5 WordPress Themes to Refresh Your Blog for the New Year

The most consuming, distracting, and generally frustrating thing about blogging for me has always been the look of my blog. I can easily get distracted browsing themes on Creative Market or Etsy and an hour later, I haven’t written a single word for an actual blog post (you know, the thing you’d actually need the freaking theme for) but I’ve favorited 15 blog templates and am pondering a re-brand (for the 7th time).

I admire bloggers who pick a theme and a blog name and stick to it. They focus on producing content. On writing. I wish I could do this. I’m constantly tweaking code and trying to get things just exactly the way I want them. Truth be told, it’s some of the fun for me. I’ve learned so much and I’m proud of the fact that I don’t have to run to a blog designer for help constantly. It’s also probably how I avoid writers block or feeling like I’ve already written everything I have to write about.

So while I’ve been trying to make my big comeback (HA), I’ve been wasting hours of my time digging through WordPress themes in search of the perfect one. I’m going to pretend like I’ve found it and try to leave it the heck alone and just WRITE. I’m going to. I really am.

That said, I found some themes that I had all the heart eyes for and maybe one of you either A. loves to admire a good blog design and wants to look just for kicks or B. is currently in search of your dream blog design and maybe one of these is it.

Let’s just ohh and ahh, shall we?

Reese by Eclair Designs

Look at that insta feed right across the top. Gorgeous. This would be perfect for someone with a beautifully crafted, consistent Instagram aesthetic. There are lots of customization options to make this work for you no matter what kind of blogger you are.


Bluebird by MaiLovesParis

This is perfect for someone looking for a simple blog theme that has just a little extra something. The way the white background of the posts is laid over gray is so lovely and makes it just different enough. I love the photos behind the categories on the sidebar.


Audrey by Lovely Confetti

I love that this theme combines simplicity with boldness. The clean black lines and black font make it easy to read and modern. If you like sticky navigation bars and black font on white background, this is a great option.


Love Charlotte by Get Polished

If you’re a fan of soft and girly, this theme is for you. I really love the body font. It’s different enough that you notice it but not so different that it’s difficult to read. This also comes in a Blogger version as well if you use that platform instead of WordPress.


Eleanor by 17th Avenue Designs

I almost bought this one. I love it so much. It’s clean with plenty of white space and I love the font used for the blog post titles. I also like how the date is written out completely instead of just numerical. It’s lovely. I’m still a little googly-eyed over it.

Thanks for letting me indulge my inner blogger. If you do buy one of these, drop a link to your blog below. I’d love to see how they turn out!






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