7 Everyday Life Hacks You’ve Got To Try

7 Everyday Life Hacks You've Got To Try #lifehacks

1. Sticky rice scooped easily

N and I are big rice eaters. Blame his Persian-ness and the rice cooker his parents got us. It makes perfect rice every single time. That rice always manages to stick to the serving spoon. Enter – the ice cream scooper.

Ice Cream Scooper for Rice #lifehack

2. No more chewy pizza crust

When reheating pizza in the microwave (if like me, you’re too impatient to reheat it in the oven), there’s a trick to keeping the crust from getting all nasty and chewy. Put a cup of hot water in with your plate and pizza. The steam it creates as it gets hotter keeps the crust from getting chewy and hard.

3. Never let the water boil over again

Putting a wood spoon (or bamboo) across a pot of boiling water while you’re cooking (pasta, for instance) will keep it from boiling over. Don’t be a dummy and use a metal spoon. You’ll burn yourself.

Water Doesn't Boil Over #lifehack

4. Make any bra a racerback

Dental floss + a regular bra = racerback bra.

5. The best face scrub you’ll ever use

Add a teaspoon(ish) of baking soda to your regular face wash and prepare to have the best scrub of your life. Be careful though. If you scrub too hard you’ll basically give yourself dermabrasion and you’ll be bright red. Still, this is the best face scrub I’ve ever found and works perfectly on my flaky dry skin.

baking soda face scrub

6. Keep the cost of going to the movies low

We go to the movies a lot. Read all about what we’ve seen recently here. And I’ve been known to sneak half of the Trader Joe’s snack section into the movie theater in my purse. Why do people pay for movie snacks that have been marked up so much? No thanks. I bring in my big girl purse and stock it full of goodies. This easily saves us $10 per movie.

Another way to save at the movies, if you’re a AAA member, is to buy tickets through AAA. One pack of 10 tickets is $87.50, making each ticket $8.75 instead of $11.

7. Save 6% on almost everything

Over two years of living together, N and I have struggled to figure out how to merge finances and split costs in an easy and responsible way. Several months ago, we applied for the American Express Blue Cash Preferred card. It gets 6% cash back at grocery stories, 3% back at gas stations and department stores, and 1% cash back on every thing else.

Amex Blue Cash Preferred

There are two versions of this card. The Blue Cash Preferred has a $75 annual fee but has higher cash back percentages. The American Express Blue Cash Everyday card has no annual fee but gets 3% cash back at grocery stores, 2% at gas stations and departments stores, and 1% cash back on everything else. You can compare the two cards here.

Here’s where the life hack comes in. You can buy a gift card to almost any store or restaurant in most grocery stores. This means that you can get 6% cash back almost anywhere. We regularly buy Amazon gift cards and add money to our Amazon account – so we’re getting 6% cash back at Amazon.com. It’s a loophole in the Amex program (or maybe they just don’t care?) and we’re definitely saving money by doing it.

Aside from that, getting this card has made it much easier for us to split grocery and gas costs and begin to merge our finances.

What’s your best life hack? Do share!

  • My parents love their AMEX. Since it’s not a true credit card, they’re a lot less… strict (maybe?) than other companies on where you earn your cash back. Plus they have a much higher processing fee percentage so they really want you to use it! We’re not quite big kids yet and have a chase. 😉

    Also good to know about the ice cream scoop. I don’t have one with the dump out part, but I’m sure I could get one.

    • Is it not really a credit card? I feel like it is. Amex definitely requires higher credit scores for approval though. I made sure my credit score was exactly where I wanted it to be before applying.

  • Damn, thanks for sharing about Amex! I love a card with great rewards!

    And I will be trying the pizza one immediately, chewy pizza crust is one of life’s biggest problems.

    • I can’t believe I lived my life without this trick before, especially considering how much we eat pizza.

