to do with face shape. i have a long and narrow face ad therefore will forever avoid aviators and fedoras. i don’t need something to make me look even more ridiculous than i already do on a regular basis

  • I agree with all of these, except for blazers.
    The trick is to find the perfect fit.

    Also, Whenever I wear bracelets, I have to take them off when I type, otherwise they drive me crazy.

  • Aviators, blazer, and arm candy are my jam! Wedge sneakers on the other hand? No thank you!

  • Sneaker wedges- is that what they’re called? hideous. hate them. In my eyes, no one can pull them off.

  • I am so with you on about 90% of those, ha ha, I love the bracelets 😀

  • Yep, I pretty much agree with all of these 100%! Minus aviators. They are the only sunglasses I don’t feel completely ridic in. I haven’t mastered the top knot either. Most likely by the time I do, it will be out of style anyway.

  • This made me laugh! Don’t feel bad about the blazers, I have quite a few years on you and I still don’t feel grown up enough to wear one!

  • AMEN.

  • Great Post! I completely agree about the fedora hats! I look really weird and strange when I where them :p

    xoxo, Lizzy

  • i always felt the same about blazers until i saw a blogger (sincerely, jules ..i think) wearing one with a t-shirt! i was like, YES! t-shirts are way more me! try it, i swear it makes it way less grown up and more fun!

  • You are too cute – always looking effing awesome!


  • Arm candy makes me crazy too. It just gets in the way when I’m at a keyboard all day. I’m with you on all of it but the blazers. I love them.

  • I will never understand the sneaker wedges. Like ever.

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  • I wear fedoras and sneaker wedges and love them to death. Blazers do feel a bit too serious for me, generally…

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