5 Things For 2015

I’m really not a New Year’s Resolution kind of girl. It seems like January just isn’t the best time to change your lifestyle, especially when the current wind chill is -4 degrees. So my January resolution is to leave the house as little as possible.

Actually, I recently learned about Persian New Year, called Nowruz. It is celebrated on the March Equinox, the first day of spring, usually around March 20th. Doesn’t it just make so much sense that the “new year” would start in spring? It does, it really does. Perhaps I’ll make some real resolutions then.


For now, here are some things that I’d like to accomplish during 2015.

1. Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge. We visit New York frequently and every time I say “Someday I’m going to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge” and then I never do. This year is the year.

2. Send 1 Handwritten Note Per Week. I dropped my thank you notes off at the post office yesterday so I’m still on track with this one. Woo hoo!

3. Get Back To Reading Daily. I was so good about reading every day in the first half of 2014. See Recently Read Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3, Vol. 4 (especially if you need a book recommendation!). After Vol. 4, published in August, I read one book the rest of the year. ONE! When we moved to Philly, our bedroom didn’t have much room for bedside tables and therefore I have no reading lamp. A birthday gift, perhaps? One installed into the wall?

4. Try To Be The Kindest Version of Me. I show kindness daily – it’s a huge part of my job. I think sometimes I forget to show that same kindness and compassion to the people I’m closest to. My goal is to be more intentional with every interaction this year. To hug N more (he’s the hugger in our family) and be aware of how my words affect others.

5. Plan a non-weddingy wedding without going into debt or murdering anyone. Possibly the most difficult to accomplish.

  • Well, I’m off to research Nowruz. Because it doesn’t make sense to commit to a lifetime of lifestyle changes when you’re still not used to writing “2015” after the date. Everything is new in Spring, so I agree –let’s celebrate a March New Year!!

    I didn’t realize that you’d moved to Philly –missed that post! Welcome to the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly affection!

  • I have an NYC Bucket List and the number one thing on it is to walk across the BK Bridge! I can’t believe I’ve lived in NY my whole life (and lived in NYC for 4 years and have worked here for TEN) and haven’t done it!

  • I visited NY in November and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time and it was SO AWESOME. I highly recommend it! Definitely go to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade while you’re there too…it’s not that far of a walk from the bridge and it has amazing views of the bridge and lower Manhattan!!

  • They just built a new bridge near us and I keep saying I need to walk across it. That’s so going on my list this year!
    You might check out this post for what looked like the simplest, least stressful wedding I’ve ever seen – http://texerin-in-sydneyland.blogspot.com/2014/12/the-best-wedding-ever.html

  • JC

    Number 5 all the way. I feel like we have the same feelings about weddings. I’m pretty lazy about the planning, and I’m calling my “theme” (because apparently you NEED one of those) bohemian. I decided on bohemian so that nothing had to match or be “perfect” because I don’t want put the effort in. Lazy bride all the way over here.

  • Love ALL of these. When I finally made it to NYC, walking across the bridge might have been my favorite thing! We grabbed pizza in Little Italy and then just took a sunset stroll across the bridge and it was just so relaxing.

    I need to get back into reading too. I feel like all I do is binge read and then I’ll go wayyyy too long without reading afterwards!

  • Those are five great non-resolutions! March does seem like a good month to start anew with it being spring and all. I am definitely interested in your non-weddingy wedding planning 😀

  • Katie

    Hi! I found your blog today when it came up on a random google search. I’ve spent the last few minutes reading some of your posts including this one and find your thoughts and writing so refreshing. I’m already in love with east&! On this post your 5th thing to do in 2015 literally made me laugh out loud. I’m trying to make this a year of kindness as well and I just mailed off letters and a care package to some of my best friends. I love walking the brooklyn bridge. It’s one of my favorite things to do in NYC. I did it 3 times this summer alone! I wish you all the best this year and look forward to continue reading.

  • I hope you accomplish all of your goals. I also want to write a handwritten letter. I think they are so beautiful and meaningful. By the way the fifth one was my favorite :). Have a wonderful 2015!

  • I remember learning that Nowruz is celebrated in spring, and thinking that’s such a better way to celebrate starting over than smack in the middle of freezing to death. Spring is when everything’s “reborn” after all and if you’re religious (I’m not at all, but many holidays seem to want for a religious connotation) it’s when Easter is as well.

    I’m definitely with you on wanting to read more often! One of my resolutions is to read 20 books this year.

  • I’m with you on not making resolutions. I always feels as though the fall equinox is my fresh start, which oddly also happens to be my birthday. It just feels like a time in the year in which i tend to naturally reflect on things with the change in the season. As for your things you’d like to accomplish, as someone that make greeting cards for a living, I LOVE that you want to send so many handwritten notes! I opened my PO Box up to my readers and customers starting last year and have been corresponding as pen pals. There is something about sending and receiving snail mail that brings such a huge amount of joy to your daily life.

  • I was homicidal during most of my engaged-days so I wish you the best of luck. 😉

  • I definitely want to try and hug more as my unwritten resolutions! I can be so awkward about hugging and I want to change it too!

  • I like these, although I rarely do handwritten as my handwriting is bloody hard to understand

  • I live in the city, not very far from the Brooklyn Bridge, and I have yet to traverse it. I tell myself I will all the time. Plan little dates in my head where my boyfriend and I walk across, grab a pizza from Grimaldi’s and sit overlooking the water, alternating between nibbling on a slice, guzzling the wine I smuggled in my purse and talking. I have an active imagination. Just still… haven’t done it.
    Also, reading daily is something that needs to happen if I have any hope of reaching my 50 books reading goal this year.

  • These are great things to achieve in 2015 and very achievable too.Good luck!

  • I want to walk across the bridge too!

  • Well, that spring thing is interesting! we don’t have seasons in my country so the winter/spring thing doesn’t really matter, but firsts days of the year are just so lazy due to the celebrations that starting with the resolutions a little later makes a lot of sense

    Good luck with your resolutions!


  • I love the idea of 1 hand written note per week – mailed notecards are my love language! <3

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