  • I’m all about my AmEx card as well – I have the Blue Sky Travel Rewards one and recently saved $400 on a plane ticket… just for putting basic expenses on the card! A good rewards/cash back card is such a big life hack. Great post, and love your new look/name!

    • Credit cards always kind of scared me but setting rules for myself about the Amex took away that fear. We only put gas and groceries on it. That’s it. Then at the end of the month, we split the bill. It’s crazy how much cash back we’ve earned already!

  • I do capital one credit card to get miles and i LOVE it. it makes us want to travel more!

    • I figured your card would be travel related 😉

  • That is a GIANT awesome loophole because most say that purchase does not apply for gift cards. I am a cash back junkie. I’m always using the partner shopping link for my card to get extra. I actually have that card but I don’t use it. I don’t even know what my cash back benefits are if any as I’ve got other cards I strategically use.

    • Absolutely. But at the grocery store they don’t really have a way to tell what you purchased. I’ve read about a lot of other people doing the same thing. It’s what finally convinced me to get the card.

  • I love the wooden spoon one, use that all the time and saves me a mess on my black cook top! Can’t wait to try the baking soda scrub, I use it on my teeth all the time with a little peroxide for whitening. Stuff works great!

    • I didn’t learn this one until about 6 months ago. How did I survive before?!

  • I am a cash-back fiend and have never heard of this card or that loophole! Definitely checking into it now.

    • It’s definitely the best one. I compared many cards before getting this one on nerdwallet.com and creditkarma.com.

  • These are genius! I can’t believe I’ve never used an ice-cream scooper for sticky rice!

    • That one we discovered because we ran out of spoons. Now we use it all the time!

  • These are fantastic! I love the pasta water trick! I’ll have to give it a try!

  • Nadine I am so glad I stumbled on to your blog. It is literally too fun. Love the sticky rice shout out as well. I love the stuff. It’s one of my fave indulgences. 🙂

  • Oooh Ive used the wooden spoon trick many a times. I live with my boyfriend too and sometimes splitting rent, utilities and groceries can get messy I like the idea of a credit card. How do you go from there though. Do you only use it on joint purchases and then split the bill that comes back each month. Sorry if its too personal its just a good venue to explore for me and my boyfriend!

    • It’s not too personal. Well it is, but I’m happy to share. We struggled with this for a long time and I asked close friends of ours who live together how they handle things. For a long time, we just split everything 50/50 but the I did most of the grocery shopping and he paid if we ate out. Now we put all groceries and gas on the card and split the bill when it comes in. We pay it off completely every month. Hope that helps!

  • I held on to my college ID card and use it all the time to get discounts and different shops and museums. And honestly, they don’t even look close enough to see I no longer look like my 18 year old self. It’s perfecto!

  • I love that wooden spoon trick – I am still not sure how it works but it is great!

  • Such great life hacks!! I like using petroleum jelly to remove my eye made up. It does it quick and doesn’t leave me feeling oily! Nice post! New fan! 🙂

  • I found these interesting the face scrub took me back to my teenage years, my nan told me to use bicarb as a face scrub way back then

  • the baking soda is such a good idea – will have to try that out!

  • I think I heard once you can make super fluffy pancakes in your rice maker 😉

  • Awesome tips! I had no idea you could use the wooden spoon for that purpose. My pasta water is always boiling over!

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  • Officially getting this AMEX card! So amazing! Thanks for posting all of this!


  • I wish I could sneak in food into movies too but unfortunately, we have a bag checking in all the theatres in my city so its really tough to do so. Though on one occasion, I did manage to amuse the security checking lady and coaxed her into letting me take my mcdonalds in! And another time, I quickly passed the food to my bf who had already entered the the premises! Was good fun haha 🙂

  • After reading your post, I had to go get myself that credit card. Kevin and I spend sooo much a month on groceries, so I can’t wait to get that cash back 🙂 & now I won’t feel as bad when I go out to eat because I can’t just buy the gift card at the grocery store.

    Thanks for the tip!

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