5 Jamz Posts Plans Moments Confessions

Let’s break it down in fives, mmmkay?

Please note, every song sounds better when you roll all the windows down while blasting the AC. It’s also best if you only refer to songs as Jamz and over enunciate the z.

1. #Beautiful – Mariah Carey feat. Miguel

#Beautiful (feat. Miguel) by Mariah Carey on Grooveshark

I haven’t loved Mariah’s music since the 90’s. But I listen to this song on repeat every single time I’m in the car and I’m not even sorry.

2. Can’t Stop – Miley Cyrus

We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus on Grooveshark

White leggings. That’s all I have to say about this.

3. Stay (remix) – Rihanna

Stay feat. Mikky Ekko (Bass King vs. X-Vertigo Remix) by Rihanna on Grooveshark

The non-remixed version of this song is way too emo for me.

4. Same Love – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Mary Lambert

Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Feat. Mary Lambert on Grooveshark

Brave and beautiful.

5. Holy Grail – Jay-Z and JT

What is this song even about? No idea. None. Still love it and I don’t know why.

1. My Favorite Post Ever Written: She’s Coming
2. Things Bloggers Love
3. The Complete Guide to Blog Sponsorship
4. All Sweat is Good Sweat
5. Worst Marriage Advice Ever

1. Eat In-n-Out
2. Walk across the Golden Gate bridge
3. Buy liquor at the grocery store!
4. Drop the word “hella” a time or two.
5. Feel 22 Again (note, not one of my summer songs) and stay out all night.

What 22 looked like for me.

If seeing people you haven’t seen in 3 years does one thing to you, it’s make you insane about how you look. Who wants to look 10x hotter in 30 days? Me. That’s who. That combined with the fact that I have to face my biggest fear to get there has turned me into a giddy little schoolgirl neurotic nutcase.

1. Until 3 days ago, I had gone to the gym 1 time in 2013. Now I’ve gone 3 times this week. *pats herself on the back* Cardio cardio and more cardio. Oh, and the 30 day shred.
2. Not a single piece of junk food has touched my lips.
3. I’ve stalked Groupon for spray tan coupons, searched Amazon for extensions (who am I?), and even googled “chemical peels”. Stop, Nadine. Just stop.
4. Lost the ability to think about anything else.
5. Keep mentally going over the fact that I’m flying in to SFO. Naturally I’ve been checking the news of the plane crash every 2 hours. It’s healthy.

1. I not so secretly hope that Brin will name a cookie after me. Pumpkin-Orange, perhaps?
2. I break the blogger rules by rarely posting before 11am. What can I say? I’m on my own schedule.
3. I choose who to sponsor by pageviews and how many comments the blogger usually gets. It shows engagement. Patricia mentioned that in her post (linked above) and Helene has talked about it before too.
4. But on the comment front, I need to get better at replying. If I get one day behind, suddenly I’m way behind and it’s so overwhelming and stressful. My secret? I love getting comments but I just don’t have the capacity to respond to every single one. I’d rather focus on creating content that people want to read than respond to someone who wrote “great post!” on my last blog post. Still, I’m going to try harder at this.
5. I’d love to write a guest post for you. Yes, you. Need a guest poster? I’m your girl. Email me at backeastblonde@gmail.com.


Today it’s my pleasure to introduce Megan from M Cubed. She just moved to DC and I could not be more jealous. She also got a blog makeover yesterday! So pretty.

Megan’s observations about blogging, appropriately titled Honestly, Who Needs a Liver? were hilarious and dead on. Since moving to DC, she was even brave enough to take a bold step to make new friends. Friend dating, anyone? I wish I had Megan’s guts! She also NEVER wants to be a celebrity because being a celebrity would be hard (hilarious, you’ve got to read it).

Want to see more of Megan? You can find M Cubed on Bloglovin or follow her blog on facebook.

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  • Miguel makes everything better, even post 90’s Mariah.

  • I’m right there with you on the Mariah Carey thing! I haven’t been a fan since the 90s but that new song is pretty good! And about the guest posting, I’ll be out of town for two weeks starting the week after next, so if you’re up for writing a post let me know 🙂

  • Liz

    I just got to see a college friend who I hadn’t seen in two years and it was SO nice to feel like no time had passed at all since we saw each other. That’s the great part about really good friends — you won’t feel like it’s been 3 years once you’re there 🙂

    xo, Liz
    {What Dress Code?}

  • #lovemesomemariah And I told Kaylin that we need to have a blate while you are in Cali… cause ya know, why wouldn’t we do an awesome thing like that? But I can’t promise junk food or booze won’t touch your lips..

  • it makes me smile that you can’t buy liquor at a grocery store in your state. I’ve never lived in a place that doesn’t allow that! Can’t imagine not going to Albertsons and getting a bottle of gin! Wowza.

  • YAY for San Francisco – we are heading there for Labor Day and I’m pumped. Also, it makes my life easy when things are numbered. Cheers to that. NRN – see? Helping you out.

  • great post!

    just kidding…though it’s not as bad as the annoying “follow me back!”

    have at it if you want to do a guest post for me. 🙂

  • I’m excited my post made the cut 🙂 San Francisco is sooooo fun! I’m super jealous you’ll be spending time there soon.

  • Agreed! I haven’t liked Mariah since the 90s either

  • Sounds like we are on the same work out plan!!

  • Thank you so much for the shout out! You’ve been a really wonderful blog to sponsor!

    I also agree with you on the comment front. I love responding to comments and building a network, but some days I get behind and it’s almost impossible to catch up! Writing a great post is definitely more important and you do that everyday, so I’m not bothered at all if you don’t get the chance to respond to a few of my comments.


  • Just found MCubed yesterday!! Love it!! I’ try to respond to all the comments on my blog, as well. I guess I figure if I don’t someone might think I’m rude. lol. I love all my followers!!

  • Every time I watch a youtuber who wears extensions it makes me really want to try them… then I come to my senses. Ain’t no body got time for that.


  • I really love Same Love! & I would really appreciate that unless people are going to buy me a ticket to a place where there is an in-n-out that they would quit rubbing the fact that they are enjoying it in my face, it’s torturous! I do hope you have a great time though (:

  • I’m really feeling the “Stay” remix. I love the original, but this is great too. “Same Love” is my jam right now. It’s on repeat, a lot. “Holy Grail” is pretty awesome. There’s a couple of songs on Jay-Z’s new album that are pretty killer.

  • I just can’t get into that Mariah song. I’ve tried. I don’t love it.

    I need to get better about replying to blog comments too. I reply to some, but I’ve always been bad at this.

  • Ok lets start with listening to music that is always a good thing, next lets move onto I post whenever I remember or get around to it and lastly I think I will go on over to M Cubed and see what she is all about……oh yeah I also have to read the worst marriage advice why because the title has me interested.

  • I REFUSE to like the new Miley song. Except in my heart of hearts, I love it. Like windows down, cruising through town singing out-of-key at the top of my lungs. It makes me feel shameful. So thank you for including it in your five jams – my shame is a little less now.

    Also, my little blog has nowhere near your readership but I would LOVE to have you guest post. I’ll e-mail you and beg.

  • We can’t stop? This song is on repeat on my music player since itunes released it , still paying hard for being a Hannah Montana fan .
    I would send an invite letter for having a guest poster 😉
    Noor @ Noor’s Place

  • I absolutely love, love, love this post! So much of everything! And I’m so glad I recently found your blog (you are seriously stunning!}

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